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Bedford Free Public Library 
Bedford, Massachusetts 01730 

Home of the Bedford Flag 

1 iK* ^ — 

The Bedford Flag, commissioned to Cornet John 
Page in 1737 by King George 11 of England, was 
carried by his son, Nathaniel, who fought with the 
Bedford Minutemen at the Battle of Concord 
Bridge, April 19, 1775. 



The Bedford High School class of 2007 is 
proud to dedicate this yearbook to Ms. 
Maureen Sullivan, a teacher who encourages 
her students to love learning and to live 
each day deliberately. We thank you for 
your endless enthusiasm towards teaching, 
welcoming personality, and salient life lessons. 

This book is 
Dedicated to 
Ms. Sullivan 

Bedford High School 

9 Mudge Way 
Bedford, MA 01730 
Phone: (781) 275-1700 
Web: http:/ /www.bed- 
Enrollment: 719 
Principal: Jon Sills 
Volume 1 



The underappreciated, ovedooked, short, squealing underclassmen. They don't have much to offer, 
but their oversized backpacks and swarming tendencies make them a staple in any gridlocked hallway. 

■^38 - 65 


Often overmatched by Dual County League schooFs that are up to two times the sizeoF Bedtord High, 
our student-athletes know full well that it isn't the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in 


Art AfND M"^" 

Wether it's filling the air at Friday night's home football game, or coming out of ilic aucliujnum after 
school during auditions, music is everywhere. And so is an, lining the walls of our school, reminding 
everyone to slow down and take in their surroundings evervonceinawl: 





ENiiOR Thanks 

Brhank you Mom, Dad, Alex, we may not have always gotten along, but growing up with you all has been quite 
Ban experience and I wouldn't have it any other way. Thank you Marcus, Nathan, LAZER, Eliza, Jay, Christine, 
H Katie, Caity, Josh, Rachel, Mr. Shienfeld, Zellner, Donnelly, Mrs. Harvey, and last but not least 

Mrs. RodrigU^|dHHHMM|MMMH|H||MMM^ of 

£i 1 e '> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^KL -Mike Gaman 



^ M 

'arenis, teacners, student organizations, community organizations, and local businesses 
support the yearbook. You are a necessary part of the yearbook and you are appreciated. 
Thank you all. - Yearbook staff. 








FLLl.l Senior class tug-of-wamoisjanine King, Ivana 
Serret, Colin Pespisa, Steven Collins Blair Pekala, Jackie 
Melton and Antoine King give their all. 

"I have 
never let my 
with my 
-Mark Twain 

Get fired up! Mike Barbacano, Steven Collins, Todd 
Boghigian, Chrisian Machado, and Doug Howie support 
fellow seniors by cheering their friends on during the spirit 


k'ft: Nate and Amber having fun at 
Six Flags. 


Katif, Ti im, and Chrisi Mig some good MTV and 

lianging out. 


Max, Lindsay, and Sicpli gel uan.seendential at 5 am on 
an English field trip 


Despite heavy workloads, skinny lockers , noisy construction, and the 
regular stresses we encountered this year, seniors didn't forget how to 
have a good time. From concerts to parties to driving aimlessly with 
our friends, we've made some great memories this past year. 





The past 1 2 years have been a blur. 















DA\TD B^l'N 











:hristopher cummins daniel cummins 


WTllONV 1) \\l)lv\c;OR.A 













































Ever wonder what is inside an owl's 
stomach? Probably not, but if you 
want to do well in Mr. Griffin's 
Environmental Science class you, and 
senior whoever (left) will have to. 

VCTien you only get one informal dance per 
year, you better make it count. Seniors 
Jenna Mitchell Steph Miller-Hendry and 
Stacey Watro do so at the homecoming 

Capturing the moment. .\t their last 
pep rally bonfire, seniors Mike l-erro 
and Nhkc Barbacano take pictures of 
the flames on their camera phones. 


Award winners Jeff McGrath, Antoine King 
and Doug Howie wait to picl< up a few of the 
awards tliat they earned this football season. 

True playa fo' real. The next time you see 
Woody Carter (below), he may be playing 
football for the Northeastern Huskies. 

Baby face Kring (bottom left) poses with a 
sculpture while on a field trip to the Decordova 

Checking in. Sharia Watson (bottom right) 
hurt her wrist this season and, of course, had 
to report it to Mr. Mangan. 

Aete an.d Mete... 



and we had chubby cheeks and gap-toothed smiles... 


and we drooled, but it was cute... 

and we ran in the sprinkler naked... i 

and we ate mashed peas and carrots... 

and we slept all day. 

Because Cris's spitbalLs are just a little more intense, because Lindsay's collar 
is a little more popped, and because Tony is just a little more amazing... 



- Tony D'.\llc\ a 

be a soccer mom - julliete Bickforcl 
be principal of BHS - jeff McGrath 
li\e in tiieir parents' basement in 10 years 

- Mike Guanci 

hack into school computers- Elad Shahar 
w rite a New York Times bestseller- 
Luke Janis and Brenna Quinn 
ha\e recently updated their Facebook - 
Lindsay Bernardo and Tony Gong 
work at Bedford Farms in 10 years- Liz Rose 
do voice-o\ ers for Viagra commercials- Neil 

. succeed - Devon R\'an 
. be a pirate - Megan Kercher 
. join the Peace Core - Marianna Ballou 
. become an Abercrombie model - Mike Ferro 
. host a television show - Alex Ai'ruda 
. be a professional athlete - Woody Carter 
. raise your taxes in 15 years - Jay Altschuler 
. be a Korean pop star - Taec Ok 
. be at Starbucks - Katie Neff 
. have a crush on their Psych teacher - 
Maya Kelty, Eliza Rosenberiy, Girls Varsity Soccer Team 
. be a tabloid star - Allison Gramolini 
. be in the Guinness Book of World Records - Dan Waters 
. join the Marines - Jeff Suddy 
. become President (by promising lasagna) 


Undcrclas smcn 




"The future is 
uncertain... but 
this uncertainty 
is at the very 
heart of human 
- Ilya Prigogine 

THUMBS UP. Juniors Alex Budden and Scott Bratton will do 
almost anything to get out of SAT prep class. 

YOU MAKE ME WANT TO SHOUT. Elated by yet another 
victoiy during the spirit assembly, juniors Elizabeth Hart, 
Corinne Weeks, Colleen Strachan, Kandace Valentine and 
Olga Chambers-Maher scream to support their class. 



Kevin Abraham 
Keith Anderson 
Erika Arnold 
Rebecca Aronson Waintrup 
Charlene Asp 

Michael Avakian 
Luke Badalaty 
Joseph Ball 
Courtnee Barchus 
Koushik Barman 

Bridget Barrett 
Warden Bennett 
Hope Bigda Peyton 
Angelisa Bonilla 
Keith Boyles 

Scott Bratton 
Taja Bridges 
Ashley Briggs 
Matthew Brown 
Alexandra Budden 

Deborah Ann Burt 
Andrew Busa 

Roosevelt Bush Iv 
Stephanie Butler 
Cory Cascalheira 

Timothy Cederberg 
Shauna Cerasoli 
Olga Chambers Maher 
Wei Chi Chang 
Kelsey Chapman 


Juniorg^^^ of 2008 

Junior year means lots of great things. It means bleacher 
painting, formal dances like the semi-formal and prom. It means 
that you don't necessarily have to ride the bus, or get dropped off by 
mommy and daddy because maybe you, or one of your friends, got 
a drivers licence. It means that you get to eat in a better cafeteria, 
and it means that you can finally take more some more interesting 
tnajor classes like psychology and sociology. It also, however, 
means more work. It means more responsibility. It means that 
there is only one year to go before we have to leave the friendly 
:onfines of the high school. 

Face painters. Always there to support fellow 
atheletes, juniors Josh Kipp and Tim Cederberg 
go all out when it comes to game day. 

Spin doctor. The seniors finished the 
bat-spin contest before the other classes, 
but were disqualified lor cheating, 
allowing Chris Haynes and the rest of 
his team to finsh first. 

Staci Chni 
Samantha Christen 
.Alexander Coe 
Gerald Cohen 
Robert Collins 
Kaillin ColKer 

Brittany Cook 
Georgia Cook 
Jessica Cozzi 
Jesse Creason 
Heather Cullen 
Katherine Cuti 

Mario Cutino 
Screen Cyphers 
Robert Deilarocco 
Si Ding 
Kelsey Domigan 
Katherine Donnellan 


Nick Duchi 
Michelle Dyment 
Samuel Follz 
Linda Fonseca 
Christopher Foti 
Thomas Frank 

Molly Frean 
Christina Freccero 
Robert Fullam 
Laura Gerberg 
Stephanie Good 
Michael Goodridge 

Joshua Grattan 
Caitlin Hall 
Samantha Hamilton 
Elizabeth Hart 
Christopher Haynes 
Michael Haynes 

Daniel Hennessey 
Amelia Henry 
Nicolle Hickox 
Ashley Hiniker 
Ashley Howard 
Erik Hrinishin 

John Humphries 
Elisabeth Hunt 
Elizabeth Jackson 
Kristina Jaillet 
Kevin Johnson 
William Johnson 

Ethan Jorgenson 
Joshua Kalenderian 
Timothy Kaufmann 
Akshay Kaul 
Kegan Keller 
Joshua Kipp 


Daniel Kitterman 
Nipunn Koorapati 
Jacqueline Kramlinger 
Dennis Lam 
Gregory Lamb 
Sonia Lansac 

Brittany Lee 
Jung Yoon Lee 
Katherine Levenstein 
Jason Liang 
Matthew Lima 
Kevin Lu 

Kayia Luongo 
Patrick Maloney Ward 
Gregory Margoiis 
Molly Marshall 
Elizabeth Martin 
Daniel McCarthy 

Meghan McGowan 
Lindsay McGror\ 
Katrina Melton 
Jacob Mendales 
Erica Milia 
Derek Moni/ 

Robert Montalto 
Allison Morse 
Ryan Murph\ 
Ashleigh Obrien 
Laurie Ohlstein 
Anne-Marie Ostlund 

Emily O'donnell 
Michael O'donnell 
Rhoshaunda O'neal 
Meghan O'neill 
Georgia O'rourke 
Brian Pabian 

Jennifer Aceto 
Nisha Acharya 
Angela Agiorgousis 
John Aiken 
David Altschuier 

Neil Andrew s 
Brittany Asseiin 
Maxwell Aubrey 
Narine Avetisyan 
Bradford Balich 

George Baratta 
Thomas Barkovic 
Danielle Basile 
Sophie Bell 
Cora Bentley 

Natalia Bienkowski 
Elyse Bloomfield 
Dylan Bochman 
Parker Boeing 
Evan Bolton 

Alexander Bradford 
Alan Brun 
Adam Brys 
Jennifer Burdge 
Thomas Busa 

David Cain 
Sarah Caliri 

Rhiana Carignan 
Ryan Carter 

Laura Castaneda 




Sophomore year is a bit like being the middle child in a family. 
We aren't the youngest. We aren't the oldest. We are talented, but 
have a long way to go before we reach our full potential. This usually 
leaves our actors with smaller roles in the musical, our athletes with 
more time on junior varsity teams than varsity, and we still have tons 
to learn in the classroom. While sophomore year does include many 
things that make it difficult like MCAS and more schoolwork, there are 
many things that take the pressure off all of that work. Sophomore year 

I means things like friends getting their learners permits, going to sweet 
sixteen parties and being used to the school and the people in it. Best 
of all, sophomore year means that you aren't a freshman anymore! 

Game day. Varsity ticid hockey players 
Cora Benlly and Kelsey Hartwcll sport 
matching smiles, and uniromis, before 
their game v ersus Acton-Boxboro. 

Street fight. Sophmore strongmen Joe 
Tiano. Ryan Carter, Dave Micu, and 
Brendan Ciibson dressed up for their 
football psyche. 

At Bedord Day there are those who 
work, and those who play. J. P. Driscoll 
and Eric Johnson choose the latter. 

Bad hair day. But this young Bedford 
resident actually paid Diana Darkazalli, 
and the sophomore class, to have his hair 
colored as part of their fund raiser. 

Minghan Chang 
Wei Yuh Chang 
Yi Chi Chang 
Christie Chiu 
Dewayne Clachar 
Janelle Clachar 

Ryan Clark 
Casey Cochrane 
Charles Connell 
Jessica Cottman 
Rebecca Cottman 
Courtney Cox 

Jarrod Cox 
Jaimie Crawford 
Claire Criniti 
Stephanie Crockett 
Brittany Cummings 
Tyler Cummings 


Michael Dale 
Stephen Dalrymple 
Rachel Darby 
Diana Darkazalli 
Andrew Davis 
Benjamin Davis 

Spencer Davis 
Jynette Demarco 
Eric Devaux 
Scott Doherty 
Christopher Donovan 
John Driscoll 

Samantha Duda 
Michael Dunlea 
Gina D'alleva 
Christopher Egan 
Emily Eggert 
James Ferro 

Jacob Fine 
Abigail Finkelstein 
Shannon Gallagher 
Jonathan Gault 
Jessica Giangrande 
Brendan Gibson 

Elizabeth Goeke 
Thomas Grunes 
\llison Hagar 
Armand Halbcrt 
Sai Haran 
Katherinc Harkins 

Ethan Harrington 
Kclscy Hartwell 
I'homas Hat\ any 
Jayson Hauck 
Thomas Heimann 
Alexander HevI 


Jarryd Heyl 
Andrew Hinikcr 
John Hooper 
Emily Howie 
Stacey Hronowski 
William Huggins 

Colin Hurley 
Jacob Ivey 
Adrien Jarv is 
Christina JclTery 
Diana Johnson 
Eric Johnson 

Monika Joshi 
Stephen Kazahan 
K.D. Keller 
Holly Kelly 
Celeste Kopperl 
Jcnna Kuhn 

Nicolle Kuhn 
Jacob Laney 
Nicholas Larsen 
Erik Larsson 
Shaun Laughlin 
Derek Lauziere 

Casandra Lentine 
Annie Leslie 
Farron Lotnot 
Arielle Loya 
Joseph Lua 
Katherine Mack 

Kaytie MacLean 
Hamish MacPhail 
Joyce Mahoney 
Raymond Maladov\ itz 
Heather Marasa 
Cara Marzeoti 




Adam Richichi 
Gabriel Rivera 
Robert Robinson 
Nicholas Romanelli 
Keith Roop 
Samantha Ross 

Matthew Roth 
Gianna Ruggiero 
Marella Ruggiero 
Alexander Russo 
Taylor Santillo 
Assaf Shahar 

Jaamia Sims 
Poricha Sims 
Alain Slak 
Daisie Smith 
Gemma Smith 
Manny Soto 

Nathan Spector 
Jessica Spencer 
Kevin Spooner 
James St Onge 
Laquan Standberry 
Mae Steinberg 

Renec Surrette 
Anna Swanson 
Nicholas Tate 
Kelsey Taylor 
Cassandra Theriault 
Courtney Thompson 

Hayli Throckmorton 
Joseph Tiano 
Kristine Tom 
Marina Tomao 
Nicholas Vance 
Jon \'ega 


Dude? No, but Katlyn Mohen, 
dressed as a man, gave a hilarious 
performance during the tournament of 
plays. "I am not... a smarty socks..." 

Wild cards. All bets were off on 
"crazy dress day" during spirit week, 
and Samantha Duda and Ryan Carter 
took full advantage. 


Christopher Abner II 
Callie Anderson 
Anoush Arakeiian 
Caelyn Baird 
Louis Baker 

Alexander Ball 
Gabricic Bard 
Samantha Barkhousc 
Leon Barnes 
Kristina Barr 

Timothy Barr\ 
Louisa Bauer 
Philip Beccy 
Lucia Bennett 
Benjamin Berenson 

Zachary Berman 
Britany Biliouris 
Katherine Boebel 
Jake Bograd Denton 
Raymond Bow en 

Matthew Bowers 
Christopher Bridgeman 
Justin Brooks 
Samantha Brown 
Molly Cain 

Amy Campbell 
Kevin Cangiani> 
Kristen Cangiano 
Brock Carlin 
Kyla Caron 



of 2010 

"The class of 2010," says a freshman with despair in her voice. 
"That is like... a million years away." Although it may seem like 
that for some freshmen, it will be here before they know we know it. 
While freshmen year means more work, seventy minute class blocks, 
and being pushed around in the halls by huge upperclassmen, it also 
means breaking away form all those rules that students that attended 
John Glenn Middle School had to follow. Now we can wear hats to 
school, we have break, and we get out twenty minutes earlier. It also 
means that we get to attend a school that has students that have lived 
all over the world, because of the influx of students that we get form 
Hanscom Air Force Base. Cheer up freshmen. It's not a million years 
away... only three. 

Out in the open. When the weather is 
nice Brian Rose, Gabby Bard, and A.J. 
Grabbertin get to have art class w ith Ms. 
Whitney outside. 

Balancing act. Being in the high school 
means that Justin Brooks has to keep a much 
busier schedule. He is still an athlete, but now 
he has much more on his mind. 


Zachary Donahue 
Mark Duntz 
Marc Dwyer 
Cotter Ellis 
Odaine Evans 
Corey Flynn 

Peter Fotis 

Cheyenne Fox Tree-McGrath 
Dennis Gagnon 
Sarah Gault 
Nicholas Giglio 
Zach Goldberg 

Oliver Goldschmidt 
Dylan Gonsalves 
Evan Graessle 
Mac Graham 
Christopher Grant 
Chelsea Graybeal 

Sean Greene 
Katherine Groves 
Kimberly Hagan 
Rigcl Halbert 
Carson Hankins 
Charlotte Harris 

Elizabeth Harris 
Jordan Higgins 
Aaron Hiniker 
Kyle Hucnime 
Arcnmongla Inisong 
Michael Inuram Rubin 

Zachary Inz 
Nicholas lolYredo 
John Isnor 
De\ in Jacobs 
Scott Johnson 
Daniel Johnston 


Kevin Judge 
Heather Kaufmann 
Nicholas Kemperman 
David Kercher 
Sophia Kesier 
Daniel Kipp 

Paul Klein 
Dylan Koundakjian 
Alex Kovacs 
Zachary Land 
Andrew Landman 
Nicole Lespasio 

Hannah Levenson 
Wendy Lin 
Jason Litchfield 
Mark Mallett 
Alyssa Maloney 
Michael Maloney Ward 

Harry Markuse 
Evan Marshall 
Robert Maxon 
Jamie McConnell 
Nicholas McDermott 
Timothy McDonald 

Aileen McGrory 
Ryan Molloy 
Keith Mondello 
Chaquanda Montes Tharpes 
Albert Moorehead 
Syndhia Mungalachetty 

Sara Neto 
Veronica Niebels 
Victoria Oconnor 
Amanda Odonnell 
Mike Odonnell 
Evan Omalley 


Hamming it up. With two of the lead 
roles in the freshmen tournament of 
plays performance it was clear that 
Cheyanne Foxtree-Mcgrath and Anoush 
Arakelianhave a bright acting future at 
the high school, and maybe on bigger 
stages later. 

Hit and run. Under coach Kirkpatrick 
players like Molly Cain can look 
forward to the Filed Hockey program 
improving greatly. 

Alex Roland 
Benjamin Rose 
Gregory Rosen 
Sylvester Ruggiero 
MacKeile Satchell 
Nizhum Shaikh 

Ryan Shaw 
Natasha Shropshire 
Tristan Sjolie 
Rachel Skorupka 
Heather Smiles 
Alexander Smith 

Kelsey Stevens 
Chris Stewart 
Jennifer Stewart 
Tessa Stillings 
Sarah Stimson 
Abigail Stone 











"Courage is the 
discovery that 
? «j you may not 
^ J win, and trying 

r^o^^BM ^^"C^-^k^ L '^^SBu i ^^^^ y^^ know 

i^HH ^^^> ' 1 M I aW^h ' you can lose." 

- Tom Krause 

Hand off. Junior Manny Soto(5) hands the ball off to Senior Wood- 
row Carter (33). 

KICK DA BALL! Sophomore Jarrod Cox handles the ball with ease 
despite his broken and casted arm. 


Many consider football to be the ultimate 
team sport. For a single play to be successful, 
it requires that all eleven players do precisely 
what they are assigned to do. That, combined 
with the physical demands and length of the 
season, make it incredibly tough. Because 
of this, all the Buccaneers that complete 
the season have something to be extremely 
proud of 

When the season started the team had a goal 
to "Take state..." While that didn't happen, 
there were many moments that made this 

Huddle up. Junior linebacker Kegan Keller ('89) calls the defeasive 
set for seniors Doug Howie (37), T.J. Paganetti (60), Tony D'Alleva 
(57), and Antoine King (22) during their game versus Bishop 

season a memorable one: three days in New 
Hampshire at camp, crushing Boston Latin 47- 
6, the dominating shutout of Newton South, 
and the come-from-behind win at Westford 

In the end five seniors were Dual County 
League all-stars, many underclassmen got 
valuable playing time, and the team was, once 
again, competitive in one of the toughest 
football leagues in the state. 

Front: Chris Mecurio, Antoine King, Anthony Santos 2nd Row: Jeff 
McGrath, Dillon Pitts, Mike Barbacano, Mario Cutino. Dewayne 
Clachar, Tom McNulty, Tom Busa, Dave Micu, Ryan Caner 3rd 
Row: Nick Vance, Ryan Paganetti, Brendan Gibson, John Merlo, 
Doug Howie, Kevin Spooner, Miles Lynch, Joe Tiano 4th Row: John 
Humphries, Steve Collins, Anthony D'Alleva, Thomas Paganetti, 
Mike Ferro, Sam Foltz 5th Row: Matt Lima, Timothy Stienburg, Ben 
Davis, Andrew Davis, Camryn Woodruff, James Ferro 6th: Kegan 
Keller, William Page Back Row: Trainer Keith Mangan, Coaches Tom 
Cullen, Bill Rimsa.Jack Belcher, Chris Zellner, Ted O'Brien 
Not Pictured: Manny Soto, Woodrow Carter, Scott Steed 

The old switcheroo. While the team warmed up for their game 
with Belmont, coaches hung the new black shirts on the players 
lockers. When the players were done warming up, they changed, 
then took on Belmont. 

(5 ' ' 52 


Record breaker! On his way to winning a spot on the Boston Globe 
All-Scholaitic team, and the All-State team fan honor that Ls reserved 
for only 22 players in the state) senior Wtxxly Carter (33 ) broke the 
school record for touchdowns in a single season. 

It's good. Driving kicks through the uprights (below) has become 
second nature to senior Jon Merlo (26). In only his second year as a 
kicker Jon, and holder Woody Carter (33), have become one of the 
most consistent tandems in the league. 

Down blocking. Senior center Chris Mercuric (52) blocks dovn 
on the n(xse tackle which opes up a running lane for scnwr Scott 
Steed (20). 


^if „ f odiif sens 

To the point. 

Head coach Dave Boschetto gives direction to striker Jarred Cot 
Boschetto has been the head coach of varsity soccer for 2 
He preaches hard work and commitment above all other 
of the game. 

The Bedford Boys Varsity soccer team 
capped off its most successful season in recent memory 
by making it to the quaner-finals of the Division II 
North State Tournament, only to lose to Dracut in 
penalty kicks. The team played through injur\' and 
sickness to a 7-7-4 record overall, clinching fifth place 
in the Dual County League. This was also enough to 
reach the state tournament, where, after everyone 
shaved their heads into mohawks, Bedford was able 
to knock off O'Briant high school 2-0 and Burke High 
School, the number two seed and Boston champion, 

Almost every player on this year's team had 
also been on varsity last year, when the young team 

struggled to a 1-12-5 record. However, with one year 
of experience under everyone's belts, they had the skill 
and work ethic to beat any opponent. 

Much of the year's success can be attributed 
to the coaching duo of Dave Boschetto and Jim Byrnes, 
who, by their confidence and investment in the team 
were able to inspire the players to outwork any 
challenger. By the end of the season, everj'one had 
learned that even the toughest of foes could be beaten 
if they played "hard, smart, and together." 


From left to right top row: JD Rogers, Dan Kitterman, Greg Margolis, 
Stephen Dalr\'mple, Mike Dunlea, Brett Plugis, Hamish McPhail, 
Neil Tembulkar; middle row: Jacob Mendales, Luke Badalit)'. Aaron 
Smiles, Jarrod Cox, Kenja Queva, Pern- Fotis, Bill Eggen, David 
Byun; bottom row; Carl Larson, Alex Washer, Luke Davis, Devon 
Ryan, Nick Plugis, Dan Waters, Jeremy Cogliano, Donald Cohen. 
Kevin Harkins 

Strung Together 

The boys come together to pump each other up before they enter 
the field to play rival Concord Carisle, 

* This page is brought to 3'ou by a donation 
from head soccer coach Da\'id Boschetto. 


Quick Feet 

Senior Captain Devon Ryan is known to out muscle oppenents. He 
has been playing soccer for 12 years. He has been on varsiy soccer 
team since 10th grade. 

Looking Ahead 

Below: Varsity Head Coach Dave Boschetto and Senior Neil 
Tembulkar look forward to a successful season as they win their 
way to a spot in the State Tournament. 

Eyes on the prize. 

Above; SeniorCaptainNickPlugis(101isdetemiinedtogainposession 
of the ball as well as a spot in the DCL State tournament. 

Down but not out. 

Senior Captain Dan Waieni(6) la>-s it all on the line for his ream .iftcr 
a riiugh collision with an opposing player. 


Dodge Ball. This season senior Alisha Silverstrone (Below) was a 
to oui manuver many of her opponents this season, including i 
Weston player, on her way to becoming a DCL all-star. 

This season completed coach Dave 
Wilson's third season as head coach of 
the girls soccer team. The Lady Bucs, 
who finished the season with a record of 
11-8-2, were seeded tenth in the MIAA 
state tournament. But, true to form, the 
Bucs, who had a first round match up with 
seventh-seeded Mount Alvemia, were 
able to defeat the all-girls school 4-1, on 
the road in Newton. During that game 
Georgia O'Rourke, Katie Whallon, Clair 

Criniti, and Courtney O'Connor all scored 
goals. "This balance was typical of the 
team," stated coach Wilson, "I am very 
proud of what they accomplished." 

The team will lose eight seniors this 
season, inculding DCL all-stars Courtney 
O'Connor and Alisha Silverstrone but 
will return fourteen for the next, which 
will provide a strong nucleus. 

Top Row:Kristen Cangiano, Olga Chambers Maher, Nicole Hickox, 
Gabriele Bard, Louisa Bauer, Claire Criniti, Georgoa O'Rourke; 
Middle Row: Corrine Weeks, Colleen Strachan, Samantha Rober. 
Georgia Cook, Gillian Weeks, Kimberly Zolla, Tessa Stilling.s. 
Stephanie Crockett; Bottom Row: Katie Whallon, Stephanie 
Davison, Alsiha Silvestrone, Counney O'Connor, Amanda Pike. 
Kendra Collins 

Giving it the boot. Another player that will be sorely missed by next 
year's team is Amanda Pike . 



Fast fonvard. This season was forward Charline Asp's (below) third, 
and although the statistics might not show it, she was one of the 
Bucs most effective offensive forces. 

It isn't "spin control" to say 
that this season's field hockey team 
was successful. The team was able 
to accomplish several things that will 
surely help them in the future. They 
were able to shut out Newton South, a 
Dual county league rival, which showed 
that they can be successful in their 

league. They also almost upset 
perennial league powerhouse Lincoln- 
Sudburv', though they did lose 2-3. 

The team does have a bright future. 
New coach Ms. Kirkpatrick will help 
long-time coach Ms.Barton develop a 
tr\^ to replace a tough senior class. 

Top Row: Jamie Reynolds, Mel Serotkin. Emma Howie, .Manna 
Tamao, Katelyn Mohen, Ale.\ L'Ish; Middle row: Kristina Piccarillo, 
Meghan .Asp, Cora Bentley, .\ilison Hagar. KeLsev Hanwell, Jenna 
Kuhn; Bottom Row: Sarah Jaffer, Kaylyn Klatt, Lindsey Bernardo, 
Lisa Gocht, Katie 'Vi'ilklns 

Getting down. Senior captain Sarah Jaffer was, seemingly, under 
constant assault from shots by the opposing team. Fonunatelv 
for the Lady Bucs she turned away many shots during what was a 
strong season for her. 


Reaching in. As one of the team captains, senior Kaylynn 
Klatt's play at center-mid, as well as her leadership were 
crucial for the Bucs. 

Roil with me. Another loss for the Bucs next season 
will be senior Katie Southard's (below) solid defense. 
Against Acton-Boxborough the team found themselves 
on defense a lot, and Katie's dogged defense was key. 

Stick it to her. Multi-lalented sophomore Katilm Mohen 
(abo\ e) w as as strong on the field hockey field as she was 
on the stage as an actor. 

Fast lane. Only a sophomore, mid-wing .•\llison Hagar 
was one of several impressive underclassmen \\ ho made 
a significant contribution this season. 


The Bedford Volleyball Team had a great 
season. The Bucs came out strong with three straight 
wins at the beginning of the season. The team hit a 
rough patch mid-season, but then came out on top 
by finishing off the regular season by beating Wayland 
to qualify for the state tournament. 

The Volleybucs made Bedford High School 
Volleyball history by making it to the quater-finals of the 
state tournament. The Bucs defeated Madison Park in 
three games making it farther in the tournament than 
any previous season. The Bucs fought hard in 

their next match, but lost to the future league 
champion Arlingon Catholic team. The giris played 
their hardest and left everything on the court. 

The fall 2006 season was incredible. The 
team would like to thank Coach Serbus and all of the 
super fans for all of their suppon. This season the 
Volleybucs gave it their all and "refused to lose". 

Ready, willing, and able. Senior Sleph Miller-Hen 
was one of the reasons that the team made it to the s 

Back Row: Jen Tate, Lauren Sarson, Ashley Hiniker, 
Bridget Barret, Lindsay McGrory, Sara Caliri 
Front Row: Manager Shara Nonon, Julie Pietrasik. 
Captain Jackie Melton, Gabby Lynch, Jenna Mitchell, 
Steph Miller-Hendr\'; Not Pictured: Captain Stacey 
Watro, Manager Olivia Osgood 

Huddle up! Strategy is key in volleyball, and the players 
must be "on the same page" Here Jen Tate, Jenna 
Mitchell, and Jackie Melton discuss the upcoming 


Hold the line. Here Jackie Melton and Lauren Sarson 
show why the team's defense was so formidible. 

Below: Having junior Lindsay McGrory on the team 
again this season was key, and having her next year 
will help the Bucs stay in contention for the division 
three playoffs. 

Above: Seniorjenna Mitchell is one of the main reasons 
the team was able to make the state tournament this 

Coach Serbus is passionate about the game and is sure 
to motiN'ate the girls to play their best. 


Below: Alexander Anderson and Peter Russo pick up the pace k| 


At this season's Dual County meet, 
the team was only able to finish eighth 
but, considering the size of some of the 
schools that they had to run against, 
coach Solomon was, "quite pleased 
with the way my kids ran." 

At the meet Alex Bradford was our 
top runner. He was able to finish the 
3.1 mile course at Great Brook Farm 
in Carlisle in 18:51. JeffSuddy, 

Chris Donovan, Jarred Heyl, G.J. 
Baratta and Dell Bennett also ran well 
for the Bucs. Michelle Richter was 
the top finisher for the girls, finishing 
in 24:15 just edging out Jennifer 
Amdt who finshed four places behind 
her. Melody Morris, Briana Lewis, 
Katie Norregaard, Aimee Young and 
Samantha Christen also performed 
well for the Bucs at the meet. 

Top Row: Coach Solomon. Jarryd Heyl. Dylan Bochman. 
G.J. Baratta, Alex Bradford. Mark Duntz Top Middle 
Row: Sai Haran, Dell Bennet. Brian Williams, Chns 
Donovan, Erik Smallenburger: Bottom Middle Row ; 
Peter Russo, Ben Johsnton, Ryan Kring, Alex .Anderson, 
Jeff Buddy, Randy Kring; Bottom Row: .Aimee Young, 
Melody Moms, Katherine Norregaard, Jen .Amdt, Brianna 
Lewis, Michelle Richter, Sam Christen 

Pep Talk. Before the race Coach Solomon advises his team 
to dig deep and try their best. 

Top Row: Mark Wilkerson, Andy Westerkamp, Scott 
Bratton, Colin Pespisa, Todd Boghigian, Craig Larsen; 
Middle Row: Mike Haynes, Tim Cederburg. Natty Young, 
Colin Hurley, Alex Heyl, JP Driscoll Front Row : Tristan 
Osgood, John Isnor, Matt Bowers, Nick Giglio, Greg 

Junior Alex Heyl tees off on the ball, and the 



The Fall Cheerleading team overcame many obstacles 
during the 2006 season. Coach Billioun brought the 
team to a brand new level. At the Dual County 
League meet, the team placed first in their division and 
second in the league, securing a bid to the regional 
finals. Their victor}' earned respect from students 
and facultv' alike. Senior captains April Wilson, Blair 
Pekala, and Cat Iwanchuk mentored the younger. experienced, team members. Other senior 
cheerleaders Sarah Jones, Ivana Serret, Janine King, 
and manager .\llison Gramolini also played pivotal 
roles in keeping the underclassmen 

focused. Great job on an outstanding season and 
remember to "KNUCK IF YOU BUG" or even better 

From top left: Coach Biilouin, Megan Ross, Brittany 

Russell, Courtnee Barchus, Gianna Ruggiero, Jen Soto. 

Taylor Santillo. Danielle Basiie, Janine King, Jynette 

Demarco, Lindsay Wilkins 

Second Row; Ivana Serret, Daisie Smith 

Third Row: Cat Iwanchuck (capt.), April Wilson (capt.). 

Sarah Jones, Kelsey Taylor, Allison Gramolini 

(manager), .\nielia Henry 

Are you ready? And it goes like this. 
Senior captains Cat Iwanchuk. Blair Pekala, and April 
Wilson show cheer and attitude during the Dual 
County league championships. 


High as the Sky 

Captain Catherine Iwanchuk is boosted in a stunt by her fellow 
chccrlcading teammates Courtnee Barchus, Danielle Basile, Megan 
Ross, and Captain Blair Pekala. 

Standing tall. During the regional competition Taylor Santillo 
(below) is supported, literally and figuratively, by her teammates. 

Super Star! Sciiicirs h ana Serrei anil Sarah Jones ( alx)\ e ) do a chair 
with J\iiette Deniarco tluring the Dual County League meet. 

Clap \ow 1 lanils. Say \cM 

April W ilson (Capt.), l\-ana Serrei and Danielle Bxsile cheer. ensuring 
that the crowd stays loud and fiKused on the game. 


Back-to-back Dual County League most valuable player award win- 
ner Jerry Cohen (right), was unstoppable again this season— and he's 
only a junior! 

86 This page is brought to you by a generous donation from Mr. Boschetto 


enior point guard Antoine 
ing's (below) leadership, 
)ughness, and skills will be 
lissed next season, 
ig man Josh Kalenderian 
jelow right) 

anchors the middle of the 
floor for the Bucs. 
Senior guard Devon Ryan 
(below center) is known for 
deadly three-point shooting. 

Despite beginning the 
season with a 1-5 record, 
the boys basketball team 
battled back to finish the 
season 11-9. The team 
entered the state tourna- 
ment as the tenth seed, 
but easily ripped through 
their first-round opponent 
North Reading 65-40. The 
team's second round win 
was amazing, and in- 
cluded a 24 point second- 
half comeback. The third 
round game was another 
blowout for the team over 
Wilmington. The season 
ended with a loss to Wa- 
tertown at the Tsongas 
Arena in Lowell in the 
North Section Finals. 

The successful season, 
coach Byrnes said, will 
"stay with the players for a 
lifetime. The five seniors 
never quit. Every single 
day in practice they set the 
tone. If you don't have 
those kids with character, 
you don't get here. That's 
the secret of the turn- 

With a strong group of 
returning underchissmen, 
next season should be 
just as memorable for the 
Bucs, and their fans. 


The senior leadership of Alisha Silver- 
strone (right) was a large part of what 
made the team successful this season. 

Junior Kim Zolla (below) will be counted 
on heavily to lead the Bucs next season. 

Junior Kandace Valentine's 
(right) skills and hustle were 
invaluable for the Bucs this 



Junior Allison Morse's (left) scoring 
ability was an important element of the 
Bucs attacking offense. 

Point guard Sarah Caliri (below), who 
last year made the varsity squad as a 
freshmen, was troubled by a nagging 
knee injury this season, but will surely 
add much needed punch in '08. 

This season the girls bas- 
ketball team earned a 
fourth straight trip to the 
state tournament. The 
team finished the season 
10-10 in the extremely 
competitive Dual County 
League. The girls entered 
the tournament as the elev- 
enth seed, but was stopped 
by a powerful Ipswich 
squad in the first round. 

The team will return a 
strong core of players for 
next year. The Buccaneers 
had only one senior this 
year, Alisha Silverstrone, 
who missed the final four 
games of the season with 
an ankle injury. 


Relay runner Michelle 
Richter (right) leggs it out 
at the Reggie Lewis Center 

Senior Mike Barbacano (right) 
was able to place third at the 
DCL meet this winter. 


Only sophomore Billy Page's 
(left) potential as a star in the 
filed events is unlimited. 

This year's winter track 
team sprinted, jogged, 
threw, and jumped their 
way to eighth place in 
the incredibly competi- 
tive Dual County League. 
While they competed 
against teams that were 
often twice their size, the 
Bucs were able to put up 
some impressive individual 
numbers. Mike Barba- 
cano, the Buccaneers top 
preformer, placed third 
by clearing 5 ' 11 " in the 
high jump. In the 55 me- 
ter dash, Scott Steed fin- 
ished seventh with a time 
of 7 seconds flat. Junior 
Hope Bigda-Peyton placed 
fourth, jumping 16'6" in 
the long jump. 




Senior captain Craig Larsen (left) 
was one of three allstars that skated 
for the Bucs. 

Junior Mario Cutino (below) will be 
counted on to do great things for the 
Bucs next season. 

This season the ice hock- 
ey team skated, checked 
and scored their way to 
through another tough 
Merrimack Valley/Dual 
County League sched- 
ule. At the end of it all, 
coach of the year winner 
Coach Marifione, and 
the rest of the team, had 
to say goodbye to the 
many seniors, including 
as all-stars D.J. Cohen, 
Criag Larsen and Pat- 
rick O'Brien. The Bucs 
return a strong core of 
young players for next 
season, and may be skat- 
ing in a new home rink. 


wniM ®w f BO 

The lightning quick Katie Levenstcin (above) 
icnifes through the water during the 50 

Junior Kegan Keller (left) is a great athlete. 
Swimming is just one of the many sports that 
he has played in his time at the high school. 




While the loss of seniors like Ashley 
Theodore (left) will hurt the team in 
competition next season, there are 
plenty of freshmen, like Matt Tiano 
(below), that will be sure to help the 
team recover. 

The boys and girls 
alpine ski teams 
finished the season in 
fourth place in Mass, 
Bay West's Omega 
Division. The boys 
team finished with 
17 wins, and the girls 
pulled out 10. 



One of the school's 
most consistently suc- 
cessful, and yet some- 
how underappreciated, 
teams is our rifle team. 
At the time of printing, 
the team had only two 
losses, and was on its 
way to another league ti- 
tle. The team also placed 
first in Region One of the 
American Legion nation- 
al championships. There 
the team scored 1,988 
points to lead a field of 
teams from Massachu- 
setts and New Hamp- 
shire. Dusty Smith was 
the individual champion 
in Region One scoring 
520 points which quali- 
fied her for the national 
championship round. 


Often unappreciated, but 
always supportive, the 
winter cheerleaders fol- 
lowed the basketball team 
all the way through four 
games of the state tourna- 







Acting up! 

Every year each class puts on a play for a competition called The 
jurnament of Plays. Students in all grades have the opportunity to 
erform to a packed house. The students have the choice to write an 
iginal play, or to write their own. This year the competition was fierce- 
or second place. The winner of this year's award for best play was 
ear, and went to the seniors for their production of Shenanigans. 


Celebration! At the end of their play, and the end of the night, 
the seniors cut loose. Their play was by far the best of the night, 
and their celebration was well deserved. - 

.Mthough Greg Zolla (below) did not play a major role in their 
play, he showed the promise that the sophomores will need if 
they want to win next year. 

.Senior Hen Johsntoii (left) w rote, and played Sophomore Maxime O'Brien rocked his golden 
himself, in the award winning production of Les Paul EMs Presley style in (he sophomore 
Shannsgains! play. 


This year the John Glenn 
Middle School cafeteria hosted the 
18th annual Madrigal dinner. 
As is tradition, wenches 
and stewards in period 
costume play host to 
around 300 guests 
over a two night 
span. The cafeteria 
is transformed 
into an authentic 
looking medieval 

Dressed in 
leotards and 
robes adorned 
with garlands 
and crowns, 18 
madrigal singers 
sing holiday music 
and present a short 
performance while 
guests feast on food the 
way they may have during 
that time ~ with their hands. 


CdUsts Matt Davis 

Senior percussionist 
Harold Rubin 
(above) at the Fall 

Soreen Cyplers 
and Kevin Lu play 
selected duos by 
Dmitri Shostaksvich 

Junior Jen Tate and 
Katie Levenstein 
(right) anchor the 
flute section. 

Sophie Bell and Amelia 
Henn- (far rigiit) 
represent the best of 
the best as two of the 
Madrigal Singers. 

Above: The Girls 
Chorus sings and 
moves to the song 
Santa Baby. 

Left: Joey Lua, Dan 

Johnston, and Evan 
Marshall (left) sing 
in their fine holiday 

Stephanie Miller- 
Hendry sings (far 
left) while Meghan 
O'Neil, Patrick 
Jeffrey, and Ryan 
Kring shine on the 
other side of the 




The play was a true ensemble piece 
and Stephanie Miller-Henry, Emily 
O'Donnell, Olivia Osgood and Joe 
Strachan all contributed. 

Senior Randy Kring (right) got the girl, even 
though it ended up not being Jynette DeMarco in 
the story. 

In his final performance here senior Ben 
Johnston (below center) guided views through 
the story as its narrator 


lie ( ' mtmmwitiM) >ioo siii^^h 

Sophomore sensation Sophie 
Bell (right) brought the story of 
Cinderella from rags to riches. 

The transformation from Parick Jeffery (below 
left) to Big Bad Wolf (below right) could not take 
place without the backstage help of the makeup 
artists, and lighting crew. 






This page is brought to you by a generous donation by Sue Collins 
"Life is not a dress rehearsal"— Arm Ominous 

Jack, played by Andrew Busa, 
and Milkey-White, played by 
Amanda O'Donnell, were friends 
until the bitter end. 

Although she was masked until 
the end of the first act, the witch, 
played by Jenna Mitchell, couldn't 
hide her love for Rapunzel, played 
by Adrienne Jarvis 

IDC30 one U000& 

^ A . 


This year's musical, an adaptation of a 
novel by James Lapine, with music and 
lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, brought 
well-known fairy tales to life. This 
fantastic story put a new twist on these 
tales by blending them with the story of 
a baker and his wife, who were trying to 
reverse a curse on their family that left 
them unable to conceive a child. This 
time, however, all did not necessarily end 
happily ever after. 










' Ten Hut ! 

Blue uniforms, shiny hel- aerospace science and lead- 
mets, people carrying flags ership education, cnoducted 
and rifles are what people in a military style and envr- 
envision when they hear ioment. The unit is divided 
the acronym AFJROTC- into four year groups, AS- 1 
-and most people have no through AS-4. 
clue what it means. The Air- 
force Junior Reserve Offi- 
cer Training Corps is a class 
geared toward learning 


The Gay/Straight Alliance 


Bedford Fellowship of Christian Athletes 


stunentsdream, and an 
administrator's nightmare-40 
students running around a 
field playing ultimate Frisbee 
during x-block... 

National Honor Society & 

WSSL Science 

Being in this club, however, 
isn't always about trips and 
having fun. it also involves 
collecting recyclables from all 
over the school. 

In the water, and on the way 
down the Concord River, 
the group (below) did take a 
break to pose for a picture 

The group (above) takes a break from 
hiking at the Blue hill Observatory. Also, 
Dell Bennett and Sam Christen (right) 
jockey for position in the crowded river. 


page is brou^t to you by a generous donation from Mr. Griffin. 
"Be the change you want to see in the world."— Gandhi 

Club L 








CATFH' iordan 



Our school wouldn't be the same without our 
staff of caring individuals. No field trips, no clubs, 
no events would happen without staff involvement, 
and our students are fortunate enough to be taught 
by a group of people that are dedicated to helping us 
achieve great things inside and outside of the class- 

Trained as a cinjmmcr, Mr,, Irlkcr latiovc Icfi) 
Ls just a.s comfonable with a trumpci in his iiand. 

A keen anistic eye, and seemingh' unending 
patience, make .vis. Wagner (above right) one of 
the students favorite art teachers. 

Be it the Histon' Fair, or as a coach, graduate of 
iiedford High School Ms. Verrier constantly makes 
herself available to students whether inside the 
classroom or outside. 

Environmental Club advi.sors Mr Griffin and .Ms. 
Supprise (below right) chajieronc trips from the 
Concord River to the Yucatan Peninsula. 


Fourth year teacher Captain Rich 
Carson teaches proper drill technique to 
R.O.T.C. students in the gymnasium. 

An administrators first year is always 
tough, but asking assistant principal 
Kevin Tracy (below) to sweep is really 
pushing it. 





Senior Thanks 

lOlOll, Joey Litton 

"People said I was dumb, but I proved them!" - Phillip J. Fry 

"I always lie. . .and I'm always right." -J R. "Bob" Dobbs 
"I would have made a good Pope." - Richard Nixon 
If you're reading this to see if you're in it, please stop. Just move on 
the next one, which I think will be Marianna Ballou's. I'm sure it will 
be fantastic. I'm far too busy a man to start remembering whether 
or not I have friends. Although, I do seem to recall two boys, their 
name escapes me. . . Paulies, or Hughleys, or something. They're 
your typical lanky, conscientious types. You know the ones I'm 
talking about. Then there's that other one, bookish, chelonian . . .we 
worked on some kind of historical carnival together, he and I and 
some other giri, who did most of the work ... I was producing 
Haircut lOO's reunion album at the time and didn't have the chance 
to learn their names. Let's see. . then there's group of ruffians I 
spent a few late evenings with, dining at fast food restaurants while 
I was working on ghostwriting Sue Grafton's latest novel (T Is For 
Toreador: Coming to a drugstore near you April 2007!). I thank 
them for medicaments. Then there was that Italian boy, the one 
who liked cars and Mad TV. . . I'd like to thank him for getting me 
into shape before my prizefight with Bob Saget on HBO (thanks to 
Darude for the montage music). Thank you to that girl, the pretty 
one, we got coffee once. That was great, I'd never had coffee, it 
tastes like chalk (thanks Doug Funnie). An extended thanks to the 
good members of the social studies department (they know who 
they are), that English teacher that doled out pastries and sound 
advice, that curiy-haired fellow who turns something as simple as a 
request for a pencil into a 30-minute conversation, and that girl that 
was my friend until she told me this was going to cost 30 dollars. 


Thank you to everyone who's made me think or laugh or smile. 
To my teachers. To my family— thanks for your amazing support. 
Liam— It's difficult being the only kid left, but I know you can 
handle it well. Alan— Thank you for being there and for listening. 
Victoria— We actually got closer once you switched schools. To 
Franolais! Katie— Thanks for the obsessive Harry Potter conversa- 
tions and for always being there. I'm not sure what I'll do when 
we're not in the same class. Sarah— Thanks for the music and steady 
friendship. Jenn— Thank you for surviving X-blocks and for being 
a splendific locker buddy. Elissa— I'm sorn- if we scarred you in 
freshman art class. You are uber-cool. Breanna— I'm glad I got to 
know you, though it hasn't been that long. Olivia— Vl'e drifted apart 
a bit during high school, but I wanted to hank you for being such 
a good friend to me. Gemma— We've lost touch some, but I've 
loved the friendship we've had. Keep being yourself Sophie— Ahh! 
Choir! Chambers! Madrigal! And lit mag, son of You're amazingly 
fantabulous. Adrienne— You are such a cool person. I'm going to 
miss you tons! 


Barba, Bosa, Mike, Mikey, Hollywood 

"I. . .1. , . I Just Thank God That She Came" - Me 
"Why Not Us!" - Coach Belcher 
"Fleecv Fleece" - Ana 

"RING RAVE!"- Tony D. 

First I want to thank my parents. I love you both. . . Mom, you 
are always there when I need you, you have never missed a single 
game, track, or cross country meet, and 1 know 1 can count on you 
to always be there in the stands. And Dad I don't think that I would 
be where I am today if it wasn't for you. Especially in the vehicle 
aspect, 1 don't think there's anyone else who in their right mind 
would allow a high school teenager to have three cars in a span 
of 2 years. From a Maxima, to a Mazda, to a Cadillac. Numerous 
car shows since the day I left the hospital for the first time. Best in 
show, and best in class were frequent awards that you and I won 
every other weekend. 

The greatest pan of high school has to be the times you have spent 
with your friends. From the 8ih grade Washington D C. Trip to trips 
to "-11, and continuous summer nights by the pool at my house. 
Doug I have known you longer than most people and we have had 
some awesome times, especially the ones in the go-can. Oh your 
basement = some awesome times. Feno, the van was amazing, that 
provided transportation for about 1 5 kids at a time . . . clutch! Jacob, 
man we have sure gotten into some trouble, stupid moves in our 
matching Maximas! Covering for each other whenever we needed 
it, and just being there for each other, thanks Jake, I appreciate 
it Jeremy, and Anthony the three of us in elementary school 
were inseparable! Everyone that I can always count on to make me 
laugh, Bobby, Machado, Larsen, Wyatt, Guanci and Jarvis. Evenone 
on the football team, to be specific: Jeff. Scott, Woody, Antoine, 
Jon, T.J., Tony, -FaTzZ-, Ferro. Doug, and Anthony we have gone 
through soo much, 3 years of double sessions, camp in New Hamp- 
shire, 123 degree days in the weight room all summer, leadership 
training, 6 am. Saturday morning running in the freezing cold. . . 
thanks a ton all of you! Ana I don't know where to stan, ever since 
indoor track my sophomore year I knew I wanted to be with you 
The limo, Walden Pond, Fire Island, and soo many more places and 
things we have done over these 2 + years. You are always there 
to listen to me when 1 need to talk, guiding me between right and 
wrong, 1 have learned so much from you. High school never would 
have been the same without vou! 

Linds, Pet, Lizzy, Ed 

Celebrate we will, because life is shon but sweet for certain. 

It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be 
stupid with them. 

- Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Eventually all the pieces fall into place. Until then, laugh at the 
confusion, live for the moment, and know that everything happens 
for a reason. 

- Sex and the City 

First off, the family H - thanks for delivering laundry on your 
knees, being the jiax, and teaching me how to shop at a ven- young 
age. I wouldn't have been able to make it through high school 
without you, even though it was frustrating at times. Thanks for 
eventhing you've done and always pushing me to succeed. I ll 
miss you next year, but if I'm in Boston feel free to do my laundn-. 
Dad - thanks for everything you've done for me. You've spoiled 
me since I was young, and I couldn't ask for more. Thanks for 
being my football buddy, and alwaw taking me to see the Eagles 
and Patriots. Thank you for all of your guidance, and I'll miss you 
next year. Love you both! And to the greatest sisters in the entire 
world. Jill - you have always been the older sister that I've looked 

up to. Thanks for all of the great BC nights, giving me fiashion 
advice, making mom smell my breath when I came home at nig| 
and always being there for me. I miss you so much, and hopefi 
you'll be back in New England soon! And Ed, where to begin? 
You've always made me laugh no matter the situation. Thanks 
for munster bangs, ski jumps, eggs and tuna, "smells like salmon,] 
never attending family events, the jockstrap, and always seeing 
eye to eye with me. We continuously get along, and thanks for a 
of the fun times we've had together. I will miss you rwo so mu 
next year, love you! Next, to my three best friends. Kendra-wel 
been friends since we were young and you have always been t 
for me, especially to hear my scandalous stories and what not. I 
cherish your fiiendship, and know- that I will always be here for 
you no matter what the situation. Thanks for all of the fun times I 
we've had at concerts, taking me to my first party (liaha), and so j 
many more memories! I ll miss you so much next year, love youll 
Steph - thanks for being the ' mom" of my friends. You always I 
advice (GOT) and tell the juicy stories 1 love to hear! Once i 
thanks for so much advice, PDA, and always wanting to have a ( 
time. I treasure every bit of our friendship, love you! Maya - 
are a sick individual. We always have such an awesome time \ 
we're together, no matter what we're doing Thanks for all of tl 
gossip and husdin' we panook in. We always see the best in ( 
(if you know^ what I mean), and I love the fact that we can find 
humor out of annhing/anyone (haha). Thanks for your Derek 0\ 
obsession, phones in bathroom stalls, being the next Betty Cn 
angsty songs from freshmen year, and so much more! I'll miss j 
next year, love you! And Bazzy - where to begin? I don't know 
what it is about you, but it seems that I can do annhing "loco" 
you alwaw act just as crazy! Thanks for eventhing throughout 
high school, including our many nicknames, farting on camera, 
convincing D-Lon that he hocked up with Tyson, Eazy-E and I 
Pablo, and so much more. I've always wanted a brother, and you| 
have acted as that in a w ay for me (except that would make our r 
tionship kinda weird, just kidding). I will miss you so much next | 
year! Thanks to the rest of the boys and Wyatt for being my r 
buddy and playing the Kric game! And to the most amazing giib | 
2006. Michaela - 1 missed you so much this year! Thanbfort 
in NH at such a young age, owning a detachable ruffle (or maybe | 
not. . .), dancing to the Spice Girls with our sisters, the first date 
jitters, Walti/'Balti. making wristies, gossip. Matt Pearson stories, 
playing on facebook during finals, and being the best tennis [ 
ever! Thanks for making high school so much more enjoyable, i 
I love you! Leah - 1 miss you so much too! Thanks for taking me 
out as an underclassmen and bringing out the side of me that lo 
rap (just kidding. . ). You always like to have a gcxxi time, and 
when we always so just that! I love you! To the field hockev- gir1s| 
Kristina, Ashleigh, Mel, Jamie, and Charlene, I will miss you all ne 
year, and good luck with the rest of high school and field hocke 
Corinne, tfianks for being my dance buddy! Unfortunately, we ( 
but it was a bfast w hile it lasted (even though we ak^•ay5 dreaded | 
Robin. . .). Good luck next year! To the class 2006, thanks for 
making high school a blast while you were here. To everyone in i 
class of 2007, good luck! 


Jules, Jule Bick, Ju Ju Bee, J Bick 

"We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go. \ 
take a litde of each odier evervwhere."- Tim McGraw 
"Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but i 
by the moments that take your breath away." 


' 11 1 cry because it's over, smile because it happened."- Dr Seuss 
I .ind Dad, thank you for being the most loving, caring, and 
I libie parents. I truly appreciate all the love, support, and 
i.iiice that you have given me. Mom- from cutting my cheerios 
to our OC nighLs, you have been there for me since day one 
III) .in open heart and arms. Thank you for always understanding 
' ,ind for knowing when I'm upset and needing a hug. Thank 
I ir finding the hypotenuse, making meailoaf with com meal, 
m a comma to each of my papers, and most importantly, 
ng the butter in the butler dish. I love you. Dad- thank you 
!'.\ays talking to me and being there when I need you. From 
; 10 make me not scared of the softball to cheering me on at 
i\ MKcer games, 1 cannot even begin to thank you for everything 
ou have given me. Thank you for all the boat rides and taking 
le tubing and for embedding a love of Lake Winnipesaukee in my 
eart. I love you. Diana- From sneaking into each other's rooms 
t night to playing "touched-ya-last" we have so many memories, 
/hich will just continue to grow. "If only we were friends, we'd 
lave so many inside jokes." You are my best friend, and I know 
hat I can always look to you for guidance and support. Thank you 
or being such an amazing sister, friend, and person. I love you. 
ill- Thank you for being my best friend and my other sister, for 
eaving me out of the rubber band club, and for all of our trips and 
nemories. Alec- Thank you for all the Coldstone trips and for being 
he brother 1 never had. Amanda- you are one of the strongest and 
licest people 1 know. You have always been an amazing friend 
me, brightening each day with you're your smile. Thanks for 
ucking your thumb with me in first grade, being roommates in 
ipain, freshie lax, soccer, basketball, OAR, soccer camp, and all our 
nher great memories. Alisha- you are one of the most caring and 
inderstanding people I know, and our friendship is something truly 
ipecial. You have always understood me and you are always able 
cheer me up. Thank you for all our deep conversations, physics 
vith Dr. Z, slinky project, detention, your not so sweet 16, soccer, 
reshie lax, OAR, and the many birthday parties I never attended! 
Courtney- from meeting guys in Barnes & Noble to painting our 
lails, we have made so many memories. You have been a great 
riend for so many years. Thank you for your bodonkadonk, being 
\lisha's sidekick, your mom's cooking, being my semi date, soccer, 
.our campground, your pool, Bedford Farms, and being perky! 
\shley- Thank you for always caring and understanding (especially 
tibout soccer). Thanks for always driving and knowing your way 
iround, for Coldstone and Starbucks trips. Sweet Caroline, New 
Hampshire and tubing, Alisha's sweet 16, and for Patriots and 
Revs Games. Katherine- you are one of the nicest and most caring 
ipeople I have ever met. Thank you for always being there, for being 
my Spirit roommate, soccer co-captains, and actually knowing what 
we're teaching in CCD. Steph- Thank you for always being so nice 
to everyone. From 5th grade "Steph D with the key" to freshie 
lax, Spain, and soccer, you have always been a great friend. Sara- 
Thanb for always talking about life and boys, Bedford Farms, and 
for loving toll house cookie pie. Liz- Thank you for always talking 
about school, gossiping, and Bedford Farms. Happy Mazel Tov. 
IKendra- from the bus stop and Barbie's to soccer and working at 
isF, you have been a great friend for so many years. Lindsay- for be- 
ing in all my classes throughout high school. Erin- Crack, Chocolate 
chip ice cream. April- thanks for Bake Oven and being my 
Other blonde. Also thanks to Ashley R., Cat L., Maya, Brenna, Cat I., 
Blair, Katie N.,Jenna, Sheila, Stacey, and Michelle. To all the guys 
- thanks for always being fun to hang out with especially Bobby 
(man eating deer). Mix, and T]. Nancy McConnell- Thanks for the 
wake up calls. Soccer Giris- thanks for making soccer amazing. 
Nicky (RP)- my passing/ bench-warming buddy. Georgia C- 101590, 
texting, juggling, poof>' hair, and laughing. Alii- macaroni and 
cheese and hot dogs. Claire- making scones and brett brett. Also 
Colleen (Call-ball), Olga, Jo, Sam, Corrine, Mae, Gabby (GB'.s), and 
even-one else! Good luck next year! Also thank you to Bedford 
Farms. Best Buddies Qung), all of my teachers, and anyone else that 
1 1 missed! Thank you, congratulations, and good luck, class of 2007! 


"I know it .seems hard sometimes, but remember one thing. 

Through every dark night, theres a bright day after that. 

So no matter how hard it gets, stick your chest out and keep your 

head up." - Tupac Shakur 

"I'm Rollin" - US 

"Safety Meeting!" 

I feel as though 1 could go on for pages and pages writing about the 
people that have affected me during the last 4 years of my life. For- 
tunately for you, there is a word limit on this thing. 1 have to thank 
my parents; after all I wouldn't be here if it't for them. MOM- 
Thank you for always pushing me to be the best 1 could be. . . Even 
when I didn't want to be pushed any further, you were still on my 
case 24/7, though at the time it may have seemed like I hated you, I 
really do appreciate it in end. You gave me anything I ever needed. 
1 couldn't have asked for anything more. Thank you again, and I 
love you. DAD- Thank you for helping me become the young adult 
I am today. I'd also like to thank you for going to any sports game I 
wa.s ever involved in. BRETT- For being that big brother I modeled 
my.self after. I don't know what I'd be if it wasn't for you. CLASS 
OF 04- PAT BILLY AND GARY for teaching me anything I needed 
to know about BHS and life, all in the 2 months we had golf. 
05-GLEASON and SPENCER- Too many good times at W. BUSA, 
ALBERTO and JEFF- Thanks for the fun times at basketball . . .Wa- 
tenown won't beat us this year. 06-CHAPMAN- For being the single 
most influential person in my high school career. I can't say if it wa.s 
for the better or the worse quite yet, but 1 know for sure had a lot of 
fijn! BRENDAN- For being a genius you aren't too smart. ..CVS park- 
ing lot. Oh well, you taught me a lot and for that, I thank you. Also, 
try not to forget me when you become a billionaire. DANNY- Thank 
you for taking me under your wing all of your JR and SR years. I 
can only imagine how boring every weekend would have been if it 
wasn't for you. Please don't forget me either when you become a 
multi-billionaire. BEN-"A.K.A.-B1NG0!" You are the man, enough 
said. EVAN- For being the nicest dino I have ever met. KEITH- For 
having so many talents and for always providing entertainment 
wherever you were. GREG, O'NEIL, YAP and MATT- Thanks for all 
the basketball memories. CASS- For being the nicest person I know. 
NATE- Good times.07-COLlN- 1 could go on and on about the good 
times we've had; too many fun nights at your house. You are my 
man. I hope we stay close after highschool. DOUG- You've been 
my friend for as long as I can remember. We have grown so much 
together since then. I've had too many good times with you; Dave's, 
Flatbread, Harvard Square, Prom and Taco Bell just to name a 
couple. . . And of course the good times, and many more to come at 
your house. THE POOLEYS- Thank you for being the most unique 
and down to eanh people in Bedford. You guys added so much to 
my highschool experience. AMANDA- You are the most amazing 
person 1 have ever known. Enough said. MAYA- Thank you for 
always being there whenever I had something to complain about. 
ANTHONY- We have known each other for a long time, and over 
that time, you have always been fun to be around. Thanks. NICK P- 
Thank you for helping me get through highschool. CRAIG LARSEN 
and CRIS- You guys made golf .so much more enjoyable. Thank you. 
WEAVER. JAKE, JOHN and JUSTIN- Too many good times to count 
over last summer. WYATT- My partner. . . I don't think we will ever 
l().se another game. BASIIJv- Thank you for always having people 
WOODY- I'm happy you came to Bedford, we had some giKxl times 
together. The girls. . STEPH, KENDRA. UNDSAY. ERIN. EUZA. CM 
L. APRIL, DEVON, ASHLEY. SARA and UUREN. 08- Nick>'- You are 
the best Thank you for always being there for me To the rest of 
the eddo s. you guys were fun . sometimes ANDY- We have had 
a lot of goixJ times the past 6 or ^ years. Thanks man CHRIS AND 
MILES, NICK, DAVIO and my dude KMIIL VICTORIA- Thank you 
for being the most mature freshmen I have ever known Thank you 
to the couple good teachers I had in highschtxil- MR. DONNELLY. 

forgot you, they wouldn't give me any more room. 



"Well you win .some, you lose some" 

- Dazed & ConfuscdFirst off, thanks to my Mom and Dad for every- 
thing and for being c(X)l with grades and all that other stuff. The 
Steinbergs for being like my second family Thanks to the whole 
crew: Steve, Tim, Rob, James, Jake (BDM), Alex. Dan, JP Porter, 
and Colin. And thanks to Tony Gong for making so much sense in 
middle school. Good times: last summer like every single night, all 
the nights in Alex's basement with like 18 kids, the concerts and 
everything from back in the day. 


Mom and Dad, I want to thank you guys for always being there 
for me when I needed you. I know our relationship hasn't always 
been what it should be, but I'm glad that you guys care so much 
about me. I also want to thank my home-boys, life would not be the 
same without you guys; Neil. Cor\', Perry. Nick. Jay, Andy. Rob, Ben, 
Kevin. Bill, and Luke. Thanks guys for being there for me when l-" 
needed you guys the most. We boyz for life! Love you all! 

Woody, Japan 

All of You 's 

- Coach C 
I'm Rollin 

First I wanna say thanx to My family for being who they are all day 
everv' day. Daddy for making me the person and player 1 am today. 
Lisa for making sure I was on the right track at all times with every 
decision 1 made and those manners she taught me haha. .Momma 
for being "That" person who I could call and talk to an\time about 
absolutely nothing. Ryan for being Ryan. Cyerra and Dreysean for 
just being there for me to relax and be a kid again. Football was ill. 
fun times, hard times, and then the unspeakable times. Shout out 
to my boys on and off the fieldy'court. I can't mention all y'all cuz 
there is way to many. . We're doin big things this year Class of '07 
Baby . And to all da young Katz. Do It Big "Ya dig" 

Kat, Kitty 

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." -Dr. 

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no 
path and leave a trail "" -Ralph Waldo Emerson 
"Shoot for the mtxm. Even if you miss, you'll land among the 
stars " -Brian Littrell 

Family- You mean the world to me You have always been there for 
me, offering your love and suppon I w ill miss you .so much next 
year. MOM- Thank you for alw-a\-s pushing me; for telling me that 
I can do whatever 1 put my mind to. and being there ewn step of 
the way, cheering me on and pickmg me up when I fall Thank you 
for London and Paris; thank you for the cixoa; and mostly ihank 
you for being the amazing person that yx)u are You do .so much for 
me. never asking anything in return. I hope wu know how much 
I appra iaie ever\ihing you do. I kive wu D.\D- Thank wu for all 
that you do for me. 'You can t weasel a weasel "' Thank wu kv the 
boat. No other cars can compare Thank wiu for understanding 
me, even when I don i Thank you for bemg such a ga-at father I 
love you .\D.\M- Thank h)u for being the best birthda\ present 
e^er Even though «)u"ve spent \vars perftvting the an of anmiy- 
ing me, you always know how to make me Liugh tix) Fmm getting 
attacked by Rasi"al. to laughing with me when dsirv ran into the 
door, and random trips to the mow store. You hxw four years of 



high school ahead of you . . . they will go by fast so enjoy them. 1 love 
you little brother. AUSHA- 1 couldn't ask for a better friend. You al- 
ways know how to make me smile. You've been there for me since 
that first day when your mom made you say hi. Batman & Robin, 
family vacations, soccer, your computer journal, playing football 
in the snow for hours, throwing ice cream at me, '*Nsync, tr\'ing to 
find the Tweeter Center, tons of our little projects. You know me 
better than 1 know myself. You have always been there to offer a 
shoulder to cr\' on, a joke to make me laugh hysterically, or a hug 
to reassure me. It is going to be so strange going away to school 
without you, but 1 will always just be a phone call away. I love you 
so much. SARA- You are my dancing queen. You can never stay 
still for a minute. You always have some obscure song to sing to 
me. Thank you so much for last year. I don't know what 1 would 
have done without you. JULES- My roommate, spirit sports camp, 
my soccer buddy (3 years rocking JV), CCD (laughing when you 
forgot the "our father "), weekends in NH, nights in your basement. 
Thank you. STACK'- You always make me laugh; from working at 
Chip-In to camp and dances. You never take crap from anybody, 
and I wish I could be more like you. Jenna- Hedgie, Ms. Doherty's 
wedding project. For always having a song to sing to me. For get- 
ting hypnotized with me and laughing hysterically when 1 followed 
your finger. Julie- Spirit, best cook ever, pool panics, and TV talk. 
Lisa- Throwing ice cream at me on my binhday. baking brownies, 
g)'m talks, and movies in your basement. Steph MH- \isiting me at 
Chip-In, and snowball fights when my car wouldn't start. Counney- 
Middle school dances, *Nsync, somehow making it through physics, 
introducing us to Francis' boot camp. Amanda- Almost getting lost 
at *Nsync, soccer, and freshie lax. Steph D- Ms. Doherty's wedding 
project, teaching me the electric slide in social studies, soccer. 
Kendra- For never letting me say I'm sorry, soccer. Ashley T- For 
years of soccer, math & English classes, and for always speaking 
your mind. Olga- Goalie. Punts that went in the wrong direction, 
pizza night, never wasting the food, camping, laughing at ourselves. 
Heather- driving buddy, claiming my passenger seat, breakfast fund, 
art projects, elephant hugs. Enjoy the next three years: they'll be 
over before you know it. Thank you for always staning my day off 
with a smile. Cari- Thank you for scaring me at haunted houses and 
flying down Dudley road. I wish I'd gotten to know you sooner. 
And last but certainly not least. . . .SOCCER GIRLS- you gals have 
made these years unbelievable. Thank you. Good luck ne.xt season, 


I would just like to say that the following people who I'd like to give 
my thanks to, could never possibly imagine how grateful 1 am for 
evenihing they have done for me over these years. I want to first 
thank my parents and my sister Jacqui who have supported me in 
ever^ihing I've done and continue to do, in both the good and bad 
times. So, um, yeah. . . love you guys. I would also like to thank my 
best friend Craig, with whom I practically grew up with, brothers for 
life man. I also want to thank all the coaches I've had over the years 
for all their wisdom, as well as all the teammates I've had the plea- 
sure of playing with in all my sports, you guys made the experiences 
worthwhile. Nick Plugis, I'll always remember going to Chicago and 
being the first to become Eagles, no wait. Palms together. Lastly, I 
want to thank all my teachers, especially Mr. Connolly who's taught 
me so much for the past four years. All the other groups I've spent 
the years with, my class of '07, and any one else who I've failed too 
mention, THANK YOU!! 


K, Drizz, Kendron, Double D, Ken, K-dra, 

"Each day is a new canvas to paint upon. Make sure your picture is 
ftjll of life and happiness and at the end of the day, don't look at it 
and wish you had painted something different." 
"There aren't any shortcuts to tomorrow. You have to M.\KE YOUR 
OWN WAY. To know where you're going is only part of it. You need 
to know where you've been, too. And if you ever get lost, don't 

worry. The people who love you will find you. Count on it. " 
Most importantly I'd like to thank my parents for all they have done 
for me. MOM - From day one, you have been there supporting me 
in whatever 1 do. Thanks for cooking delicious dinners, coming to 
ALL of my sporting events, having cookies made after every first day 
of school, comforting me in my times of need, and encouraging 
me to do what is best for me. I love you. DAD - Thanks for always 
having a life lesson for me when I came to you for help. Thanks for 
the computer help throughout the years, eating together on the 
weekends, and great laughs at family dinner outings. I love you. 
KEITH - You are truly the kindest and most thoughtful brother a 
sister could have. Thanks for looking out for me. stealing all the 
teddy grahams, and for being a ftjnny guy that always made me 
laugh. I am so proud of all the hard work you have done so far in 
your life. 1 love you. 

BRANDON - Ever since I met you, you have been the most 
considerate and .sweetest guy I have ever met. You are one of my 
best friends and will be forever. I love you more. STEPH - Thanks 
for always being there for me. Even though you didn t always have 
a solution to my problems, you were always a great listener and 
gave great advice. Thanks for the sleepovers, the lunch dates, the 
g-b in the Spiderman, the countless laughs, the two best movies 
of all times, TMJN, always believing in me, and just all the priceless 
memories. I love you. LINDSAY - Thanks for being you. You are 
truly unique and I never want to lose you. You have also alware 
been there for me. Thanks for your kindness, your spunk, all the 
fim late night talks about evenihing, the sleepovers, TMJN, setting 
me up my facebook, driving around listening to music, and all the 
help you have given me to become the person I am today. I love 
you. MAYA - Thanks for being the most beautiful and caring person 
ever. Thanks for the picture perfect Christmas breakfast, totally 
awesome CD mixes, bringing me delicious tea, and ail the things in 
between. 1 love you. MAX (Prease, G izzard, Bazzv ) - you are one 
cool kid. I don't think I will ever get old of " PREASSE!"" and " SNEAK- 
A-PREASE! " Thank you for making me laugh so hard it hurts. You 
are so genuine and kind. I could start thanking you for coundess 
places in time that meant a lot to me, but it would not justify how 
much you mean to me. CAT - Thanks for the sleepovers, the 
dances, the 6th grade talent show, TMJN, and good times at BF. 
AMANDA - Thanks for being the friendliest girl on this eanh and 
tanning outside on your lawn while drinking iced tea on warm 
summer days, ALISHA (Lish) - Thanks for all the goof>' giggles and 
playing capture the flag. COURTNEY - Thanks for alwa^-s being 
optimistic and having people over to hang out at your house (and 
your mom's cooking). 

JULIETTE - Thanks for all the great times from when we were 
little until now and thanks for always being so hilarious ASHLR' 

- Thanks for being .someone who I can trust, making me laugh 
at the silly things you say, and crazy times at the neighborhood 
parties! KATHERINE - Thanks for alwaw sa\ing sorry and being so 
kind. JERE.VfY - Thanks for cracking jokes, being good to Steph, 
and good times just hanging out 

>XYATT - Thanks for being one of the fiinniest kids alive, making 
me tougher, and telling me it was going to be okay when I didn't 
want to go in the pond wth the fish. ERIN and SARA H. - 1 loved 
getting to know you girls better. BF Buddies! APRIL. BLAIR, and CAT 
L, - Hanging out was always so much fun, especially senior english 
class. You guys are the best! BRENNA - Thanks so much for being 
so sweet and fun. Thanks for the free sundae and the ftjn times 
doing the Civ II project JEFF. DOUG, BOBBY, NLACRADO, TODD, 

- You guys are just awesome, I always had so much fiin when I was 
around you. Thanks for all the good times and the laughs! 
CORINNE and COLLEEN - Words can't describe how amazing you 
giris are. You both always put a smile on my face even if I wasn't 
ha\ing a great day. I will miss you-good luck next year! FOR ALL MY 
TEAMMATES from soccer, lax, and cheering - Go Bucs! And a very- 
special thanks to Mr. Mangan for helping me with ail my injuries 
and always making me laugh. Take care. Mangan. 1 hope I didn't 
forget anyone, but if I did, thanks for all the memories. 

Good luck Class of 200'! 

Nahe, La. 

First of all. thank you Mummy and Daddy for always knowing the 
right thing to do, and for supporting me in evenihing 1 do .And, 
of course, thank you for being so normal. Shreya, tfianks for 
being the coolest nerdy sister ever, for dealing with my ridiculou! 
nicknames for you, and for taking showers before coming home, 
love you so much! To the rest of my family, my grandparents. Bi' 
Ash, Rush, Shil, Mini, and tU, thanks so much! Rhiana, I'm really 
glad we became such good friends, we have had so many good 
times. . attempting to make blackbeny pie, trying on clothes, 
knitting, trading vegetables, and in general . . . eating and talking. , 
I love you! Nisha, we have tieen friends since before I remem- 
ber. . .from playing trouble to well. . .making trouble, you have 
always been there. I lo\e you and your family so much! Sheila, 
thanks for being amazing to talk to, for sharing the fun of the sini 
cun es, and for asking Otto what his real name was. We have hac 
a lot of fun, and I'm really going to you next year. Com on 
the cob . . . hahahaha! Ani . . . thanks for hugging me that day, and 
for having endless laughing fits with me every day. Aditi, thanks 
for always making me laugh, and of course, for being a sweetioa 
Do you want some sugar? Nicole, thanks for being my second 
sister, I love you! Michelle. . .we are the best pretzel makers eva 
Megan . . . you are awesome thanks for being one of the weirdest, 
but coolest people ever! Deandra. . . Omega' Resi.sesisiivity! and 
lots more. . .And to the rest of my friends, Sohini, Shachi, Abha, 
Angana, Karan, Kanik, Jyo, Amudha, Liz. Ashley, Sarah, and anyor 
else 1 didn't mention, thanks for everything! 


"it is better to ii\ e on one's feet than to die on one's knees." 
-Joseph Helier Catch 22' 

"I'm a super. I'm a nothing, I'm a no one, goin' nowhere fast, 
But I don t c-are. No I don't care. " -Catch 22 'Supemothing' 
"Hate and war - the only things we got today 
An' if I close my eyes 
They will not go away 
You have to deal with it 
It is the currency. " -The Clash 'Hate And War' 
I'd like to thank everyone that's stuck with me through the yeao 
All of the guys; Dan. John, Pat, Erik, Lucas {even if he isn't here 
anymore), and Ethan. I'd like to thank Cairy Urquhan for nothiQ) 
You know what? Thanks to every one of my friends, you knowtrf 
you are, for everyihing diat you've done, and for putting up with 
me. Thanks to my family (Mom, Dad, Spencer, Caleb, and Rachd 
If I've forgotten anyone, don't get mad at me, it's 2 in the momin 
and these were supposed to be in yesterday. Peace Out. ..Keep 
Keeping On... 

Steph, Prunella, Davison 

"The most wasted of all days is one widiout laughter " - e.e. Cum 

"If I could reach up and hold a star for every time 

you've made me smile, the entire evening sky 

would be in the palm of my hand." -Unknown 

" And life is what we make it. Always has been, always wiU be." 

- Grandma Moses 

MOM- Thanks for always knowing what to do and how to do it. 
You "re always taking care of mean, teaching me, encouraging me 
and laughing with me. Thanks for being your silly self I lore you. 
D.AD- Thanks for always putting a smile on my face, a en when I 
really don't want you to. 1 love your sense of humor, your relaas 
personality, and your hin loving character. Thanks for always sii| 
porting me, 1 love you. ; 
.ASHLEY- Thanks for always thinking of me. I appreciate all youf 
energy and surprise gifts. You and 1 bodi know my life would tk 
way too dull without you, I love you. 

JERE.MY- Thanks for being my everything. You complete and ful 


' in of me and 1 know that you will always be there. Thanks 
■vj, silly, being a worn' wan. teaching me random lacro.sse 
■ I epting my and letting me take the end seat on 
n li. Our memories are endless and so is my love for you. 
t \- Thank you for inviting me over to learn the Bye Bye Bye 
I'rom the timeless handshake to acting like we know how to 
ih it and rock with it, you have always listened, understood 
cd. You're a stunning person and 1 can't see me without 
my side. I can't wait to share more joy, heartache, laughter, 

I )id moments together, you're my crazy B and 1 love ya babe. 
~ I iiiah Saahhh! Thanks for always knowing what I'm thinking, 
.ing me laugh till 1 can no longer breathe, and for being my 

I I and Simple Life buddy. .My life would not be ncariy as fun 
I vou. Thanks for the random laughs, the drama, and the 
You are a driven and person and I know you're going to do 

W- You can always make me laugh, whether you're trying to 
i icing yourself. I'll never forget the Creepy man from work 
. cs on your street," shakin' our tail feather in dance class, 
.iking my neck at homecoming. Thanks for chattin' it up, 
■.illing asleep first at sleepovers so I didn't have to, and for 

[ love your laid back personality, your unique style, and your 
' be open and honest. You're a genuine, giving person and 
icautiful both inside and out. Thanks for teaching me how 
grilled cheese and introducing me to iced, unsweetened 


B.\S1L! Thanks for introducing me to Cangaskcan, rap 
,iiid Doo Doo! Remember to keep those napkins handy 

.1 think we're here . . . EASY! 
' \- Thanks for always smiling, being warm hearted, and easy 

I. Your energy has definitely enhanced these past four 

\EY- You're always so optimistic, upbeat, and ready to have 
inks for being the bomb digaty! 
1 F.- Julietta! Thanks for being sweet, gullible, caring, and 
illed. You're going to be the best soccer mom ever! 
lier. . .in a dark, dark room. . . Steph D. stole the key! 
Thanks for being so wacky. I always end up laughing 
.U.I in with you. 1 can't wait to step foot in your candy store in 

'HLEY T." Thanks for being so fun, animated, and honest. We've 
id some good laughs from making fun of ourselves during soccer 

perm sprints in health. 
\THER1NE C- Thanks for being so kind, caring and always willing 
help. You are the nicest black belt there is. 
JLLEEN- Don't forget your inhaler next year! I will continue to 
)rk on my bird call, but you have to work on the cheers. Thanks 
r having a loud, crazy laugh. 

,)RINNE- Thanks for grossing me out in math class by cracking 
lur back. I enjoyed our talks about relationships and our attempts 
' play defense in soccer, 
ivc fun Senior Year! 

. i ^ ,\pril, Brenna. Erin, Catherine & Ashley R. (we have to 
ork on our driving range skills), Devon, Shara ( classic math class), 
11 H Emily, Sammy G., Cat I., Jenna M., Olivia, Nicole, Georgia 
' that grill .shining), all my teammates - Thanks for filling 
i .i,4h school years with jokes, laughter, and many other joyous 

UYS- Anthony (car shows, mini golf, and just hanging out) Ferro 
he hand.shake lives on) Mike B., Chris .M., Ttxid, Nate, Doug, 
obby (thanks for being the number one soccer fan), Machado (I 
ijoyyour, Jeff, Jon, Rob (4 years strong) & James, .\lex 
T.J.. Greg, Mark, Wilson- Thanks for being funny, talkative, and 


s really over; 1 am finally finished with high .school! Now we have 
) start over in college. Dad, don't worry, 1 will still ask you for 
^elp with m\ math courses, just as I did throughout high schcwl. 

I remember those days when you would spend entire afternoons 
tn ing to teach me basic algebra. I it paid off after all. Mom, 
what would I have done without you? Eighteen years of arguing, 
shopping, anti talking about anything. You always helped me when 
I needed guidance, an always treated me with respect. You're 
the best. Marcos, my dear brother I think you are awesome, no 
matter what anyone says about you! Megan, I never told you this, 
but I am very jealous of your smartness. Neha, wow three years 
and you were always a great friend. There are so many jokes and 
funny times, like that day in gym, when the volleyball knocked your 
glasses off your face. Oh, remember physics. . . OMEGA! Speaking 
of physics. Sheila, I still have no idea. Ashley, I just hope you never 
go down south ... for their sake. You made Health, CPR, and Psych 
very interesting. Mitchell, you are a great person and I hope you fi- 
nally learn to roll your R's. Mark, we were the new kids. I will never 
forget the eariy days when we would hang out in the morning with 
Kacee. I am still waiting for her to visit! Lisa, I will forever remember 
your tongue comment. You made school bearable. Congrats '07, 
we are tlone! 


"1 prefer the errors of enthusiasm to the indifference of wisdom." - 
Anatole France 

"If you don't know what you want you end up with a lot you don't" 
- Chuck Palahniuk 

Here's to everyone and everything that made high school 
more than just four years in an unaccrediietl buikling. Most 
importantly I would like to thank my parents for consistent and 
unrelenting support. To Dad, for all those infijriating mind puzzles, 
spontaneous science lessons, and hours of math help to keep me 
on my toes. To Mom, for making a wholehearted effort to keep me 
normal. Sometimes there's nothing you can do. Next is my sister, 
Emily. Thanks for putting up with me, and thanks for being a great 
sister. I'd like to thank those teachers that made a special impact 
on me: Mr. Venkatesh for showing me what it's like to be truly 
frightened of a test. To Mr. Huff, for proving that mathematics isn't 
all fire and brymstone. To Doctor Haswell, thanks for all the help, 
encouragment, stories, and late-night pizza. Next I'd like to thank 
eveo'one on the soccer team - we had a great run. Special thanks 
to coach Boschetto for three great varsity years, you watched me 
mature from a scared sophomore to a senior member of a suc- 
cessful team. Finally, and arguably of the most importance (behind 
my family), I'd like to thank those few friends who really made an 
impact. Here's to Sam Owen, friend from the beginning, and best 
by far. Wherever you go, if you give others the friendship you gave 
me, you will always be happy. Thanks to Luke Davis for playing 
long hours of soccer with me in middle .school and driving me all 
over creation for our club teams. A very special thanks to the Fonda 
group - Andy McGavern, Ben Johnston, and Jay .Mtschuler. That 
was an experience, to say the least. Oh yeah, and Neil. My bad. 


"Cause the other side of the ruler was sharp. " David 
"Neil sleep on your side or your gonna die!" Me 
"Don't regret doing things, regret getting caught " anonymous 
Mom and Dad, you guys have always Ijeen there for me and never 
let me down. I know that at times we have had our disagreements 
and I'm sorr\' for this. Tlianks so much for being so supportive 
and always having my back. 1 love you guys and hope that I can 
continue to make you proud. Peter, I know that I have beat \t)u 
up many times and I'm sorry, it's what older brothers do, and you 
know that it only makes you stronger anyway. You have been an 
awe.some brother throughout the years. It's been nice having you 
around for those days w hen there's just nothing to do. As long is 
\'our around life is not dull, anti as this is m\ last year in schtxil I 
hope you continue my legacy anti become the cni/y one in your 
group of friends, inspiring for new ideas such as "donutting ". 
Thanks for being a gtxxi brother and I look forward to what's in 

store for the rest of our lives. Anastasia, you are possibly the cool- 
est five year old that I know. The things that you say are hilarious 
and most of the time you don't even mean it. It's nice being able 
to ask someone how my hair l(X)ks and being able to get an honest 
opinion. Your still young and have much to go through in life and 
1 11 always be around to help out. Niko. what can 1 say? You are 
hilarious. The things you do make no sense and I love you for it. I 
think that you have some major potential to be more destructive 
than I was, and with some proper guidance I can get you in the 
right path. George, your like another brother to me. We have had 
many good times either t(K)ling (jn Peter or just the three of us 
screwing around. As I go I offer this as advice to you, stop buying 
so many shoes. Neil, first I'd like to say that you're the best Indian 
a boy could ask for and Kumar has nothing on you. With that out 
of the way I'm glad that we've been friends throughout the years. 
It's nice to have someone who is equally devious in their thinking 
and together we have created some good times. Stay in touch 
buddy and remember to lay off the doritos in college. Cory you've 
been an awesome friend and I have to thank you for allowing me 
to practically live in your house at times. We have many memories 
and I hope they don 't end any time soon. Nick, thanks for cleaning 
up after Cor\' and Neil because there was no way I would have. 
Thanks for always calling me first when you had giris over too, even^ 
if it never really worked out like we planned. David, 12 cm. Sorry 
couldn't resist. It's been nice having someone around to be a nerd 
with. Bill thanks for being my first Bedford friend, we had some 
rockin times in our youth. Taec, I don't know where you are but 
you're the goofiest kid I know GckkJ luck with your claim to fame. 
Luke, we have had .some sweet adventures into Ranheon and iLs 
been nice having someone adventurous around. Kevin, your hou,se 
is awesome for Clementine wars and just hanging out. You're a 
cool kid, hopefully you wont stray as far as your thinking when It 
comes to college. Dan thanks for having golf balls for us to launch, 
and following me in my crazy ideas. Dave, that smtwihie war was 
priceless. Alex im sorry for ruining your drive way multiple times. 
Christine, you will get tlonutted. 1 promise this. Eliza, im pretrv' 
sure you owe me some twizzlers. Devon, thanks for being my wing- 
man at prom last year, hopefully well be able to follow up this year. 
Brett, thanks for filling in while your brother w-as out dying. Steve, 
your amazing at gladiator ball Dunlea thanks for running in that 4 
by -i with me. Thanks bucs for giving me a great season. Finally I'd 
like to thank Santa, for always being there for me everv" Christmas 
and never letting me down. 

twinny, MK, bunny 

To start off I want to say thanks to my family, my mom. dad. Briita, 
and Carl. I love you all and vou have been ver^' supportive. Thanks 
to all my friends for hanging out and doing super fun random 
things (pudding drop, endless movies, ccx)kie dough) Thanks to 
the field hockey and lacrosse teams, we have had many great times. 
Thanks to the crew (I will always hate those stupid banners!) And 
thanks to YOL', and the rest of BHS, it has been a pretty gotxi 4 
years. Peace out class of 200^! 


Thank you, Mr. Btxschetto, for giving me an A on this essay: 
The Turner Thesis accurately predicted the Vl'i-stem fnintier's vust 
influence on .\nierican culture anil v-alues The shaping of .\nicncan 
values can be observed in two major legacies of the Wt^t works of 
popular media and the development of women's suffrage Despite 
arguments that view Turner's vision as Inaccurate, the spread of 
Western v-,ilues is still evident in .\merica iixlav 
Themes and values of the Vl est reflecteil in popular medu show the 
frontier's influence on .^nienran values In the film l'nfot}{ivvn, one 
of the final .scenes is Vl ill .Munny walking confidently into a sakxm 
and shix)ting down several armed individuals single-hamlcvUy This 
.scene strongly reflects the idea of individualism bv utilizing the 
"lone gunman" icon It is clt-ar that this icon has aLvi been inaxpo- 
rateti into .Xnierican |X)litics. such as with the .Viiencan war on Iraq. 
The choice to invaile Iraq w hile facing oppositHMi of tnher countries 


clearly illustrates the American emphasis on independent deci- 
sion-making and therefore, the adoption of Western-based values. 
Sociologist David Riesman expanded on this notion in his book The 
Lonely Crowd. Riesman noticed that a shift from the individualistic 
character of the 19th century to the new idea of a "corporate" 
economy caused a revival in "heroes like the Lone Ranger, James 
Dean, and Beat poets like Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg." Again, 
Riesman shows the modern-day American incorporation of indi- 
vidualistic values of the 19th century, demonstrating the influence 
of this era. 

Funhermore, the devek)pment of voting rights for women in the 
Western frontier shaped the value of legal equalit\' through the 
rest of America. Historian Dee Brown analyzed the initial victon' 
of women's political rights in Wyoming as one that "opened the 
way for women to vote. . . all of which gave hope and inspiration 
to embattled suffragists in the East." Brown makes it clear that the 
materialization of true forms of equality and demtx'racy in the West 
were directly linked to the development of these ideas in the East. 
Additionally, the enfranchisement of women was a progressive 
step towards the civil rights era in the 20th century. The victory for 
women's voting rights in the West therefore led to both women's 
voting rights in the East, and more recently, the civil rights move- 
ment, shaping imponant American values. 
Nevertheless, some historians contend that Turner's perspective on 
the West is invalid because it does not include the \iewpoint of the 
Native Americans. Although this argument has some merit. Native 
American accounts of conflicts with whites indicate that Turner is 
still accurate in presenting the Western frontier as an important fac- 
tor in shaping American values. For instance, many tribes di,scus.sed 
in Bur\- My Heart at Wounded Knee conflicted with the whites in 
how land was viewed - whites viewed the land principally as a way 
of achieving economic prosperity, whereas the Native Americans 
felt a more spiritual connection with the land, hence giving it more 
respect. Cleariy, this idea of placing importance in one's individual- 
istic and economic survival connects strongly with other values of 
Turner's Thesis. 

Ultimately, the validity of Turner's Thesis shows how central the 
Western frontier was to the values of today's America. The Western 
era truly represented a time of change in American culture w hen 
perceptions of modern-day values began to appear, allowing 
America to develop into the powerful and unique country that it 
is today. 

P.S. - 1 give my deepest thanks to the teachers, faculty member, 
and students of Bedford High School. I am so fortunate to have 
shared a pan of my life with such a remarkable group of people, 
and 1 will never forget any of you. 


Guance, G-Baby, Guance Bag, Pumpkin 

First off, 1 would like to thank my parents for raising me into the 
person I am today. Mom for always nagging me to get things done. 
Even though 1 didn't like it, you were doing it to help me. Dad for 
always giving your time up for me whenever I wanted to practice 
baseball. Nana and Papa for spt)iling me rotten and helping me 
become a better person while watching Braves/Red Sox games 
on TV, Uncle John for helping me get noticed by college baseball 
programs. Kathy for being the being the best God Mother anyone 
could have. Ralph for being the funniest uncle and always remem- 
bering my birthday and other minute details. As for friends Chris, 
"qualit\' without the compromise" sums up the friendship, Luke 
remember me when you are a big time Holl\-wood exec. T] when 
you become the next Mike Holmgren. I will be in the stands repeat- 
edly booing you. Ashley the one friend I could have a NOR.\L\L 
conversation with. When 1 bect)me famous I will be sure to send 
you a thank you pumpkin. Doug for all the laughs and always being 
a true friend. Bobby, .Machado, Anthony, Chris Mecurio, Chris 
McNulU', Greg Vazquez, and all my other friends thank you for ev- 
enihing you have been great. ,As for teachers 1 would like to thank 
Ms. Sav for the laughs, helping me with my work, and introducing 
me to think writing hell, Mr. Sullivan for writing me a recommenda- 
tion even though MCI Concord will be my future home. Mr. Niven 

for showing me the flaws in my writing and not being afraid to do 
it. But also believing 1 had the skills to write. .Mr. Walsh for keeping 
class interesting with your off the wall jokes. I would also like to 
thank some of the coaches I have had over the years. Mr. Tom 
Wright forgetting me through the hardest year of baseball in my 
life. You w ill be missed. Mr. Byrnes for always motivating me to 
get better in all of the sports i played. Mr. Pabian for always giving 
up your time to help me become a better player. Coach Smith for 
giving me the chance to pitch at the high school level. For anyone I 
forgot thanks even though i forgot about you. 


"Knowing is better than wondering, waking is better than sleeping, 
and even the biggest failure, even the worst, beat the hell out of 
never trying." 

"Life's like a box of chocolates you never know what you're going 
to get" 

That quote is very true; I just wanted to thank everyone who has 
been supportive to me since I moved to Bedford. I wanted to 
thank my .VIom and Dad for always being there for me. I wanted 
to also give thanks to Jon for countless amounts of help with math 
homew'ork (and patience) and for being so supportive to me dur- 
ing high schcx)l. i would like to thank .Vlan' for always being 
there to talk to about things I love all you guys I wanted to thank 
Kendall, Taylor and Carson for being ver\' awesome supportive 
sisters. Zach, Alex, and And Luke: thanks for helping me with bug 
killing, car issues, and things I was just too clueless to do. I wanted 
to give Catsi special thanks for being a sister and so much more, 
for never ending support with all the high school drama and for 
being a best friend no matter what the issue we are dealing with at 
the moment So many gtxxi times; I'll ne\'er forget the taradactuls 
and the fact that those suckers are so damn good at backstrokes. 
Thank you Gregory Vasquez for making me a better person, you 
gave me a reality check into the real world and helped me countless 
late nighLs with my math I would like to thank Mike Ferro for all 
those late night chaLs out in the Sebring and for being such a dork 
;). I wanted to thank .MLss April VlLson (who |ust cost me 3 
words) for being such a lovely blond and friend Ashley "you're 
so pretty " my little clog pal. Thanks to Dstu, Guanci (pal), all my 
lovely lady friends, Khark (for stealing my name). Am Ant. Toddy, 
James Grae.ssle. W\-att, Tyler Manchester Harrington (III), Cat I, 
PJ, Antoine, Machado, Bobby (kid your always wrong), Marcus 
(LBVH"), TI, Pooley brothers. Nele (all the way in Germany), Eliza 
and whoever I forgot. Sorry if you're one of them :(. ..but thank 
you everyone, WE MADE IT" 


Nick Names: K-Hark, Harko-man, Tooth- 
paste, Quints, Crabs 

"Oh butterscotch' 

I'm Ke\in Harkins People seem to like me because I am polite 
and 1 am rarely late. I like to eat ice cream and I really enjoy a nice 
pair of slacks Years later, a doctor will tell me that I have an I.Q. 
of 48 and am what some people call well you know the rest. .After 
going through old year books and reading the dianks other seniors 
wrote, 1 learned on what to do and what not to do. First, writing 
a long monologue on thanking people can get really lackluster. 
Next, words in bold or words that are in all CAPITALS seem to catch 
people's attention. Finally, I think that some one should build 
the G-Dome, So anyways I think that instead of writing a senior 
thanks, I will write a story-, Um story-, right, here goes; setting 
ouLside between 2 or 3 and there is one cloud in the sky. The cloud 
sort of looked like an Eskimo but not when it started to rain. So 
the mice had to run to a shelter with their cheese bags. Oh snap 
there goes the bungee cord holding your digniry- for reading this 
Running out of words but who can but a price on a good piece of 
literature? Google? Might as well put the word butterscotch in here 
somewhere. Oh yeah maytie I should let the dogs out. woof woof 
wwf. hey w hy has it come down to nothing more dian apathy? Oh 

1 know why, why you ask, it's beause it's going down OK, on 
my thanks now, I guess my parents since they did develop me. 
Props to you mom, dad, brother and sister Then my friends: / 
for doing lots of my stuff, Luke for saying the nght things at the 
right time. Perry, Bill, Neil, Dan, David, Rob, and Taec. Next aD 
groups I'm in like soccer, Boy Scout, marching band (aauaityji 
drum line), and track. So my play list on iTunes is running out 
I should wrap this up soon. I guess that I'll go out in a bang s 
an implosion wouldn't be as loud. Never do anything that you 
regret because what done is done and nothing can be undone, 
a burning van. BIG WORD' 


For the past seventeen years Bedford has been our home, now 
it is time to move on. .Many friends have come and gone. It's 
those who will stay in my life that I will miss the most. I'll alwr 
remember those who have been there for me throughout all ( 
hard times, and have seen me at my worst, you're amazing. Th 
you for being there, thank you for caring, thank you for everyil 
It's you who have made high school worth it all. Everyone who 
helped me grow into who I've become today, thanks. I'll miss 

Naters, NaterTot, Nathaniel 

"Jigger What?!?l" 

"OMG! You got your head stuck in a sunroof? That's SCO not 
goodlll" - Shara Norton 

"I'm Gunna Rip You a New One!" - Julie Pietrasik 
"OMGl I found somediing .^MAZI,NG!" - Christine Couture 
"Ready? Vl'atch this, ready' Ready? I'm gunna go! EEEEEK!" "I c 
stand virgin RedbuH" - Amber Callais 
Hey everyone thank you for a wonderful high schcwl life. AC C( 
JP DD so on and so forth I love you ladies, you have been the t 
and I LOVE YOL'. Through Gcxxl limes and Better times, a boa 
a day keeps the bad times away! From being kicked out to the 
sneaking out CC, for the singing songs and the Chris Jones pan 
AC, and for the boobs and great times SN. Thank you to my ( 
and family for their loving support and gracious gifts I'll NEVE 

Pookie, Peetri, -— stine, Cwat, Dax 

"If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwi 
they'll kill you." 

- Oscar Wilde 

I d like the think die best of me is still hiding up my sleeve. 
-John .Vlayer 

The rain on my car is a baptism, the new me, Ice Man, Power L 
My assault on the world begins now. 

- Uoyd Dobbler, Say Anything ... 

- Katie 

"OooOOOOOoOh, ssSsHhHiUicCccKKkkK." 

Thank you to the family .Mom. For my sarcasm and cheekbon 
For die constant fighting and crying and unfinished loads of to 
For letting those unsaid diank yous and 1 lov-e yous slide. For a 
the trust, encouragement, support, and money spent at Old I 
You're an amazing mother, and I love ytiu. Dad For die Chrism 
cards that bring me to tears. For letting me decorate For never 
getting mad about skipped weekends For the employment < 
coaching, official or odierwise For the long conversations abou 
everything on the way home from The Chateau that 1 cherish. ' 
ne\-er know how- much I value our relationship Love yt)u. Kenn 
For putting up with me. For always being y-ourself For teaching 
more than high school ever could The HilLs Harringtons Fori 
so poetically inspiring. For letting me obsene For reminding i 
that I don't have as many issues as 1 think. The Drapers. For th 


ii ['m fiinny. For the unmatched wit and horrible genes... thanks a 
|i Nana Jane and Nana Carol. For being such inspirations. You're 
1 1 crazy, and 1 wouldn't have it any other way. 
Ink you to the friends. Katie. For enduring constant beatings 
i hugs. For all the nights we spent in my car. For the box, photo 
! Dts, and NYC. For also wanting to be Meg Ryan. For the dozens 
( lasses and grades and friends and teams that we've shared, 
llyour creativity, spontaneity, and belts. I've watched you grow 
I ind break out of your shell, and it has made me smile. Thank 
for taking initiative and being the first to make fun of me. You 
ted a revolution. I love you, Babaganoosh. Eliza. For appreciat- 
the seasons and the colors that come with them as much as I 
For laughing with me, at me, and at everyone else [in French 
s]. For letting me live vicariously through you, always. For being 
'lligent, witty, and gorgeously awkward. For wearing the ugly 
iesmaid dress and allowing me to begin your eulogy with a 
ch Hedburg joke. For three years worth of side-of-the-ice-cream- 
: moments. For fading into me. For making this impossibly hard 
vrite. 1 love you, so much. Tom. For being so endearing when 
I insult me. For tech. ed. and the smoking peg. For the trips to 
;ton that are still my favorite days. For The Office addictions. For 
hean-to-hearts in Sheinfeld's office and elsewhere. For not be- 
able to not tell me anyihing. For knowing me better than I know- 
self and having me pegged from the beginning. Thank you for 
ays redeeming yourself I don't know what 1 would have done 
hout you (For making the last eight sentences pointless; we are 
jffeble). Chris. For band. Madrigal, and crew. For letting me sit 
h you at lunch sophomore year. For lacrosse, Guster, root beer, 
.i "that's what she said." For being a great friend, a great listener, 
J most importantly, a spectacular host. For letting me sleep on 
jr couch all those times. Lauren. For never letting me touch 
jr pencil sharpeners in fifth grade. For making middle school so 
ich fun. For Sinatra and Stephen Colbert. For also hating moths, 
ssibly more than 1 do. Mike. For the aimless drives and indie 
inis. Cat. For the best summer ever and all the honks, Dan, Perry, 
il, Carl, Dave, Luke, and crew. For Pictionary and appreciation for 
lical people (Nick, for that one time). Naomi. For donuts, crew, 
J having much cooler earrings. Sheila/Popasquat. For letting me 
nee on you through five seasons of lacrosse. For bike camp, tech. 
., and the exit sign. 

ank you to the ladies of the JungleFunTimeHut. To color guard; 
'ghan, for being better than me; Adrienne & Sophie, for being the 
« Christine & Katie. To all of the lacrosse teams. To my car, Jane, 
being so junky. To math class for a good run. To the common 
being host to the best summer ever. To Facebook for being so 
dieting. To coffee, for finally being likable. To teachers who've 
ne above and beyond their job descriptions: Ms. Hallupowski, Mr. 
Is, Mrs. Sullivan, and Larry Sheinfeld. To surrogate families; the 
ffs, Rosenberrys, and Colgans. And to Robbie Neff- it's so funny, 
u get your own sentence. 

the class of 2007, for shaking it up. I'll really miss you guys. 
Kxi luck. 


1 up water bottles. 

- Mike Avakian 

- Anthony Santos 

St of all, I would like to thank my mother for being there for me 
lenever I needed help. Mum, you are basically the only woman I 
ilylike. Dad, thanks for being hard on me. Without the discipline 
u have given me, I doubt I would be near the person I am to this 
y. Em, you're quite a good sister, and I will miss you in college, 
iw, I would like to thank my boys. Thank you for being there 
■ me through my surgeries and other stuff. Jeff, we've been 
ining the neighborhood for years, thanks for being there for me. 
thony and Wyatt, we have a ton of funny memories since about 
h grade, high school would have been strange without you two. 
rro, I'm happy we became friends in Ms. Grogan's, you're a 
od person and I appreciate how good of a friend you have been 
ice about eighth grade. Barba, you have been my friend as long 

as almost anybody. Thanks for all the good times, especially for 
letting us go to the best private beach on Eanh. Bobby, thank God 
we took tennis lessons together, you made high school extremely 
fun for me. Todd, you have been my friend the longest of anybody 
I still hang out with, thanks for being a good friend to me all these 
years. Cris, you are definitely the funniest person I know, and you 
are a true friend to me, thanks my dude. Jacob, I wish you stayed in 
our school; you are one of my favorite people. Devon, Guanci, you 
guys are my dudes. Jonny, Jeremy, I love you guys. Chris and Scott, 
you guys make life fiin, thanks for hanging with me. I would like to 
thank all my teammates, Coach Belcher, and the coaching staff of 
the football team for giving me so many great memories. Football 
really helped me mature as a person, and nothing replaces the feel- 
ing of a good win. Woody and Antoine, I'm happy I got to know you 
playing this game. Good luck playing in the future. Manny, Kegan 
(LBs), good luck next year, have fun. 1 can not wait to come home 
for future thanksgiving games with all my friends and watch us 
improve each year. Thank you to the girls who I am friends with 
for making high school more interesting. Without all of you guys, 
I can't imagine how high school would have been, or how I would 
have turned out as a person. Good luck in the future. 


Max, Wizzard, Pugsworth, Mazzy, Hazard, 

Bazzy, Hoosey-Doval, Wizzou 

"Sometimes. , ," - Erin 

"Don't worry about it," "Loves it." - P and N 

"Want to go out for some Chinese. . . .BOW' - Mimi 

"It's imponant to the kid that you don't spill mustard on him!" 

- Guy at BC game 

Mom - You've always been there for me, and have sacrificed so 
much to make me happy, I couldn't be more gratefiil. You pulled 
me through the hardest period of my life, and did so with courage 
and strength, and I will forever be in awe of you. Thanks for 
enabling me to see the world (and for putting up with my forceful 
ballroom dancing). Next I'd like to thank my dad for passing down 
his amazing sense of humor (and groovy dance moves), talking 
jive, teaching me to always enjoy life, and to strive for greatness, 
I'll always love you. My big bro, Mike (Meek Freegon), for showing 
me how to be the worst kid ever, not being able to control your 
laughter (or bodily functions) at the dinner table, and teaching me 
that not showering for 3 days straight and walking around in your 
underwear while your brother has friends over is cool (you truly 
are so di.sgusting). My cousin, Ryan (Gueege Master), CHU, for 
always doing it to me, going on even' vacation together, handing, 
appreciating it, and for making up the best language ever. I would 
also like to thank my grandmother Mimi (for being like another 
parent to me), aunts and uncles for always being there to suppon 
me, and to all my cousins for being like brothers and sisters, always 
ready to wrestle and goof arountl. Ryan S., Phil, and Amanda - for 
S-ing the D, treating me like a brother, playing Life, taking me to 
parties, and being the best cruise guest ever/brother (Rran). Now, 
for my homedawgs (in no particular order): Steph (Prunella) 

- SANASSA SANASSA, thanks for always being crazy with me, letting 
me sleepover countless times, believing in the Charmed ones, tak- 
ing us all glow blowing Friday nights in middle school, and ignoring 
me in fifth grade (it's ok, I still love you). Brenna (BAQ, Brenner) 

- thanks for not knowing/unilerstantling anything pop culture, 
hating me, playing hide and seek every time we hang out, being the 
granny you are, dying of laughter in basically even' cla,ss (es[x;cially 
English junior year), panying with my brother (along with everyone 

else's), and being one of the three. Lindsay (my Lizzy) - "Wasz 
up guri?" You'll always be my soul mate, thanks for always being 
my source of ridiculous humor (and having the same sick mind 
as me), providing me with basically all my nicknames, never 
wanting a relationship, not showering for days at a time (you and 
my brother really should get together) and always having major 
SAP. Erin (E-Deminees) - thanks for always wanting to go down 
de river on de raf, going round the outside with dem buffalo girls, 
never worrying about it, hating everything, being a romantic, Los 
Lobsters, and being one of the three. Lara (Da Booty) - thanks 
forgiving me an kits every year for my birthday, disappearing to 
random countries for months at a time, taking me to Falmouth 
with Grandma Irma, sailing lessons, and making fun of everyone. 
Kendra (Carmen) - PREASE, thanks for loving my impersonations 
and accents, always being too stressed, sitting on Steph's kitchen 
floor with me to continue "partying" on your birthday, going on 
college visits and throwing Swedish fish, and never saying no when 
I ask you to do that face. Maya - thanks for being so mes.sed up 
on the way to chemistry, telling stories about your dad at parties, 
forgiving me for pulling your car door off and consequently cutting 
your mom's hand, playing "We Run This" evevf time we drive 
anywhere, and quitting tournament. Mark - thanks for making fun 
of everyone during math class including a certain teacher we had 
for freshman and sophomore year, working so hard on history fair 
(right guys?), and always being late with me in my car everyday. 
Wyatt - thanks for making strange noises in Spanish, trading gos- 
sip for homework, and losing your wallet then yelling at me. Nick 
- thanks for being my next-door neighbor, always trading answers, 
and having the coolest binhday parties when we were young. I 
did not mention everybody, and for that I am eternally sorry! You 
all made these high school years wicked awesome (ked), I'D miss 
the heck outta you guys. 


To even'one who has ever lent me a hand, given me an ear to talk 
to, a few good laughs, or a shoulder to lean on, thank you. First 
of all, my family deserves all the thanks in the world. Mom and 
Dad, you've been there for me, helping me grow up and support- 
ing/putting up with me all the way through. Button and Aiyee, I 
love you guys. I couldn't have asked for a better set of brothers to 
keep family dinners/events/ bearable, pick on Mom and Dad, and 
be silly with. Willie, Tuxxie, you're my boys. Caitlin and Kelsey, 
thank you for playing turtle, beach trips, and celebrating Christmas 
with my family,, Bucky brother's forev. Blair, for being absolutely 
ridiculous. I never stopped laughing when we were together, from 
hockey and basketball games, to fun times in the car and bad times 
in the car. Allison Gramonlini!, HOLIJiRRl For knt)wing each other 
only this year, we've had so many good times together; I can't 
wait for the ones to come! Alisha, and Eliza, for the gtxxl times at 
BDC. " May we attend the gym wit you" Olga, thank you for being 
a cute Russian neighbors and parking in senior parking. Good luck 
next year. Thank you KAAACC and Pink Panthers for many, many 
good times and exclusive sleepovers. To the cheerieaders and 
my lax buddies, thank you for hilarious practices and after spons 
activitie,s/sleepovers. Bedford Farms giris, this is for everyone I'm 
working with now and evenone that I've worked with in the past, 
you all have made working at BF such and blast. Special thanks 
to Dave anil Mr. V, probably the coolest btxsses in the world. Wrs. 
Jordan, thank you for all the help and effon that you have put in 
to making me a succe.ssful student. Besides the actually learning 
pan, 1 loved working with you and I always looked fonvard to rour Last but certainly not least, I d like to thank my best buddy 
Melissa and all the students in the LABBB nx)m, I've had so much 
fun with you all! There are so manv others that 1 need to thank 
Anyone, teachers and friends who had a pcxsiiive influence on my 
life or ever made me laugh, you know who tou are, thank you, and 
1 wish you the best of luck in the future 


Dub, Y-Man, Mr. Fiddlesticks, Wa-Wa 

""Throw the steel"' 
"Robeno, get off the sand" 
""Wihee me si gobye?" 
"Don't step on the beefcat!" 



"vVan ehi nioj." 
■Pany Posse 

"VHien the going gels lough, the tough get going.' 
-Senator John "Bluto " Blutarsky 
"Quote nie as saying 1 was misquoted," 
■Groutho Marx 


"I love this theorem, if it was a girl in high school, I would have 

dated it!" -Mr. Huff 

"HAHA! Math humor." -Mr. Venbtesh 

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing 

is a miracle. The other is as though everjihing is a miracle. -Alben 


"Dude, get some senior quotes that aren't from math teachersi' 

- Randy Kring 

Wow, High .school was freakin sweet, 1 ha\e so many people to 
thank, .so here it goes (in no particular order, sorr^' in advance if I 
forget anyone). Neil - for doing like even' project ever with me, 
and for letting me beat you 95% of the time at ping-pong Michelle 

- for procrastinating much less than me and for helping me sur\ive 
Junior year. Most importantly, thanks for being 10(X)(X) percent 
ab.solutely awesome. Ryan -for sawng my butt 845.^ times. .Ashley 

- for producing so many awe.some panies, and for making sure my 
paranoia didn't get the best of me. Dan - for kicking Neil's bull 
math style. Ton\' - for the Grammy award winning track, "Math will 
punch you in the face." Christine, Eliza - for always being there to 
laugh at my terrible vocal skills. Bill, Andy, Jay - Fonda. Nuffsaid. 
Tom - for making sure someone made fun of me for evervihing 
weird I did. Kevin - for making me feel a lot funnier than I really 
am. Riindy - for being in the pit and giving someone for the injured 
to talk to. David - for never cea-sing to be wacko. .Vlarching Band 

- for giving me a place to practice giving inspirational speeches, for 
allow ing me to throw my boxers into the fire, and for those twice- 
weekly blocKl drives. Crcxss Country Team - for a truly one of a kind 
athletic experience. Math Class - for nxkin out a math class full of 
funny Huff stories and adorable Huff children. .Mr. Huff - for always 
being there to make sure I'm awake. Mrs. Sullivan - for letting us 
interrupt your life, barge in on your uninvited, and raid your 
wonderful garden in the middle of the summer, .^nd even then 
you fed us. Mrs. Luke - for distributing posters of my idol: Carol. 
Damull - for being cute, funny, g<x)f\', anno\ing. and absolutely 
anything except normal. For all of the time even'one else abov e 
was not around, you were my only entertainment, and I have to say 
you were pretty dam (haha) successful. My Mom - for not letting 
me walk out of the house w ithout money, for getting much more 
stre.ssed than me about sch(K)l, and for not tearing up my papers Ju- 
nior and Senior years. My Dad - for knowing ab-solutely everyihing 
ever known about Math and Science. On a serious note - I'd like 

to thank absolutely everyone here (and probably .some people who 
aren't here) for four wonderful High School years. Many people 
ha\ e helped me in very small to ver\- big ways, and to avoid getting 
gushy, I will .say that I truly thank everyone for making High Schewl 
so much better than annhing before it. 

countr\', suga momma 

"fifty-lexen, . tell me why ... I'm a need fa hertoget dat togetha " 
First of all, I would like to give honor and thanks to G(xl, for 
without him life in impossible. Mom thanks for alwaw being there 
and for making all of the sacrifices that you'v e made. Dad (Baharri) 
thanks for coming into our lives and making them so much better. 
Dad (Eric) & Grandma Vernell 

thanks for always being there. Nique thanks for always being the 
one I could talk to. You really should me how mean giris could 
be, and how much they love to hate. Cyrus thanks for being the lil 
bro that always bothers me. You know I love you even though we 
fight all the time. Grandma Wilhemina thanks for being the glue to 

our family, for w/o you our family vvouldn't be what it is. Grandpa 
Lee & Ernest, thanks for making my child h(xxl so much fun and 
enriching my life, R I P. and see you again some day. To all of my 
Ak girls, thanks for making those horrible to years worthwhile. Vail 
know we stayed wild'n out .. But on the real, the people I grew up 
w ith in Zero Beach (Vero) y'all w ill always be apan of me and my 
memories. To the entire Pickett family, thanks for being an addition 
to our family. We may not be blcxxJ, but we're as close as it can 
get. Akeyla, Katie, Kandace, .Vlychael, Britney, JC, Omni and BHS 
cheerieaders y'all made these two years very interesting... David, 
you remember the pants-ing thing , hahaha.. Still not funny.. But 
all of y'all made my summer real interesting... decent, decent.. KD, 
umm.. Are me + David goin out??? To Mr. Zellner and Ms. Flannen', 
y'all are two great people and are truly inspirational To anyone who 
I forgot, my bad... To the c/o 200"' : WE FINALLY .M.\DE IT. SEE 
YMl UTIEN WE WALK. . . Just remember that you can do all things 
through Christ who strengthens me" Phil. 4:13. 


Maya L'abeille, Maya the Bee, Lagadic, Laggy 

"Our loveliest gifts aren't confined to boxes and bows, but stand 
before us - w ide eyed w ith the wonders of the world." 
.Maman and Papa- for evenihing you've done for me I know it s 
more than I can ever put into words. Papa- For eariy morning 
pancakes, Harvev', iasight, camping trips, nature, and knowledge 
.\laman- For family dinners, zest, elegance, antiques, and wannth 
Emmet- For Saturday morning video games, making me laugh, 
music, and always being there I will alwaw look up to you, even if 
it no longer manifests itself m me copving your every move. Lind- 
say- 1 will alwaw remember loud music, boy's, driving, concerts, late 
nights, facelxKik, cloves, neil-dawg, Derek 0., and of course, (jur 
darling trip to the mall after powder puff - umm, can I have 
my phone back' Thank you for your .sense of humor, our excellent 
gossip, and for filling my notebook wiih lyrics. That mast be Nigel 
with the Brie Wyatt- you have this thing called potential - your 
life will get BETTER, than it Ls now For L'S History, for pulling 
Lindsay's underwear out of her backpack, and for always, always, 
.\L\)('.WS making me laugh (yes, I do gobble you up.'). You always 
get what I'm .saving and see what I'm seeing. You are my favorite 
person to get food with. But I know you know that. Amy- thank 
you for being my outlet junior year, and for always being the person 
I can talk to. Pani- for spending every snow day with me and read- 
ing all of my b(K)ks - for being the best neighbor Kelsey- Thank tou 
for your sense of style, California, and being yourself, always. 1 can 
always count on you to listen to my bitter v enting, and to always be 
up for a shopping trip. You are elegant, elcxiuent, and absolutely 
gorgeous- you will always flourish. .Max- neil-dawg, London bridge, 
"I've never had that before, you think I'd like it'" Thank you for 
listening to my father stories, for always laughing in awkward situ- 
ations, and for knowing every word to every rap song (well all the 
g(xxl ones anyways.) 1 was like SO messed up Steph- For always 
listening, alwaw paying attention to the little things, and always giv- 
ing excellent advice You are fiinnier and more ekxiuent than you 
give yourself credit for Kendra- for sharing my dream of going to 
CA. hockey games, late nighLs at Kevin s, and for always appreciat- 
ing a burnt CD - our music goes way back to freshman year Thanks 
for all of the and times at BF. Doug- for that night we dn)ve 
around, for all the times tou didn't kill me and Wyatt (without a 
paddle,) and for math class last year. Thank you for being you. Alex 
A- Thank you for long car rides and Saturday morning breakfasts 
For understanding Audrey Hepburn, and for listening to me talk 
when 1 know you have just as much to .say. . Eliza- Thank you for 
history fair (hot chocolate, talking, being far too tired, and knowing 
that Katie had no excuse not to take the project to school), BDC. 
and being most likely to have a crush on our psych teacher. Katie 
n- French Class, Bedford Farms, Chambers, and History fair - for 
always putting on the OC, for always talking instead of doing our 
project, and for hating Joan Baez. Erin- Bedford farms, locker bud- 
dies, and always being ready to laugh - thank you for understand- 
ing people in the same way I do Tcxid- bleacher painting, French 
class, and Calculus (even though you left me.) Thank you for 

always being ready to do something. Brenna- For baAies, malJ rr 
ness, splat, and all the other board games we played I know yot 
jealous that I have calculus when you get to go home Sammy- Fi 
the years of dance together, our w inter trips to the nutcracker, a 

the opponunity to watch you dance. You shine on and off of a 

James- Thanks for endless phone conversations. RAVi". proposinf 
and being my semi date. Ashley T- you were my best friend in 5tl 
grade - thank you for still being able to make each other laugh. 
Sally- for making me into a complete California giri and helping r 
in countless other wavs Thank you .Mrs Sullivan and .Mr Boschei 

Meggies, The Kreacher!, Svenhard 

"1 want to hang a drum fa)m my crotch and bang it!" 
"Ma che ca220 fai, coglione?!" 
"Name some -er verbs." "Agua!" 
"Verhafig flugen ze van den onderwijsl" 
So many thanks: to Mom, Dad, David for always being there; 1 k) 
you so muchi To Ashley, my love; Lisa, my co-captain; .Michelle, 
my favorite Optimonger. To Neha, Deandra. Ryan, Jenn, Sheila ai 
Katie (fifth placel). Elad and Sarah (why I passed programming), 
my whole Softball team (woo Florida!). Alex, Qiry. Rachel, greaie 
bandmates ever. .My ex-seniors: Lara. Jihyen, Mike Poe (Co Osm( 
eri). Ex-Hansconians Monica, Catie. Laune: I miss you so much! 
Niven, for signing whatever we threw at him .Mrs. Sullivan for be 
wonderfully crazy. And everyone I forgot: you know I love you ali 

Ebbs, EEK 

"Don't worry, be happy " 

.MY FAMILY, I love you all so much. MAX AND BRENNA- Some- 
times . hide and .seek, laughing uniil we can't breathe, always i 
ing me smile, you mean so much to me. LAUREN- dates, sumffle 
clue, monopoly , bonas' Thanks for everything; you are an unbeli 
able best ftiend TOM.NH'-skiing, chicken parm, and Emily Rose t 
name a few . 1 love every memory I have with you Thanks for the 
amazing times which I can and will never forget. .MICHELLE. LAR 
VAm. EL1Z.V JE-N, BF, TENNIS TEAM; thank you all for eveiyihin 


J-9, Boo. Baby, Princess, Neensy 

■"Keep away from people w ho try to belittle your ambitions. ! 
people ah*ays do that, but the really great make you feel that ) 
too, can become great." —Mark Twain 
"^■hatever the mind can conceivie and believe, the mind can 
achieve."— Dr Napoleon Hill 
First I would like to thank GOD because without him I wouW not 
have made it thus far. Second I woukd like to thank my mother 
because without her being there to push me and believe in me I 
might have given up. I would like to thank Samantha Galler for be 
ing the best ftiend that a person could ever ask for. You have bee 
someone 1 could talk to and confide in and for that I thank you 
because at times you were the only one. Lasdy I wx)uld like to thai 
mv familv, Gerami Groover, and Ivana Serreti. 


I'd like to say thank you to my parents, and my brother Thank yo 
John and Sarah for being there for me w hen I needed someone. ! 
chelle, Lauren, Olivia, Julie. Katie VS'and S thank you for all the J 
laughs, and sticking by me through some tough times. Espedall)', 
LLsa you have grown up with me all my life, I don't know what toa 
but thank ytiu for everything that )x>\i do, and did. Through ihidt 
and thin you will always be my best firiend. I will always be thercl 


il^ 1, Ryan, Kring-a-Ling 

1 1 you be more like your brother?" - Nash 

I pregnant!" -Debbie 

II your mind to it, you can accomplish annhing." - Dr. 
.1 ' )wn, Back to the Future 

J I, thanks for always being there for me - 1 couldn't have 
I irough high school without you. You definitely hold the 
; chaperoning the most spring-break trips! Mom, thank 
iir, encouragement, and endless proof-read- 

I hank you for being clean, inspiring, cooking, fixing 

il;. and for always making fun of Mom! Ryan, you've been 
.inion in neariy everything over the past 18 years, and it's 
I of a ride. Even though we've fought over who gets to 

I I Iriven each other crazy over nearly everything, you really 
Nt friend. History fair, marching band, and XC wouldn't 

I the same without you. Thanks for letting me call you 
even though you easily are the "better" twin. It's scary 

111 iluit if we marry rwins, our children will be half-brothers, 
nen, you red electric car, thank you for making it up the hill on 
cord Rd. 9 out of 10 times and for the attention you get from 
nen and construction workers. Mrs. Sullivan, I'll never forget 
ress Bradstreet, writing endless papers and works-in-progress, 
len Pond and bagels. Thanks for making my high school career 
)lutely "salient." Mr. Low, you inspired within me a love of 
,ic. The four years 1 had with you were incredible, from my first 
Irigal Dinner a.s the "flamboyant" freshman to Oklahoma! Mr. 
:er, thanks for four awesome years in marching band, jazz band, 
wind ensemble, even though I don't really play a band instru- 
11. Mr. Maffa, thanks for being a simply great musician, and for 
irgettable times from fourth grade to Disney to Italy! Jynette, 
iks for being the person 1 love spending time with the most 
id for never calling me Ryan! You're amazing, and I'll always 
lember the great times we've had together, from prom to phone 
> to playing Frisbee at Sun Microsystems. Ben, good times on 
sidelines in marching band, tennis, Spanish, runs up Blueberr\- 
, and great stories. Tony Gong: Your style, music, and name are 
ply unrivaled. Christine, Katie Neff, for great times in marching 
d. Photo with Sheinfeld, tournament, and the musicals. Chris 
Nutty), Dave (Thor), Kevin (Quince), Gabe (Antonio), Luke 
iss), and Tony (Abacus) - thanks for making the drumline hard- 

and for surviving and Jim. Lauren and Caitlin, thanks 
making fun of me and letting me drive the "bus!" Thanks Tom, 
ily, Pallavi, Krisiine, Adrienne, Sophie, Rhiana, and everyone else 
making marching band memorable. Dan, Carl, and Nick, for 
ig insane soccer players. Cheb and the XC Team for running 
iklin Park in the snow, playing football during captains' practices 
he mud, and limitless runs to the rock. Madrigal past and 
sent, the Track team, and countless others - you've all given me 
Tiories that I'll never forget. 


ndy, Kring-a-ling, Kring 2, Twin, Kevin Lee 

irching Band is kinda like giving blood!" 

The Great Philosopher, Ben Johnston 
I not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no 
:iand leave a trail." 

Ralph Waldo Emerson 
between the cover of another perfect wonder and it's so white 

ining through the field where all my tracks will be concealed and 
re's nowhere to go." 

Red Hot Chili Peppers 
t of all, I'd like to thank my family. We've been a lot of places 
ether, and I'm gonna miss all the fijn times we've had! MOM 
DU're hilarious, even though you don't try to be. Thanks for 
ays being there for me, listening, and helping me become the 

person I am today. DAD - you're my hero. Thanks for being the 
cool dad I can brag about, always pushing me to achieve my goals, 
and encouraging me through the tough times. I love you both so 
much! RANDY - where do I begin? First of all, you are the most 
handsome person I know. Thanks for being my best friend, for 
putting up with all my teasing, and being such a cool kid. Your 
terrible jokes and brotheriy advice have meant so much to me, 
and I hope that we always stay as close as we are now! Now on 
to friends, like BEN!! I've had an awesome time hanging out with 
you in band and XC, and now tournament and the show, not to 
mention freaking out about AP Bio and US History (remember 
Ismabob?) We've both somehow ended up developing the inability 
to put together coherent sentences, but at least we've had a blast! 
CARL - for all the good times in band, buying bake sale cookies and 
loosing money, skiing at Wachusett, nearly getting killed by a semi 
in the worst rainstorm ever, and just hanging out! We've had some 
good times - thanks for being such a good friend. MICHELLE - it's 
been great getting to know you over the past two years, between 
Wind En.semble, Wachusett, XC, bleacher painting, all that good 
stuff! And Walden Pond - Mrs. Sullivan never knew what hit her! 
MEGAN - thanks for all the "explosive" moments, being the cool 
kid who always knew the answers, and for being such a great friend. 
I'll always remember all the fun time we had! NEIL - we had a blast 
during the summer, Walden, and bleacher painting! DAN - thanks 
for putting up with me and Randy during track .season, Wachusett, 
and hanging out. NICK - for throwing the javelin farther than the 
rest of us combined, skiing Wachusett, and Costa Rica! TOM - for 
making fun of me, being the cool kid in band, Disney Trip freshman 
year - good times! STEPH - Tournament, the show, Wachusett, 
Wicked. JENNA - so much fun in Italy, the show, tournament, and 
just being crazy! LISA - 1 had a blast hanging out with you in Italy, 
band, and ice skating - thanks for being such a cool person! STA- 
GEY - thanks for crazy times in Inquiry-, Italy, and all the interesting 
times in Spanish! CHRIS - thanks for Wind Ensemble, 5 awesome 
years in Marching Band, and doing even' possible crew job in the 
school. DAVE - Wachusett, band, that random Taking Back Sunday 
concen. LALIREN - thanks for the crazy times at DMA (really 
strange lunches. . . ), for being such a great drum major, and all that 
good stuff! CHRISTINE and KATIE - for making fun of me, being 
really funny people, and all the good times in band. MOLLY - great 
times in Italy, Madrigal, the show - thanks for being .so crazy! 
CATLIN - thanks for making me and Lauren do all those backwards 
turns, making fun of us, and being "perfect. " XC people: SAM, 
DELL, KATIE, CHRIS - stay "lucky! " Thanks to CHEB - the greatest 
Kenyan alive, and FELKER - for 5 amazing years in band. I'm sorry 
if I missed anyone - I've had a blast BHS, thanks for ever\'thing! 

Cat, Kit Cat, Kitten 

"Laugh when you can, apologize when you should and let go 
of what you can't change. Love deeply and forgive quickly take 

Many people have given me support over the years, starting with 
my Dad. Thanks for giving me so much advice on everything and 
always being there. Michele thanks forgiving me all those life les- 
sons and always seeing the bright side of things. Mom, 1 want you 
to know that I love you and am really happy that I have been able to 
tell you more things lately and feel that we have grown clo,ser over 
the past few years. Art thanks for staying neutral. Devon, you are 
the greatest combo a girl could have, sister and best friend. I can tell 
you anything, big or little, anti I know you will keep it to yourself 
and you give the best advice. I have to do this one last time and 
bring it up but. . . "OH BOY OH m\ OH BOY!", oh yeah and how 
can we forget how the no-smile laugh started . . . Cheerio, we have 
been through a lot, and are really glad that we did. You are one of 
my bestest friends in the whole wide worki and always keep me 
laughing with your evolving ■ ghetto " talk of "YO TL'RN THAT SHIT 
UP!!"" Ape Face, we have been strong friends through all these years, 
you have always been there for me and are glad that we have had 
such good limes. Blair, I am very proud that you have turned into a 

girl since we all started hanging out. You taught me some valuable 
lessons of being tough, and have also protected me. I mean come 
on that"s why we are friends!! Eliza, we have been friends since 
forever, and I hope it stays that way. I am very grateful that we were 
there for each other during all of the hard times when we needed 
to get away. My favorite thing was walking to BF with you in the 
summers. Pookies, one of the best summers I had was when we 
hung out like everyday on the common and did the most random 
things. "Soccer girls"', I am very glad that we all became friends 
this year, (and I am still very happy that we won the bet Amanda!) 
Alex, Zach, Luke, you are the best brothers an older sister could ask 
for. You guys always help me out with car stuff and bugs, which 1 
appreciate a lot. Taylor, Kentlall, Carson, I have always wished that 
I had sisters and then I got the best ones in the world! I am really 
glad that we all get along so well and can all be there for each other. 
Thank you all for being there, I love you all very much, and will miss 
you tons. 

Carl, Carola, Kalle 

Well, I don t know... You ' 11 have to ask your wife about that. 

"If the C-man's not happy, show don't go down! " 

This is what it all comes down to. A short piece built on nostalgia, 
thanks, and the thought that I may be bald when I reread this 
thirty years from now. Mom, I am so proud of you for going back 
to school to get your Masters, and for being an encouraging, loving 
mother. Dad, I will always remember driving to soccer games with 
you, and I am ceaselessly grateful of the life opportunities that 
you continue to create for me. Erik, Kiwi will be your cat when I 
go to college. Make sure she doesn't pee on my things while I'm 
gone. Thank you Grandpa Kurt, Grandma .\nita, Farfar Anders, and 
Farmor 'Ja-Ja" Britta. Thank you boy.s— the spons teams, the band 
members, and the summer donut squad. Thank you giri.s— the 
pretty girls, the smart girls, and the pretty smart girls. Thank you 
teachers of curriculum, teachers of life. Thank you coaches, role 
models. Dank u vel Marijn, .Vidrew. Eli Elyse, en Femke. High 
school has been a road of peaks and valleys, highs and lows. I have 
stumbled on that road many times, but through God's grace I have 
arrived at an altogether higher point than where 1 started. The road 
continues now, to higher altitudes, loftier ambitions, and greater 
challenges. Thank you God for putting me in motion; forgiving 
me the trek. Also, thank you Wal-Mart for your brilliant cost-cutting 
strategies that will save me millions of dollars on all of my everyday 

Waldo, Larsen, Chris. L 

"Be people!" - Bobby McConnell 

I would first like to thank my mother and father for their support 
and guidance in everv-thing I've done. I'm the person I am today 
becau,se of the sacrifices you've made for me. Mom, pops, love 
ya. Grandmother, thank you for putting me in place whenever 1 
stepped out of line, and for making me breakfast even' morning. 
The rest of my family, you know who \'ou are. thanks for annhing 
you've ever done for me, it probably meant a lot Malcolm, my dog. 
for respecting me in a way no human could ever respect another. 
And to my friends, my best and funniest memories were with you. I 
wish I could keep you forever. Guanci, Btibby, Janis, Tony, Devon, 
Machado, Douglas fV, and Thomas John, thanks for all the great 
times we spent together Evervone else, I wish I coulil name you, 
I knt)« you're my friend, but I'm tx'ing chai>!ed by the woril. Dr. 
Gregon', for alwav^s Ix'ing there, Tuesilay nights at 9 .\nd fi- 
nally, to all the girls that s|-Hike to me, thanks, it meant moa- than e 
played a ven inijiortani pan of my life anil I love you all very much. 
Nikki and .Mli- you two es|K'cially are \ery imixinani to me and have 
acted as sisters towards me anil I appreciate that \vn much. I want 
you to know that I kne you both. Sammy- you and I 


have been best friends since we were in kindergarten, and although 
we are spending less time together please know that we will always 
be best friends. Lisa-thanks for being completely out of you mind 
but 100% sane at the same time. Oh, by the way sorry for not invit- 
ing you to my party. Kaylyn- thanks for being a great friend. It seems 
like every time you open your mouth something hilarious comes 
out and I end up laughing hysterically. Michelle- thank you for 
being only sane one, without you we would fall apart. Also thanks 
for sharing a bed with me in Florida and sorry that 1 slapped you. 
Katie W. - thanks for sharing almost every class with me and actually 
putting up with me. And thanks for the gum Marching Band- you 
are so imponant to me and 1 appreciate all the time and energy that 
everyone puts in and the respect that you give to me as a Drum 
Major. Also Randy and Ryan thanks for being my co-drum majors 
and also being great friends Mr. Felker- thanks for not only being 
a great teacher but a good friend. You have taught me so much 
and I really appreciate everything. Alsojim and Nash, although for 
the first three of band you scared the crap out of me, thanks for 
everyihing that you have done. Softball Team- softball has been one 
of the most important pans of my life so thank you all for sharing 
that with me. Especially the Florida ten: Michelle, Lisa, Kaylyn, Katie 
S and W, Megan, Jen, Bridget, and Chariene. Also Kelly and Mr. 
Wilson you have been great, and thanks for everything. Finally I 
would like to thank all of my teachers for eventhing that they have 
done. Especially Ms. Giusti, you have very helpful, and thanks for 
putting up with all of us. I am sure there are many other people 
who deserve to be thanked so if I forgot you sorry and thanks, you 
could ever know, fo she. It's been fiin, peace out. 

Chunk, Cor Dog, Jesus 

1 would like to thank my mom for making me do my college stuff 
eariy, and my dad for fixing every piece of technology that 1 broke. 
1 would like to thank my brother for all of his support, and his great 
suggestions and chats when I needed help. Thank you Nick for 
living in my house for ten years, getting me to do my homework 
.so you could check yours with it, increasing my halo skills, and 
for your "big nick throw." Thank you Pern- for your unique ideas, 
getting angry for no reason, stocking my fridge, cheering on Nick, 
and for coming over my just to get a soda. Thank you Neil 
for hugs in the hall evenday, being Indian, and sleeping on your 
side. Thanks LD for saving the strangest stuff and being crazy all the 
time Thank you David for fi.\ing my computer like seven times and 
for getting t(X)led on constantly. Thank you Lauren for making the 
lunch conversations more interesting than ever before. And finally 
thank you Senior Bio people, because that class is crazy thanks to 
us. And thank you to anyone I forgot. 


First, I like to thank God Almighty for guiding me through life, 
never forsaking me and knowing that He will provide. 
Mom, even though I don't always show it, 1 do appreciate your 
input and your overprotection. You have a strong heart. Dad, your 
suppon has made me work hard for what I want in life and 1 thank 
you for that. >X'here ever you go, I love you. . stay safe. Hill, you 
constantly (also unintentionally) remind me to act like the rvpe of 
person I want to be and to stay a good role model. The Lewis' and 
the Whites, 1 love you and all of your unique insights of life and I 
will treasure them always. TTie Cross Country Team: I love how 
you all keep remmding me to not take life so seriously all the time 
and how you keep me laughing. Cheb: Always know that your hard 
work pays off. A friend loves at all times' (Proverbs T:!^ I just 
want to let you all know before hand that if 1 don't mention your 
name, it doesn't meant I care less because I understand that it's a 
blessing to have friends. Jenn, you are so much fiin to be around. 
Together we rule the tennis courts. Amber, 1 feel like we've been 
friends forever-let's stay that way. Elizabeth, talking to you is like 
a breath of fresh air through the craziness in life. LaDarian, Matt, 
and Jordan: you three are few of my closest guy friends and it's a 

blessing to have you all in my life. Audrey, I love how you make me 
laugh (Do You Mind?!) Teachers: Mr. Felker: You are a better band 
director than you think. Your hilarious quotes are unforgettable 
Mr. Berlino: Your insight on the stories helped me to comprehend 
more and opened my eyes. To anyone who came into my life: No 
matter how long you were around me, your impression and insight 
is with me. Thank you, 


"Shwang shwang?" 


" thus Ls your weakness" 

First of All thanks to my Mom for always encouraging me and being 
there for me. My Dad for pushing me to do my best in everv' aspect 
of my life and teaching me right from wrong. And my brother Cam 
for being my best friend and personal punching bag. Love you 
guys. Thank you Douglas Stewart Howie the fourth for being a great 
friend and a true champion. Jeff McGrath for keeping me out of 
trouble when possible and being a stellar dude. Bobby Mc"Con- 
nell for showing me the lighter side of Judaism and the condition 
known as asthma Wvatt Hudzik for some intease rap battles. 
Ttxid for always keeping my balls clean and shaft properly aligned 
Anthony Santos, Mike Ferro, for being shoulders to cr\' on. Mike 
Guanci, Chris Larsen, Devon Ryan, Mike Barbacano, Chris Mercurio, 
Devon Londo, Luke Janis, Rob & James Pooley for being solid 
individuals and good friencLs. Jeremy Cogs for providing cheese-iLs 
Greg Vasquez for yelling louder then any man ever should. Amanda. 
Courtney. Steph D. Maya. Kendra and company for saving us many 
a sausage fesi. And finally thanks to anyone I missed its nothing 
personal I just don'i like you as much. 


Jessie, jess, Mack attack , mackster, Ms. Jes- 
sie Mack all dressed in black. 
Gee gec,JM 

I want to thank everyone but especially My MOM for always being 
there and for solving all the issues of the worid My DAD for being 
the coolest dad in the world and ahvays bringing me fishing. My 
SIBUNGS for all the fun times. To Capt. Carson and Chief. Edris 
who are like second fathers to me. and to the JROTC office I spent 
all my time in Thanb to ELMO for being the best ever Thank 
you to all my best friends you know who you are I LOVE YOU ALL 

Stumpy, Master Bam Bam 

"It's like we share the same brain!"- Enc. Boy Meets World 
"The Bermuda Triangle!" - Lisa 
" FSH"- Softball Team 

First off I would like to thank my parents; you have been so sup- 
portive of ev erything that I do. You have always been there and I 
want you to know that I love yt)u both verv' much Michael- where 
do 1 even begin? You are always full of energy and have a smile on 
your face, and I love that about you I hope you never change. I 
hope you know that your one of my best friends and I love you very 
much. Nana and Papa- 1 love you both so much and am so great fiill 
for evervihing you have ever done for me Nana you are and amaz- 
ing person who 1 will always strive to be like Papajcx;- 1 miss you 
so much and wish that you could still be here I am always thinking 
of you and love you very much. 1 would next like to thank all of 
my extended family The Lua's. Ferrelli's. Morgan's. DJ. and Jen, 
Linda, the Connolly's, and the Marino's. .Mso a speaal thanks to my 
godparents Karen and Joseph, and also my aunts Linda and Diane. 
And now the cousins. Marc, Scott, Allison. Stephen. Christine, 

Luke Alexandra, Olivia, Stephen, Nikki, Alii, Joey, Kari, Chi 
John, Anna, Sophia, and baby to come. You ail have played a 
important part of my life and I love you all very much Nikki ad 
Alii- you two especially are very important to me and have acted 
sisters towards me and I appreciate that very much I want you 
know that I love you both Sammy- you and I have been best 
since we were in kinderganen, and although we are spending les 
ume together please know that we will always be best friends Ls 
thanks for being completely out of you mind but 100% sane at th 
.same time. Oh, by the way sonry for not inviting you to my party. 
Kaylyn- thanks for being a great friend. It seems like every time 
you open your mouth something hilarious comes out and I end 
laughing hysterically. Michelle- thank you for being only sane 
without you we would fall apan Also titanks for sharing a bed 
me in Florida and sorry that I slapped you. Katie W - thanks ftjr 
sharing almost even' class with me and actually putting up widj 
And thanks for the gum .Maa hing Band- you are so important 
me and I appreciate all the time and energy that evervrane puts i 
and the respect that you give to me as a Drum Major Also Randyi 
and Ryan thanks for being my co-drum majors and aLso being 
friends. Mr Felker- thanks for not only being a great teacher but 
gtxxi friend. You have taught me so much and I really appi 
everything. Also Jim and Nash, although for the first three of bam 
you scared the crap out of me, thanks for everyihing that you 
done Softball Team- softball has been one of the most impoim 
parts of my life so thank you all for sharing that with me. Espedil 
the Florida ten: Michelle, Lisa, Kaylyn, Katie S and W. .Megan, Jen, 
Bridget, and Chariene. Also Kelly and Mr Wilson you have been 
great, and thanks for eventhing Finally I woukl like to thank il 
my teachers for everything that they have done Especially Ms. G 
usti, you have very helpful, and thanks for putting up with all of i 
am sure there are many other people who desene to be thanked 
if I forgot you sorry and thanks. 

Lubbs, Lurms, Lorenzo, Lazer 

"It s a magical worid. Hobbes, ol' buddy. . . let's go exploring!" 
-Calvm and Hobbes 

"And then you get really turned on when the sims have sex and. 


Mom and Dad. thanks for the hot meals, warm bed, and unlimiie 
suppon. Chariotie. thanks for making things interesting Erin, 
thanks for Clue and Monopoly and bageLs and Goklfish and bein^ 
my best friend every summer. Teddy says you neek. The Kiely ba 
ily. thanks for ahvays inaking me frozen pizza and kx>king radiim 
(especially Chris, for not acknowledging my presence for a decad 
Eliza, thanks for Chem 4 and defacing church property Chnstine 
thanks for even' time we've laughed since "th grade Katie. I ll be 
your Jim if you'll be my Pam. baby Alex and Tony, thanks for hist 
fair and hours of mental and physical abase Also, thanks for Fua 
ama and Copacetic Childhood. Nick, you're welcome, can 1 sit he 
Cat and Brenna, thanks for lane 4 arul cheating on SOOs Russell, 
thanks for being so sexy when you eat Mita, thanks for being ray 
fake boyfriend at Lemon Tree, worshipping the ground my faiho 
walks on, and understanding my love of yarmulkes Pedro, thanb 
for all the hot dates, keep it copacetic Sunderland and Nice Shor 
thanks for all your hours of hard work and guidance during hislo 
fair (and not failing me 4ih quaner). Thanks to Doc and Ms. L 
for all the AP problems Patty, thanks for not sending me to die p 
of Hell widi your necklace, it wouW have been really inconvenier 
Thanks to everyone at Wedgewood for filling the endless houis ( 
boredom. Thanks to all my teachers and clas-smates Finally, than 
you Eari Grey Tea for being my crutch duoughout junior year. A 
thank you Jim Halpen. 


Wow. 1 am a senior already' Hmm . . 1 am starting to bok die pa 
but bv the wav I aa vou'd never know it. Hev DAD . remember 


II mitzvah you told me ! get to do a lot of new firsts? Like 
ML lawn mower, provided it was cutting the grass. Well 1 have 
I i li re done that. I can even drive a real car now, don't worry 

III drive between 7:20 and 2; I am in .school. And MOM. 
;m 1 start? If I haven't talked back recently and we are on 

L I Ills, than thank you for everything you have done including 
I IK' too and from practices, and bringing me my homework 
1 1' iigot it, like everyday.. .lol, and maybe my room could have 
1 1 II tie cleaner or my clothes a little nicer, but that's what 
lie your son. JAMIE- 1 guess giving you rides wasn't THAT 
\ ear. Pretty soon you will be writing one of these too, and 
\ ill have to deal with mom when it comes to college. Good 
liut anyways, thank you for being a good .sister and putting 
' : me sometimes, and the rest of the time, I don't know. 
If all started in 5th grade. Playing tennis, drinking juice 
. ^ I III the way-Middle school, me you and Wyatt, before and 
Linces- we were quite the players. Then the good times going 

nbbon after baseball, or playing video games or hanging at 
i ise. It's been good, thanks man. FERRO- 5th grade again, 
iikd the bus, man, with our "sex" talks, we were so cool. Then 
Like fights, wow, and to think we still have those fake fights 
L iinies. Then sleepovers, after we made fireworks and filmed 
he! e are too many good dmes to name, but I am sure we will 

iLiity of them to talk about another dme, thanks for the 
iKjnes. WV'ATT- We have grown apart over the past 4 or 5 years, 
we are still good friends, and all the way up through middle 
K)l, we were best firiends. All those times playing basketball at 
house, I was Reggie Miller, you were Allen Iverson. Half the 
you'd tell me you were going home, and leave; you always 
le back. Doug made us the trio in 5th grade; we dominated 
school plays. Thanks for the Eggo waffles. I will never forget 
se times, thank you. BARBA- Best friends one day, enemies the 
t. Haha, well we turned out just fine, I had a lot of good times 
Timing, playing racing games, or playing cards, and then having 
with cars, once we were old enough. Thanks. LUKE- Always 
w you, but we didn't really become good friends until we had 
truggle through the same classes together. A.P. Bio and History 
istly Bio) tested our will, and we made it through. Those are 
initely times I will never forget. And thanks for coming and 
ling soccer with me at all the giri's soccer games, if only we had 
ed our skills, we were superstars. Good luck with your film 
."er and thanks for helping make my last two years awesome. To 
Tiy other boys, sorry if you aren't above, I don't have the space, 
thanks for the good times Larsen, Guanci, Tony, Anthony, Jeff, 
ny (watch out! Buffalo!), Mach (the beef dropped?), Devon, 
id. ASHLEY T- Definitely my closest friend as a giri. It all started 
ause Nick and I were determined to prove you hated me, cept 
ended up being friends. From talking at your sister's grad party 
joing to Coldstone's, and being the one girl I could take to Echo 
Jge, . .lol. . .thank you for being there and listening to me like 
[ring my own voice. ALISHA and CAT- Thanks girls, awesome 
es to my first two dances, I hope I wasn't too bad either. Thank 
I. KENDRA- Une school, trying to get the best spot on the bus, 
ing my backpack at the bus stop, haha. Animal farm, 10th grade, 
y funny, still not sure if 1 really did anything wrong . . .you were 
)od neighbor. . .thanks. KRISTA- thanks for being such a good 
nd while you were here, even after you left, try not to talk with 
ir hands though lol. Thanks to the rest of the girls too: Court- 
■, Amanda, Juliette, April. 

tly my neighbors. . .or 2nd families? THE STRACHANS- Thank 
I Mr. And Mrs. Strachan for having me over for dinner all the 
e. Those football games in the backyard were very intense, and 
never forget the Christmas breakfasts', although I have missed 
past couple, I plan to keep going to them on the years I can. 
iY, definitely one of my best friends since the day you moved in; 
matter what sports we played, or what games, we were always 
;nse and had a lot of fun. COLLEEN, you are like the sister I 
I't fight with, lol. Staying up all night, long after Joey went to 
1 playing Scattegories was always entertaining. Jen, or Jenny, you 
older than Joey, Colleen, and I, but you still managed to have 
with us, and we had fun with you. Thanks. THE RUDDS- Sorry, 
but not least, although I am way over the word maximum and 

I gotta make this short. House always clean, but you still didn't 
mind when I made a mess, ALEXIS, thanks for being such a cool 
babysitter all those years, and ASHLEY, thank you for taking my 
other baby sitters off of my hands, when our parents were at work, 
and MR. RUDD, please don't paint me black and white and give me 
a tail! Thank you. 

MARCUS Mcdonald 

Always read stuff that will make you look good if you die in the 
middle of it. 
-P.J. O'Rourke 

I would like to thank everyone that has helped me over these past 
years. To my family thanks for your support. You've been here 
helping me for as long as I can remember and will hopefully be for 
many years to come. To my friends thank you for some good times. 
I could always count on you when I needed some help and 1 hope 
you feel the same about me. Finally to the class of 2007 you're the 
best keep on rocking. 

Andy, Egg 

"As a matter of principle, I never attend the first annual anything." 
"I'm always relieved when someone is delivering a eulogy and I 
realize I'm listening to it." 
-George Carlin 

I would like to thank my family most of all. Mom, Dad, Cooper, 
Davey, and all of my other family members. I don't want to leave 
anyone out, so I'll make a general thank you to all my friends who 
have come with me this far. . .you all know who you are. Kevin and 
Luke, Fonda (Ben, Bill, Jay), David, Neil, Rob, Taec, Peter, Emily, ev- 
eryone from MGH/MOS, everyone else I didn't mention, I couldn't 
have done it without you. Running close to the one hundred-word 
limit. . .good luck everyone! 

J.M.Jmac, McGrath 

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments 
of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of chal- 
lenge and controversy. " 
-Martin Luther King Jr. 
"Roberto. . . get off the saaaaannnnnddd!" 

- Guy at the beach 
"I tell you." (Asian accent) 

-Anthony Santos 
"I swear to god coach, I was just walking through in the dark. . . 
and I didn't see anything and I must have just bumped into it or 
.something. . . but the sink is definitely hanging off the wall." 

-Mario Cutino 

"*■*** Shoes. . . I .saw it on T.V. once, and they were saying, 'who 
needs shoes, **** shoes.'" 
-Doug Howie 

To my parents: thank you mom and dad for supporting me for 
the last 17 years and doing everything you could to provide me 
with everything I've ever needed or wanted. As ungrateful as I may 
have been on a number of occasions, I want to let you know that 
I really appreciated all that you've done and I love you both. Vin: 
you may have yelled at me as a coach, picked on me as a brother, 
and given me a hard time just for ftjn, but you always where there 
when I needed you. You have helped make into me the person 1 am 
today and for that, I'm extremely grateful and 1 love you. Lindsey; 
when things were good you were my best friend, when things were 
bad, we fought like there wa.s no tomorrow, but no matter what 
you're the best sister I could ever ask for and I love you. Sean and 
Christine: My siblings love you guys and I can see why, thanks for 
being like a brother and a sister. Doug: since the bus stop in 3rd 
grade you have been one of my best friends, the short nerdy kid 
with glasses and the pudgy kid with the cowlick. Sure we have 
fought our fair share of times but you're like a brother lo me and 

we hold down the block. Tyler: The first six years of school I spent 
in your class, and you were the first kid I met in preschtwl. Not a 
thing has change since then and I'm glad it hasn't who 
would I play Madden with. Thanks for being one of my be,st friends 
and always looking out for me. Anthony: Sheena and IJnd.sey's bas- 
ketball games, "excuse me did you .say something? " Friends: I don't 
want to forget anybody but here goes, Bobby, Wyatt, Tony, Ferro, 
TJ,, Todd, Jonny and Ryan (DB's), Brendan, Tommy Mac, Mercurio, 
Machado, Devon, Kegan, Barbacano, Scott, Anioine, Manny and 
Woody you guys are my boys and I want to thank for making high 
.school great and something I'll never forget, especially to those 
of you who were my team mates. To the girls: Amanda thanks for 
being my first girlfriend back in eighth grade even though I was 
goofball, Courtney for being a great friend, Cassy I have barely 
known you for a year but you became one of my best friends, and 
Blair for loving me. Finally to the coaching staff of the football team 
and Coach Belcher you were a great coach and football will always 
be one of the things that I am proud to say I was a part off, thank 
you. Good luck to everyone in the future. 


"That Miata. ... Miata a parking space!" - Milo MacPhail 
"Happy St. Pirates Day."- Dave Churella ~ 
"Just keep them low, and they'll diddle themselves."- Mr. Felker 
MOM&DAD- Thanks for always pushing me, but never pressuring 
me, to make the best choices possible and to do what was best 
for me. ASHLEY- Thanks for forcing me do marching band. I'm .so 
glad you pushed me into it because it has been one of my favorite 
experiences in high school. TOM- Thanks for working with me to 
beat countless video games. Those back to back hours in front of 
the T.V. will never be forgotten. CAITLIN- Spending time with you 
has made junior and senior year bearable, thank you for that. Also, 
thanks to Christine, Katie, and the BHS Drumline. 


Jon Merlo, J-Mer, Jonny Bag of Donuts 

"It's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in 
the dog." - Archie Griffen 

First I'd like to thank my mom and my dad for always being there 
for me and for always helping me out when I needed it. Dad 
you were always helping me with sports and with everything you 
could. Mom, thanks for all of the great meals and ccx)kies, and for 
everything. Thanks to my three sisters, Kristen, Haley, and Lori 
for always being there for me and for putting up with me for all 
these years. Thanks to all of my friends for all of the great times 
and fun we have had, Ferto-for all the rides and good times in the 
van. Doug-for always making me laugh. Anthony-for being the guy 
to always shoot down everyone's ideas. All the girls-for making 
high school fun and interesting. Thanks to all of my coaches who 
always pushed me to my potential and who have made me a better 
person. Thanks to ever^'one else that I didn't mention, I definitely 
could not have made it this far without everyone. 


"Double chins. Pink spandex. Best friends. " 

"My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them." 

-Mitch Hedberg 

"I hear your laugh, I heard you sing, I wouldn't change a single 
thing." -Coldplay 

To my loves, you know who you are: Thank you for singing on the 
chairiifts, playing on the playground, wandering in Harvard square, 
ice sk;iting competitions with Disney music, chick tlick mmie 
nights, clear pee after semi, irick-or-treating till junior year, fun with 
the baby in N\C, starg;izing on the last night, "sharing" chcxolate 
cake at chili's, sleeping on the curtains, g(xssiping in the hot tub. 
shopping at 5am. Thank you lo the volleybuc-s, drama kiiLs, break 
group, mads, bandies, JSMM, incineraides, my p;i[vnis, and my 
sisters. 1 love you ail so much and I'll miss tou next year. 



■Nothing matters but knowing nothing matters. . ." —wicked 
i always knew that kxjking back on the tears would make me 
laugh, but I never knew that looking back on the laughter would 
make me cry " ~ anonymous 

"A friend is one who knows you and loves you just (he same" 
-Elben Hubbard 

First and foremost. 1 would like to thank my parents. Thank you 
for helping me to grow into the person I am today, for coming to 
all my games and performances, for your unconditional love and 
support, and for believing in me. To my friends: you have all made 
a tremendous impact on my life. I can't imagine these past years 
without you. Thanks for the movie nights, for .MKA, for singing, 
for late night ice-skating, crazy dancing, scavenger hunts, molten 
lava cakes, car chats on the way to l;exington, and for always being 
there for me. Thank you for taking too many pictures, making me 
laugh so hard I cry, and for creating amazing memories that we will 
never forget. Volleybucs: thank you for an incredible season and 
past four years. Madrigal: "gt)! milk ..." thank you for playing on 
playground, jumping on beds, and chicken parm. JS.VI.M, the best 
team e\er. TOP: although nothing matters it's been so much fun. 
Thanks to 02359 for the best summers. To my teachers, coaches, 
and everyone else that has made an impact on my life: thank you 
for all that you've done, you've made my high school experience 


Babaganoosh, Pookie, KT, Kujo, Barbie 

On your w ay to the best years of your life 
Everyone's banging on their gongs 
The s(x)ner you lc'a\e the s(X)ner you're home 
Back in Massachusetts 

To your golden age where they luck y ou in at night 

-Homecoming king 


Be sure to vary your route due to terrorists. 
-My Dad 

Riddle me this, where are your shoes? 

Momma, thanks for being perfect and loving and always wanting 
to help no matter what. 1 love you for being understanding and 
teing my best friend and trying to buy our lo\ e Fapa (poppy seed), 
thanks for being niy coach and teaching me u.seful and also useless 
things about life Thanks for diving me to sch(K)l, missing work for 
me, and making me laugh everyday of my life Erica thanks for danc- 
ing with me in the kitchen and always being there for me Maura, 
thanks for inspiring me and ()|)ening up my future, .\llie thanks for 
letting me follow in your fcxitsteps and helping me out «ith all the 
things I'm bad at. Robby thanks for laughing at my jokes and being 
a crazy kid. I'm sorrv for not moving out of the house fast enough 
for you. 

Eliza, thanks for constantly correcting me, taking me to see Shrek, 
showing me the glory of stalking people online and eating hotdogs. 
Thanks for being my best friend and telling me gossip (over and 
over again), 1 hope you finally get your uggs and coach purse and 
the jacket that g(x;s to wherever. Christine, thanks for being my 
best friend and driving around hour after hour in your car listening 
to music. Thanks for hitting the box again and laughing at my hor- 
rible jokes. Thanks for not getting sick of me (or at least not show- 
ing it). You guys mean so much to me. Love you pixiks. Cat thanks 
for making me feel gcxxl about myself Ixfc-ause of all the honks \x)u 
got walking down the street. The Stephmeister. thanks for being 
my best friend and making some dam gixxl waffles Lauren Mazel. 
thanks for French class and sharing the same love for Milo. Tom, 
for laughing at me for laughing at myself. Chris, for madrigal and 
marching band and touching my ellx)w Erin, for Bedford farms 
once a year and coffee and cup cone combos, and reading the 
bible during batman. Maya, for work, French class, putting up with 
me and Eliza, making me laugh, and slacking off with me. Max, for 

dancing all the time and talking ux) fast about your cruises. Caitlin, 
for letting me make fun of you but still being my friend. 1 really will 
miss you. Megan, obviously for being perfect and complaining with 
me. Olive, for your laugh and funny stories. Lauren and the Krings, 
I'm sorry for being annoying. Sophie and .\drienne. for taking me 
and Christine seriously and for thinking I'm funny . Dan and crew 
for pictionary. Caity for showing me how to waste time after sch(X)l. 
Thanks Drew , and Bridgeman, 

.Mr. Sheinfeld. I hope you're reading through all the thanks right 
now, l(X)king for your name. Thanks for being an inspiring teacher 
and tolerating us more then you should have and enjoying trail mix 
as much as I do. Mr. Niven thanks for making schcxil fun and giving 
me a class to l(X)k forward to and making me think I'm gcxxi at 
something. .Mr. Berlino thanks for taking a chance on us and trust- 
ing that everyihing will work out in the end. Mr. Sunderland and 
Mrs. Gill thanks for leaching me how to like HLsiory. 


Shar, Shar-Shar, Betsey, Snort 

"Jigger >!('hai:':''" 

"I wanna touch you right here." 

li s -i in the morning grandma. YOU VllNI"- Dane Cook 

"I live for the nights Lll never remember with the friends I II never 


"Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It's not 
.something you learn in schixJ. But if you haven't learned the mean- 
ing of friendship, vou really haven't learned anyihing" -Muhammad 

I would like to stan of by thanking my family. Mom, diank you for 
everyihing. You have alv\"ays been my #1 fan You believe in me 
and encourage me to follow my dreams, no matter how big or 
out of reach they seem 1 love you moa' than anyone in the 
whole worid and I don't know what I would do without you. Dad. 1 
cherish all the times we have together, whether it be car rides, yard 
work, meeting for coffee, or )ust sitting together I am s*) thankful 
for having you in my life You have helped me become w ho I am; 
y ou have been by my side, helping, guiding, and belie\mg in me 
my whole life, 1 love you. Steve & Sherri. you both have taken me 
in as if I was one of your ow n. I k)ve you both and I am so grateful 
to have you in my life. Thank you for always loving and suppon- 
ing me. Amy, you're more than my sister, you're my best friend. 
Ttianks for all our talks, all your advice, making me laugh, keeping 
me out of in)uble. and always being there for me You are the one 
person I can always count on. I love you so much Tcxld. David, and 
Christie, you three have taught me so much about family and lovt 
and how important it is to hav e brothers and sister that you can 
always count on for suppon I love the three of you so much, and 
I ani so lucky to have you as my little brothers and SLSter. Bradley 
and Stephanie, you are my shining stars. I Icjve you more than you 
will ever know You bring so much happiness into my life and I am 
so lucky" to be able to watch \x)u gn)w up. I wish all five of you the 
best of luck. Follow yxiur hean and follow your dreams and you will 
succeed. 1 love you Auntie Joan Thanks for alway> believing in me 
and supponing me. I don't know w here I would be without you. 
1 love you. Thanks to the rest of my family for being so supponive 
and great. I love y"ou all. Dannie, you have been my best friend 
since 1 can remember. 1 treasure all the times we've had together 
I'll never forget: Backstreet Boys, Jast in callin' Dominic. Haason, 
staying up all night, and the time 1 punched myself in the face and 
my nose bledl Despite what happens in the future, you have had 
a huge impact on who I am tixlay and I love you so much. Ashlee, 
You are one of my best friends and 1 don't know w here we wouM 
be if we hadn't found each other Thank you for all the fun limes 
(never forget the circus! haha) Good luck in everything you do, 
and remember Ml always be here for you. Love you Sarah, my best 
friend. There is no one else in the world who understands me like 
you do. VC e have so much fun together, whether we hav^e some- 
thing planned or we're just lounging on the beach. SPINNNNN! 
Through thick and thin. ILY. Nate, where do I even begin? You are 
my other half: I hav e more fun with you than I do with anyone else. 
Jigger what?l Snickers bar. trying to teach me to drive stick, parties, 

and all the other times that we vc peed our pants laugliiug 'luu 
are the best friend anyone could ask for. Thanks for alw ays sik 
by my side, love you. Stacey. high schfX)l would not have been th 
same without you. Volleyball, lacrosse, driving. Raptors, freaking 
about stupid things, watching movies at L^M and gossiping 
for opening your house up to me. and always making sure I m ' 
1 love you .so much JulieP, so glad we got y) close this year 1 
you to death. Volleyball, party, hot tub, falling, laughing, dancing, 
and listening to music, you are my crazy chica and I \ove \xm Jen 
daily hugs. Betsey, volleyball, lunches, taking piaures in the hath 
room at prom. Vi e are very much the same person and I love y 
much for always cheering me up and making me have such a 
time w henever I'm with you. Steph .M-H, remember that time 
walked into the bus at U'ayland?! Christine, "Sara" ". . I wxs |ust 
ding. . ." haha you always make me smik;. Um, THAT'S MINE' 1' 
glad we have become close. Thanks for always being a great frien 
Volleyball Gids YEAH VOLLR-BALLI Varsit\' Lacrosse, I have so 
much fun with all of you, thanks for four great seasoas. Rapto- 
Everyone else: Kristen, Christina, .^mber. AlLsha, StephD. .\i 
Olga, Shaun, KSars. HottieC, and Caity CONGam'L^TIONS 
OF 200- Vi-E DID IT .WD GOO 

Coun, C-OC 

"I have to laugh, because I've outsmarted even myself." - Cad- 

"Here's to goodbye tomomow's gonna come too soon." -Eve 6 
First I would like to thank my parents, you have always been 
for me and you have pushed me to be the best I can be .MO.M- 
thanks for the all hours you have spent cooking for me. they 
much appreciated. Even though I just like giving you are hard 
I know that you are always right D.\D- tfianks for alway> ft.xing 
everything I have broken, and for alway^ being there for me at 
.soccer, coaching and cheering me on. BRITNI- Oh my' How you 
make me laugh. Even though we do not agree on everything you 
are still my best friend Bippy , thanks for always lending me your 
clothes and giving me advice on the "important" things in life Yo 
have intnxluced me to more songs, movies, and new expen 
than anyone eLse. .\nd thank you so much for not liking soccer \' 
are my sanity. "Check ya later " KELSR - You are die coolest litde 
sister ever Thank you for being a pain in my butt, you always arc 
keeping my life interesting. I love how yx)u are nothing like me, it 
Ls my favorite pan about you. FRIENDS- There are jast ttx) many 
gocxl times to remember because w hen ev er I am with you guw 
have fun. Soccer, parties, football games, getting ready for dances 
lying by die pool, sleepovers. shopping, the movies, Bedford Fam 
and ju-st driving around. There is never a dull moment with \ 
guys .\lisha thank you for always finding someway to make i _ 
interesting, we are always on the same brain wave Amanda ■ ' 
for always smiling and being there for me Juks I just have ( i: 
word to say "wow" ha-ha. .Vshley thanks helping me eat all those 
gorilla cookies. .\nd Jeff dianks for putting up with me. you are 
best. Thanks to everyone for all the great memories. 
SOCCER TEA.M- Ladies, you made high school so much more 
able, we had so many good times together, whether we wxin or 
lost. Thanks for the bus rides home they were insane, we sou 
terrible but we still managed to pull off some really great songs. It 
would never have been the same without all of you in my life. 



Vi'hat s happenin its David stopping by to give my thanks. I'm not 
trying to take up all your time I'm |ust here to do what I gotta do. 
ThLs one goes out to all my fellas out there that got that same 
set as me, that's MOB and that's Dan, HaroW, Chns and Brian 
been a gotxl four years for me diough between failure and ^i: 
Life's a waLst unless you live by sometfung and for me that's a 
my Hean Can Beat No .More I hope I die for a principal that 1 . 
lived for" (Tupac Shakur) 



HISS Bedford High School. I would like to thank Mr. Brincklow 
4 to my audition for "Oklahoma". Thanks to Mr. Low for 
^ig me the chance to be in the past three mu.sicals, "Joseph and 
I iVmazing Technicolor Dreamcoat", "Pippin", and "Oklahoma" 
b Ms. Frank for help with the shows. Thank you to my mom and 
I for picking me up from all the rehearsals and for everyone's 
s )ort. To Sara H. and Alisha S,, you are great "Best Buddies". 
( d luck in college. 1 will miss my friends and my teachers from 
I BE. And to Hannah P., you are truly a good friend. 


■ u motorboatin' son of a...!" 
nks to my moms and my pops, Cheryl, and Cari. You guys were 
ivs there for me. The dinners over my grandparents' house, 
iks. Justin and Dominic, you've helped me alot. Jamie, 1 love 
, all the times we spent together were great (and there will be 
inore). Todd, I love you too ;-). Great times at Alex's house... 
es, Rob, John, Alex, Marcus, Scott Bratton, Dan, Tim, Steve, 

Craig, and Justin. Alex, you made some great videos. Thanks to 
ryone else who I left out. 


ince like no one's watching, laugh like no one's listening, and 
; like you've never been hurt." 

) not look back and grieve over the past, for it is gone; and do 
be troubled about the future, for it has not yet come. Live in the 
■.sent, and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remember- 
." —Ida Scott Taylor 

^ood friend will pick you up when you fall, but a best friend will 
gh and trip you again." 

m and Dad: thank you for always supporting me and for taking 
le to coach me in all my sports, 1 love you both. Emily, Mike, Tim: 
nks for always having my back, 1 love you guys! To my friends, 
nks for all the good times that kept us laughing for hours. I 
ed every moment, from spons to video games to dancing and 
I hanging out. Thanks for always laughing with me when 1 fell 
wn, and helping me get up again. I love you all and can't imagine 
;h school without all the great memories we made. 


nanda, Manda, Pike, Pikey, Dee Dee 

u're never fully dressed without a smile. —Manin Charnin 
)m and Dad-You guys are the greatest parents. I would not have 
en able to get through everything with out you two. Thank you 

■ always loving me, caring for me, coming to all my games and 
liporiing me, and being so understanding. Mom, you are simply 
; best, I could never ask for a better mom. We share so much 

d 1 am so grateful to have you. Thank you for always being there 

■ me. Dad, thank you for always bringing me fishing, showing me 
iW to throw a football, and making me feel like such a princess. I 
.■e you both very much. Timmy- you are the best little, but bigger 
:)ther. I can't wait to watch you in Pro-baseball or football, which 
er one you choose. Thanks for always taking care of me and mak- 
!, me laugh until I almost pee my pants. 1 love you and I'm gonna 
ss you. How lucky am I to have both my grandmothers living next 
me. I love you both. Alisha-I have known you from birth, anti 
lon't know wJiat my life would be like without you, You always 
ike me laugh(tripping over puddles), help me through the tough 
les, and just know how to be a really true friend. Love ya Boo 

10. Juliette-Thank you for always making the best dumb-blond 
tes, driving ten miles under speed limit. Never change who you 
; because you're my perfect JBick, a friend through and through 
ve you Courtney- 1 would like to say thank you for your spectacu- 
badonadonk. Your free spirit and upbeat personality keep me 
■ing. Luv ya baby cakes. Ashley T. - 1 love you always live life the 
ly you want, and you are the best kis,ser ever. My hair hurts luv ya 

To my giris, the sleepovers, giri talks, camping trip and for all the 
times we laughed and cried (thank u for being there)! will cherish 
them all, especially the crazy things . Emily- you're a special person, 
we have had some of the best times together that I will never for- 
get. Steph- you always tell me how much I smile you make it easy, 
thank for always being there. Dancing, laughing, dates, and don't 
forget to Pop A Squat! Great friend, good times. Kendra- bellybutton 
piercing, soccer camp from hell. Petty, tubing, we go way back my 
friend great memories. Cat- Working as BSC, Pup pooping, Phoebe 
peeing Ashley- We have so much fun together, getting lost, beach, 
shaving cream slutty outfit Blair- The night we .snuck out of the tent, 
capture the flag, crazy times Kat-You are the most caring person 
I've ever met, drop it like its hot Girifriends I love u all your all so 
special. Anthony- You have made me laugh so much I can't imagine 
high school without you but most of all I can't imagine my life 
without you always take such good care of me especially through 
the hardest time ,visiting me everyday, snuggling and watching the 
Pats , playing HORSE, fantastico, just being together, I love that 
we talk about ever\'thing, Thank you, I Love You Doug- DStu, 1 
am so happy we met JGMS and became such good friends, talks, 
laughs and just all the great times, Wachusett, extreme torpedo. 
Ferro-Everyone needs a Ferro in their lives, soup, tissues, vanning, 
beach days, what would 1 do without you? Thanks for being such 
a good and caring friend. Wilson, FaTzZ, Scott-Thank you for all 
those late night phone calls, always making me laugh way too hard 
and for kidnapping me, beating me up, and just having a great time 
together. PEACE! Max-funniest guy, history' fair, senior scavenger 
hunt, and Spain was the best! Wyatt- Drivers Ed and so many classes 
never made it without you, tipping the desk "in high school", Oslo 
Accords, sick? Jeff- Thanks for always brightening my day, even on 
snowy days "Hey Jeff its Amanda", like hotdogs much? Bobby- best 
soccer cheerieader, you too Cris go out? Todd- thanks for my first 
outing after my surgery, I'll never forget that, times we just hung 
out, we still need to finish our game. Colleen, Corrine, Georgia, 
Nikki and Olga- What up Bucs, Whoobie, Edowid, and the rest of 
the soccer girls- you guys are like famil}' I'm coming back to watch 
you. I love you all! Santos Family-Thank you for always including 
me in family vacation, dinners, and just always making me feel at 
home. I will be over even during college as I will miss you all. To 
everyone who has touched my life in some way thank you there's a 
lot of you and To all the families that 1 could call home away from 
home, thank you all for being part of my life Micu's so many laughs 
(miss ya Leah) 


Muchas gracias faniilia (especially mom, dad, Brett), you are my 
rocks; without you I'd be lost. Teachers- they say those wJio can't 
do are teachers, so you guys must not be able to do an\ihing 
because I learned a lot. Coaches- if life is a game, I should never 
lose because you have trained me to win. Dave, Dan, Neil, Cory, 
Pern', Carl, Tom, LD, Alex - for good times at the soccer held, Cory's 
house, and while extracting justice through donuting. Uuren- for 
teaching me to tango on the middle school dance floor. Katie, Eliza, 
and Christine- Thanks for letting me make this longer without pay- 
ing anything extra, and for coming to my house once. Also, special 
thanks Luke, Todd, DJ, and anyone else that I ditln't have space to 

- Tony Perkis, Heavyweights 

To Alperin, Niven, Berlino, Walsh, Dr. Ryan, Donnelly, 
& Mrs. Twombly. - Thanks for always caring and the 
support. 210 South Road crew: Rob (hermano), John 
(Jethro/Birdman), Alex, Colin, Tony, and Dan. 
Sleepovers, GTA & Halo, & Battle Creek - best years of 
our lives. To Todd, Luke, Steven, Tim, Marcus, Jake, Larsen, 
Machado, Wyatt, Anthony, Guand, Cat Land & Erin (will 
either of you marry me?), ABuds (my wifey), Amanda, 
Mae, Brenna, April, Hannah, E-Mello, Steph, and 
everyone I can't afford to name - too many memories 
tf) reminisce over, get at me if you want real thanks. 


"So never mind the darkness, we still can find a way. Nothing lasts 
forever, even cold November rain" 
11 thank everyone. I got a good laugh outta everyone for one 
rea.son or another. Mis padres, CRAIG BEAN DAN .NICK MARCUS 
HOOCHIES FOOTBALL BOYZ... Shwigity shwam. Joyce-You're 
the cutest thing that I ever did see, I really love your peaches 1 want 
to shake your tree~lLU. 

Beemer, BQ, Motormouth 

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the 

Thank you guys - 1 love you all so much. . . .Mom- You're the most 
generous and supportive mother I could ever ask for. Thank you 
for always putting up with me. giving me freedom, being there, 
caring, and loving me so much. Dad- You make eventhing belter 
and always make me laugh. Thank you for your perspective, 
constant encouragement, optimism, and rationality. Colleen- You 
are so smart and fijnny and sweet. You're the best role model and 
kindest big sister. Moe- for spoiling me, being hilarious, going 
after big dreams, inspiring me. Max & Erin- my mind-reading two 
musketeers every day since kindergarten. So.MetlniEs. . .bricks on 
heads, tag at Davis, stomach ache laughing, chips &, "don't 
worry 'bout it," midnight drives for rap and psychologist ad\ice, 
.scary movies, loves it, visiting at work, knowing everyihing. You're 
my confidantes, mood lifters, and absolute .second half You sluts 
guys are like siblings and this isn't the end, at all- it's Boston for 
college. . . Sara- 'we're learning here!" eariy childhood, tutoring 
w whispering. Being identical. Tracy- party hopping and college 
trips, singing in the car, brownie sundaes, lost on many highwaw 
and honking hysterically, facebook stalking, Friendulls all the time 

- our second little home with bicycles and drama. You've taught 
me everything from lumberjack shirts to not ha\'ing regret. . . and 
many crazy things between. "And Trace? What? Thank you. You're 
•SO welcome, sweetie." <3 Katy- weekenti nights of corrupting =), 
sleepovers, ever\' single day of the summer, 1 miss you so much. 
For Lindsay, Maya, Juliette, liiuren. SB, my Friendulls crowd, and 
everyone, you know who you are. For all my girls of '06, the 
BB, the crew; Jen, Lindsay, Leah, Michelle, Eric;i, Steph - 1 love you 
all and can't wait imiil summer! For the class of MP . . . we did it!!! 


"HAH\. . .math humor. " -Venkatesh 

"Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, .\\\\3ys bring \i)u 

own sunshine. " AnthonyJ. D'Angelo 

Mom - 1 don't know where I would be without you. Tli;ink you for 
always listening to nie tell you about my ilay five times. Dad - Thank 
you for being my number one fan at all my races and games, for 
coaching me all those years, pnxif re;uling all my pa|XTs, and 
spending time with me in general. I>anny - Ww alwaw sknval me 
the w;iy ;»ui m;i(le the librarians lovf me. 1 couldn i ask for a Ix'iicr 
big brother. Ben • You will aKvaw be my little brother! llianks for 
letting me dress you up when we were little, pLuing catch with me, 
and prettv' much doing everything with me. Despite w hat «>u may 


"Think of mc 

As one you'd ne\'er figured 
WoukI fatle away so young 
With so much left undone 
Remember me to my love 
I know I'll miss her " 
• Neil Young 

"Did you ever hear the story of Icartis, who 
continually rolled the ball up the hill? But when he 
got too close, the ball melted in the heat of the Sun. 
You're all like Icarus." 


think, 1 do love spending time with you. Bigger Ben - Thanks for 
being another Ben that I love spending time with. All the different 
restaurants we've eaten at, ping pong we've played, semi and prom. 
The list goes on. It's all been awesome! Lisa - Optimonger pal! 
We've done it all together from rolling quarters to Disney World 
to swinging on the swings eating kettle corn to annoying eveiyone 
with "coo." You are my favorite Softball catch buddy, the best "roof- 
ball " player. Thanks for all the crazy, unforgettable limes. Ashley 

- Guess what Ashley? It's a day I! We can walk together! I could 
not have asked for a better person to survive the stressful parts of 
high school with (History Fair!). Fast food runs, karaoke, ketchup. 
"Neil daug's " concert; It's been incredible! Megan -Thank you for 
being hysterical and making even' moment so much fun. I have no 
other friend who would put water on her pants lust to read a poem! 
Lauren - Being friends and playing softball with you Is awesome, 
with Disney World of course being the highlight. Thanks for the 
advice when It comes to playing outfield like the Sandlot (although 

I am noi really sure the coaches were as Impressed)! Katie S. 

- From math class to the Softball field to sharing Earls of Sandwich 
Caribbean Jerk Chicken sandwiches, you are the greatest. Kaylyn 

- Thanks for being one of my co-outfielders, roasting marshmallows 
over candles, and being all around hysterical to be around. Neha 

- Those math parties were awesome! Thanks for all the Indian ftxxi, 
Indian movies, and sharing my nerdy lo\'e of math. Sheila- Track 
buddy! You made the Reggie, math and Spanish way more fun for 
four years straight. Erin- My very first friend! I don't even know 
where to begin thanking you. I can say, however, that we've 

had some amazing times together - matching pink bathing suits, 
playing hairdresser, waiting at the bus stop, writing songs about 
everything, softball. sledding - just to name a few. I'll never forget 
any of it. Jenna - Thanks for being my Hebrew School pal. car ride 
conversations, Melafaphone!, D.C., and much more. Ryan - From 
Watchusett, to running, lo school, thanks for always being a close 
friend. Julie • Thanks for being on even' youth sport team with me, 
even if we danced Instead of actually playing the sports, Y'ou are 
the best person to play board games with, be out of tune In band 
with, and simply be crazy with! Steph, Jen, Lisa G, Stacey. Deandra. 
Liz, Peter, Nell. Luke. Randy. Andy, Chris- VChether 1 was friends 
with you from school, or sports, or any number of things, you have 
made my life so much more fun. Jen (again), Brianna, Sam. Katie. 
Melody. Almee- my x-c team! Thank \-ou evenone else who has 
made difference and anyone 1 may have forgot. G(X)d luck! 


'The Bedford ROTC program Is the "6th line of in the Com- 
monwealth of Massachusetts. . . right after the League of VC'omen 
-Milo MacPhail 
"■Vi'oo... yeah." 
-Christine Tyler Hill 

"The reason death sticks so closely to life isn't biological necessity^ 
- It's envy. Life is so beautiful that death has fallen in love with it. a 
jealous, passessive love that grabs at what It can. But life leaps over 
oblivion lightly, losing only a thing or two of no Importance, and 
gloom Is but the passing shadow of a cloud." 
-Yann Manel 

M\- parents, for shaping me and gi\ing me pans of yourselves. For 
bringing me to the MFA before I could w alk to look at Renoir and 
Cassat; for giving me a llbran' card at the age of S and pa\ing my 
late fees; and for driving to Florida, the Midwest, and around and 
through ex en' corner of New England. For instilling in me a love of 
art, books, music, and travel that I will earn- with me for the rest of 
my life. For offering me thoughts, theories, and values and letting 
me choose my own path. I love you. My little sister. "If nobody 
claim It, I'm going to sell It- ohp! never mind, somebody take it." 
For sharing my sense of humor, for being beautiful, intelligent, cre- 
ative, and for knowing who you are. Thank you for keeping things 
in perspective and always knowing what's Important- 1 love you. 
To my friends, you are each stunning and unique and Incredible; 
1 wouldn't associate with vou othenvise. Christine, for the loofeh, 

for knowing me better than I know myself, for unfathomable under- 
standing. We have grown up together, gone from dreaming of our 
own cars w ith open windows and sunglasses, from walking to CVS 
and bringing boxes of hair dye back to my house, to actually driving 
aimlessly together, gossiping and sharing ourselves. Thank you for 
hitting the box, endless TV show marathons, your couch, Jane, cof- 
fee, and for being the biggest gaper I know. Je t'aime. . . avec Beth. 
Katie, for appreciating the Starbucks atmosphere and jazz music, 
for never wanting to make decisions, for ViTiang-Sil and middle 
school, for sharing clothing and jeweln' and for Keith. Thank you 
for x-block lunches (why don't we ever go Innn), hit the box, and 
for Chinese food on the Common, for that summer, for always 
being there. You are creative and generous and amazing, ma cherie 
(that's French, just so you know). Love you pook-bear, Russell. I 
don't know how to write something in as many words and colors 
and languages and shapes as you de.sene. Thank you for eyer) - 
thing we've had, for the window pane that was there, Amagansett, 
Eskimos, and Hanard. And for not calling your mom. Lurms. It is 
bold. Italics, and underiined. It is strangely intangible. It is what I 
do to you. Thank you for shopping trips, for having the nicest car 
In the parking lot, and for keeping me distracted In Chem/.\P Bio. 
Kitten, for being the hot one and always getting the most honks on 
our impossibly long walks around Bedford. Thank you for Fern- 
Beach, sleepovers, the dinner party, and everyihing else we've 
shared. Thank you .Milo and Prashanth for letting me hang out with 
older kids. I'd like to think I'm much cooler for it. Maya, thank you 
for Bob Dylan, the Indian Chief s daughter, your sease of humor, 
being undeniably gorgeous, and (most of all) for being a real 
person. Dan, Neil, Perry. Nick (once)- thank you for Pictlonary. the 
Office, and launching stuff. Cat. thanks for coffee, the dinner part\'. 
exposing me to some decent countn' music. . . Could I attend the 
gym wichu sometime? Adrienne (for the Boxer Series) and Sophie, 
for letting me be an honoran' colorguard member. .■Mex, thanks 
for making me the best sandwich We ever had. Luke, thank you 
for a boffo nature w alk. Mrs Santos, thanks for selective hearing. 
I'd aLso like to thank the Hills, for asking me about their groceries, 
the Neffs. the Rennies. and the Mazels (specific-ally for prom and 
waffles). .Mrs. Sulllun. thank you for lying and saying my poetry 
w xs gocKl. and for bagels. 

Thank \'ou Starbucks, for peppermint mochas and jazz music; John 
.Mayer, for verbalizing teenage angst to pretty guitar chords; Taco 
Bell, for the fantastic artwork and the drive-thru; Laguna Beach, for 
being the ultimate guilt)' pleasure; Fran, for letting me make a profit 
off buying .school lunches; Facebook, for pro\iding a means of pro- 
crastination; and Bedft)rd, for bringing us together, for twelve years 
of construction, and for gi\ing us all a hometown to come back to. 
Thank you to all my teachers, classmates, and the people I've met 
here. To the class of 2007; see vou in five. 

Liser, Leez, Lush 

"That's a b(X)b! " - Megan 

"Believe in yourselves. Dream. Try. Do gcxxl." - Mr. Feeny 
"I know that there's a difference between sleight of hand and giving 
ex enihing you have. There's a line drawn in the sand. I'm working 
up the will to cnxss it and I hope that I will never let you down. " 
- Thrice 

"There are roads to be traveled in places I have nexer seen, dreams 
to be chased and friends to be held more dearl\ . There are fears to 
be faced and tremblings to understand." - The Gloria Record 
Thanks mom and dad for your constant support and confidence in 
nie in eventhing I've ever done. VChether out of naivety or sincerity, 
you always believed in me more than I did myself. Paul. I have to 
thank you for the one thing you are actualh' good for. teaching me 
the art of pirating mo\ies. .\lso. thanks for including the Red Sox in 
your senior thanks but lea\ing me out (it's understandable. I never 
won a worid series). But senously. thanks for being an awesome 
brother Thanks to all m\ other family for supporting me, including 
but not limited to the times anyone has shown up at my softball 
games when I didn't expect it. To all my friends, just so I don't have 
to write this about each person individually, I love and appreciate all 

of you more than I make apparent. Thanks for putting up w iih n j 
and my antics. Kaylyn: You've been my best friend since presch 
As far back as I can remember you were always there for me. No| 
one knows me better than you, and I consider you family, 
you for eventhing. .Vlichelle: Thanks for making phone calls so ( 
(even though you typically made them) and for having nothing 
else to do on many a SATurday night so we could go quarter r 
and do whatever completely random, crazy things we could t 
up. You will always be partner in rhyme #2. Bideep. Optimon 
for life! Megan: captain my captain, thank you for having he 
powers. I will never forget the craziest of turns you guided me 
through in the car. Thanks for quelling a couple of nen ous t 
downs. And for blowing stuff up even though it probably wasn't] 
smart to do so on base. Thanks for reading my most convoluu 
emails. .\nd most importantly, thanks for being my co-pirate. Yai 
Ashley: Thanks for making me drink the hot sauce, and for yell 
at me w hen I procrastinate or do something stupid (seriously, 1 1 
a better person today bet~ause of it. especially for the hot sauce)| 
I also thoroughly enjoy your high pitched shrieks when I pull ( 
in front of cars. .Make me some croquetas and I 'll (have my mo 
make you some empanadas. Lauren: Stumpy, the two of us are 
unbelievable. Thank you for sharing a brain with me and startlin| 
the crap out of me everv- time w e speak simultaneously. I am i 
forever grateful of the sound effects you provide during my i 
tions of "Kung Fu Fighting " You have expert timing. Sayonara! 1 
1 feel the need to thank you for forcing me to watch all those s 
movies, even if The Shining did not quite work out for me. I'mf 
we know the meaning of life. Plan X is going down. Florida Ten:| 
Thanks for enjoying with me the greatest week of my life, 
you Earl of Sandwich. Mr. Niven: Thank you for being the most 
unique and inspiring teacher I've ever had. I know now why ( 
side of the flying V isn't always as long as the other. And thanks ^ 
captaining the pirate club and signing (almost) all the sheets Mej 
and I threw In your face. I'm definitely running out of time and 
words. If you have not been thanked, it's not because I forgot j 
it's ba'ause I'm writing thus at one in the morning and still have I 
homewori< to do (time management Ls not my forte). If you are ( 
reading this, you undoubtedly need to be thanked, I'm sorry, 
you so much for eventhing 


"Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window t 
which you must see the world. " 
-George Bernard Shaw 
"It was raining and you had an umbrella. I grabbed it, stuffed it I 
down your throat, and then I opened it. Shawn. I .Mary Poppir 

-Con' Matthews 

Mom & Dad: I don't know how I could ever completely thank j 
for all that you have done for me these past eighteen years. Fn 
helping me with homework to leaching me how to drive, you t 
have done so much for me (even if you couldn't quite teach me| 
how to back out of the driveway without going over the grass), 
know that I drive you both crazy at times, but you never stopp 
supporting and encouraging me. I love you both. .■Mexis: Sister! { 
I spelt that wrong purposely!) Vi'ho would have ever thought c 
all the hair-pulling and screaming would turn us into best trie 
Thank you for always being there for me (back crack anyone?), 
never would fiave sunived the past four years without you. Yo 
are my best friend and I love you to the moon and back. It is ju 
not real fun unul you are there. Just always remember that bin 
have feathers and that you are mast definitely a v'ear younger t 
people your age. Yiayia & Papou: Thank yt)u both so much for 2 
your love and support over the years. Some of my best memoril 
have come (mm Cape Cod, Florida, and late night Shanghai j 
I could never repay either of you for your support and encoun 
ment. Neil: You always know how to make me smile and laugh i 
I can't thank you enough for that. Thank you for making even 
(including soccer games) fun and memorable. .Michelle: Michel-I 
ley- Belly! It's just like you said: I can't thank-vtiu in words, but f 
going to try anyway. From freshman year English. (Guess what 


Iiley? It's day one! We can walk together!) to History Fair, (We're 
it pigging out . . .We're stress eating! It's completely different and 
percent justifiable.) to Karaoke Revolution in your basement, 
jfi school would not have been the same without you. Thank 
u for always knowing how to brighten up my day. Megan: Where 
start? Thanks for always being there. From Coke and Mentos 
periments to s'mores in your trash can, to humungous fireworks, 
' always find a way to have crazy amounts of fun. Thanks to 
u, I now know that it's always better in the corduroys (There's 
comparison, really). So, "Thank you, and God Bless. . .the 
)mpa-Loompahs!" Who else? Lisa: Leezer! Oh man, what would 

10 without you? Thank you for everything (especially suffering 
rough Spanish class with me). Are you out of your tree? If not, 
onde esta tii arbol? Thank you so much for being crazy and 
iking it rub off on me. I know that Billy Jean really is your lover 
ump bump. . .bump bump). Deandra: My favorite Ohio import! 
om Spanish help to gym class (even if we do scream when the 

11 comes near us) to health cla,ss (Um...I think you know too 
uch about this!) we always have an awesome time. Thank you 
r everything. Mike Guanci: I cannot remember one time when 
; hung out and didn't have a great time. Above everything you 
;ve done for me, thank you for always knowing how to make me 
jgh (I know what you'll be studying in Marine Bio, Pumpkin), 
ad; I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for me 
ese past four years (even if you did get "deported" to Israel in 

e process). Whether it was Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calc, or a 
nple need to talk, you were always there with Mountain Dew in 
ind. Thank you so much. Olga: You have been my favorite crazy 
it since I can remember. Ever since we were 10, we've been 
nically insane together. Thank you for your contagious laugh and 
r always being there, even if it was just to scream "yogurt slinger" 
the top of your lungs with me. The Richter's: Thank you so much 
r always making me feel as if I was a part of your family. From 
Angelos subs to late night trips to Staples to get flash drives I truly 
ipreciate all that you have done to always make me feel at home. 


)ur memories of yesterday w ill last a lifetime" 
rst I would like to thank my Famil)' for everything and for always 
■ing there when I needed you. Dad- thanks for being such a goof 
id always being willing to drive me around when 1 needed it. 
om- you have always been there to support me. You knew when 
leeded to be pushed and I appreciate it. Without you 1 wouldn't 
ive been able to succeed like I have. K-K, Grandma, and Grandpa- 
lanks for being around all of the time and supporting me in every- 
ling I do. Cat- Thanks for being there for me no matter what. You 
e one of my best friends and I don't know what I would do with 
Jt you. We have been through so many ups and downs the last 
luple of years but it seems we always manage to work it out. I will 
iver forget all of the weekends, vacations, and summers we have 
bent together. Ape- We have been through so much over the years 
.11 we have managed to stay close. Thanks for being there to make 
e laugh. You will always be my favorite blonde. Devon- you are 
le of my best friends and I will never forget all of the sleepovers 
id good times we have had over the years. You are a great listener 
iid can always give the best advice. Blair- thanks for always being 
iie exception to every rule there ever was. You always know how to 
lake everyone laugh and we have learned to never question your 
indomness. Eliza- You are the only one I can truly say I have grown 
p with. All of our good times will never be forgotten. To my 
vorite "Soccer giris": Amanda, Courtney, and Julliette. I am .so glad 
lat we have become so close this year. We have had ,so many good 
Ties and 1 hope there are many more to come. Krista- Thanks for 
ways being there even though you are SOO miles away. I w ill never 
irget our endless late night calls; you were always there to listen to 
lything I had to say. Thanks to everyone for being there for me. 1 
illmi,s.syou all!! 



"No, FOUR DINNA A" - crazy Chinese waitress 
"Vfliite Power" Dave Chappelle 

First off I would like to thank my [larents for always being there for 
me no matter what. Mom, I know I haven't always been the greatest 
son at times but thanks for realizing that 1 am the cxkl ball of the 
family and letting me make my own decisions. You have always 
cared for me and I know you always will. I love you. Dad, thank you 
for helping me with sports and teaching me no matter what I do I 
have to do it the best, go big or go home, the .Santos motto. Also 
thank you for always taking me to car shows and many other things. 
Sheena, thanks for being a great older sister and always backing me 
up when I had fights with Ryan. Ryan, thanks for beating on me and 
in doing so toughening me up and making me a stronger person. 
I would also like to thank all my boys for making high school the 
most memorable times of my life, and since it would take too king 
to right something for everyone 1 am just going to write the names 
and you guys can fill in the rest: Doug, Fcrro, FaTzZ, Wyatt, Scott, 
Barbs, Todd, Jeremy, Jeff, Tony, Chris(all Chris's), Mike(all Mike's), 
Cris, Wilson, Antione, Jon, Woody, Bobby, Kegan, have fun at foot- 
ball next year, and if 1 forgot your name I'm sorry. Special thanks to 
the Howie residence, there's a first time for ever\thing. Great times. 
Thank you to the whole senior class, thanks to everyone. And last 
but not least I would like to thank Amanda for being the greatest 
girlfriend and sticking with me for almost all of high school. We 
have shared so many great memories together and wouldn't trade 
them for anything. Thanks you for putting up with me all this time, 
1 don't know how you have done it, you are just amazing. I love you 


Nana, Eve, I-v-nana, Sexy, J.Lo, Superstar 

" If you love something let it go, if it comes back it's yours, if it 

doesn't it never was." 

"We're good to go." 

"... happens, then you lose." 

"Do your time, don't let your time do you. " 

I want to thank god for making it possible for me to have made it 

this far. My parents for always being there and supponing me. I 

want to thank those who are my friends and those who aren't for 

teaching me a lot of things. My brothers and sisters especially my 

baby (Reymer) for letting me know 1 still have a lot to do in this 

world. My cousins, especially Miguel and Bianny. for listening when 

I needed to express myself Lastly, to Mjth (you know who you are) 

for making a difference in my life and making my life much easier. 

My grandfather: "I love you and see you soon. " To ni)' teachers: 

"Thank you for making me better. " 


Marker, Mark The Llama, Markie, Boo 

"What Does It Mean VCIien Both Headlights are out . . . They Are Off' 
-Me and Luke 

"Don't let schooling interfere with your education." -Mark Twain 
First off, I want to thank my parents for all the support and boost 
that I needed throughout all of the years of school. It was a pretty 
bumpy one. Militan' Life Is Crazy. 10 Different Schtxjls and 1 1 dif- 
ferent homes. Thank God it s the end. Mom- stay the same. Being 
Crazy antl singing in the middle of stores and having |X'ople stare 
at us. Thanks. Dad- Thanks for all the suppoit and help 1 needed 
through out the years. Helping me with all the things I needed help 
in and I know you think that I don't care and I don't need help, but 
I do and ever\thing ditl help me. Luke- yo! My first friend here in 
MA. Thanks for always being there when I needed someone to talk 
to. ant! getting me into new music and stuff. Oh, thanks for alwaN's 
correcting the dumb things I .say. I'm not sman. Thanks for trying 
to teach me how to play guitar, drums ami everything else thai I fail 
at life at. Keith- BRO I HA!! Wtiai Can 1 say about my younger broth- 
er? Hmm . . . Dude, you are so cnizy and funny Sta\ the way you are. 
You are honestly my brother and we just met this year Thanks for 
always being there antl just helping me with e\erything. 1 just hon- 
estly needed it. i'hanks for just helping nie gel out of the shell I wus 

in, DOORKNOB Dell, Kevin & Walt- you guys are crazy. Tayla- HEV 
BOO!!! We should make our own comedy group with our inside 
jokes. No Joke. E.T. betia not call collect, I'm not answering it. He 
Betta call someone else. DENY Deandra- WhL\T IS LP' Thanks for 
being such a c(K)I friend. Thanks for being there to help me when I 
needed it. I Miss Kacee! Sam G - you are one crazy girl, but I love ya. 
We are probably the 2 ctwlest people on earth for seeing Monster 
House. 1 haven't got my key chain yet. I smile when I have no idea 
what's going on. Ha-ha. Gfxxl Times. To Everyone I didn't thank ( 
Or Forgot )■ Sorry but I guess you're not C(X)1 enough. Just Kidding 


YoUnGgUnN-, Skitty, Juice, Scott Reed 

"44"- Belcher 

"Take it eassssseee"-Fatzz 

"I finally reached the STATUSSS!!!"-Me 

"Victor\' doesn't come to you, you gotta go get it"-Vince Lombardi 

First I would like to thank my parents for supporting me through all 

these years. I also want to thank Coach Belcher for being the best 

coach he could be. To all my teammates, thanks for making me a 

better player and good luck in the upcoming seasons. And to all my 

boys. . Chris a.k.a -Fatzz-, Twizj^, Woody, Manny, Anthony. Doug, 

Terrance, Jerry, D-Wade, Wilson and Jeff. . ..keep your heads up and 

stay in touch. Georgia thanks for being there for me through the 

good and the bad times. Being with you made me a better person. 


Neilius, Neilio, N-Ron, Booker, Brownie, 
Muhammad, Terrorist, Kumar, Fezz. . . 

"Neil, sleep on your side or you'll die" - Pern' 
I'd like to begin by thanking my family. Dad, Mom, nothing I put 
on this paper can thank you enough for what you have done for 
me. Sahil, thanks for being a cixiperaiive and helpful brother. Pern' 

- Yasu Rai. We somehow found entenainment in Bedford, and I'm 
glad I had yt)u to share that with. Shake n' Bake. Con- - Thanks 
for always being frientlly and always laughing with me. Keep on 
smiling Jesus. Ben - 1 will always living at your and 
doing even' project with you. Nick - 1 bet you can throw a golf ball 
across two football fields. Good times. David - You alwa\'s made 
me feel better about myself Thanks. LD - Ten-man Evenon. Bill 

- Thanks for making nie more beautiful. Andy - You've been my 
friend for the longest time. Thank you. Thanks to the summer crew 
for never letting me get bored (Those who played poker, .scxcer 
tennis, donutted with me, and worked with me). Oan - Hanging 
out at your house was always fun. You're go<xl at rubix cubes. Dave 

- Donutting, FIFA, it was always fiin. Carl- Thanks for alwa\-s being 
cheerful and European. Tom - OM would've been boring without 
you. Remember Blue. Alex - Thanks for alwa\'s being willing to 
hang out. Christine & Eliz;i - You gu\'s were alwa\'s together, it's 
only natural I group you together. Tlianks for always hanging out. 
Kevin - Thanks for never being .serious. Bucs Bow .scvcer. drink the 
Kool-Aid. Ashley - Thank you for great memories and for makmg 
my senior ye-ar more special than it already was I want to thank 

all my teachers and mentors for guiding me through high schuil 
Just \'i)ur name is not in Ixikl, it diK's not mean ihai i don't 
thank you. If you've every laughed with me, 1 thank you. 


Mom antl Dad - I hank wu so much for always being therv fiK 
me. You have alw;i\'s supponwl me and cwnthing I tki, and I 
can't even begin to tell you how much I apprectite it I lo\r \vu. 
Alyssa- 1 accept your apology for the next 10 years! From pb^ing 
horses to our "w mammas " competition |i won). >xm nuke mc 
bugh more than annine else can. You art- mv Ix-si fnend ami I knr 
you. Courtney. Ali.sha. Juliette. Amanila- Thanks for all the fun 
limes and for kwping me Liughlng. Dancing lo killipop, camping. 


playing soccer, and feeling my dog. I always have so much when 
I'm with you. Corinne - Elevator dances and meeting creepy guys 
at loon. There's no one else who I can act so weird with. And I 
plan on winning the armpit game! Steph and Kendra - My soccer 
buddies! You gu)'s got me through the sea.son, thank you for that, 
Bobby - I'm so glad that I've become such g(X)d friends with you. 
Whatever we do, it's always fun( and random). Tom - Thanks 
for the long Uedgewood talks and seeing really scan' movies 
with me even though we just freaked ourselves out ever>' time. 
Kevin - Your so L and O. Get off my mountain! Seeing movies 
with Corinne and me, while scary guys stand iK'hind us. Liz - for 
listening to me talk about absolutely nothing and laughing at my 
terrible jokes. 1 also want to thank everyone for the good times 
and for keeping BedfortI interesting An- we done? 


"\X'hy would 1 give you a dollar?" - Tom 
"Come on even body! VCe're going to America!" 
First of all, I would like to thank my family. Mom - Vl'hether it was 
reading over my papers the night Ijefore the\' were due. folding 
my laundr\-, or staging with me in the hospital for almost four clays 
straight, you were always there for me. anil I am forever grateful 
for that. Dad - Be it math homework, scouts, or life in general, 
you were always there to lend a helping hand and make sure 1 
gave it my all Even now. your jokes in public still make me laugh 
and walk into the r(K)m out of embarrAssmeni. but hey that's 
what dails are for. right? Mike - Froin "playing" the ilrums to- 
gether, to playing hunters anil rabbii.s when we were little. 1 have 
always respected and loved you. even though 1 haven't alwa>'s 
showed it. You always knew what to say to put a smile on my fece, 
and 1 will truly miss that in college. I'm here for you kid. never 
forget that. Tom - 1 still remember the day in pre-.sch(X)l that we 
met on the playground. Since then, we've been partners in crime; 
the expeditions at the "Nature Sch(X)l " especially " against" Ana 
our countless make-money-quick jobs by doing ph^^i^al labor we 
couldn't actually do ( "miKlem day" lumberjacks) from when we 
were little, the nc-ar death experience after paintball (should have 
just given that kid a dollar), and the "three stiH)ges" in swim team. 
You've been a true frienil and 1 hope it lasts forever. Nick - 1 can 
still remember the Mondays after school when we would go to 
\ i)ur house, do homework and play hix key with your brother 
in the ba.sement. We twth enjoy the same things; from ta.stes in 
music, to what ski trails to lake, to simply what movie to watch 
You've been a true friend to me and 1 thank you for that. .Mark 
- "what is you . . . ? " \ ou're the other third of the three stix)ges anil 
I can truly say I have never h;iil more fun while doing something 
as boring as swimming back anil forth. You "bust threes" with the 
best of them and even though she thought she won. u)u crushed 
.Mrs. Blake in even," single argunient you had with her those two 
years on swim team. Thanks for always making ever\ihing a 
joke and constantly making me laugh. .McNutty - we've made it 
through the Monday and Thursday beatings of band sea.son from 
Jim, Five years. VC'ow, From run throughs to "that grixwed like 
fat kids in wheelchairs with square wheels! " to Ix^ing sent home 
in the middle of practice, you have alwa\"s been there with me 
I'm really glad I got to know you and 1 hope we stay in touch. 
Dan - Thanks for letting us use your hoard of golf balls that you 
nev er use. You were responsible for making tho,se boring summer 
nights infinitely better. One husi thing: if you haven't gotten your 
license by the time you read this, your rides from me are officially 
over. Neil - 1 would like to thank you for twisting the ropes to 
Pern 's launcher and causing the golf ball to shix)t me in the chest 
then proceeding to laugh while 1 rolled around on the ground. 1 
have to admit, that was the sickest welt 1 have e\er seen. That slur- 
pee hght was .WSO.ME. Carl - You always had ide'as to do, even if 
they weren't possible. Jamming at Luke's was so much fun; 
we have to play with Tony sometime tixi. Pern* - Thanks for per- 
manently borrowing the balkxin launcher from camp. That thing 
is incredible. You were also the brain child behind the donuts. 
Ama/ing. Those v\ill make great stories to tell my kids when they 
are in high school. Tony G. -I c"an't start to tell you how much 

better I have become since I started playing snare with you. You 
always kept things interesting and funny by saying the most random 
things I have ever heard. Denmark - You are the greatest person 
to jam with. Periixi. Well, this Ls it . . . I hope ever\'one has enjoyed past years as much as I have. 


"Whatever you feel, just dance it." 
—Center Stage— 

"How my hean longs to sail away with you 
As 1 watch you sail the iKean blue 
But I must stay behind my window clear 
.As I watch you sail away fn)m here" 

"Oh D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-Dear " 


" There once was a little pony named .Apple and eNenxlay she would 
go and visit her friend Cabbage One day. while Apple and Cabbage 
w ere hanging out the Evil Gardener came to pick the i"abbages. 
Apple did not want her friend to he picked =0 so she decided to 
put up a fight. She made an evil grunting noise to scare the Evil 
Gardner But he just swung a pitch forii at her Then .\pple kicked 
the Evil Gardener in the butt and he landed on the pitch fork. .Apple 
and Cabbage laugheil while that Evil Gardner walked away with 
holes in his butt . . THE END!!" 
— Ucev — 

" You don't know who John Wayne is?!?!?I" 
— John— 

I would like to start by thanking my family, for evenihing mu have 
taught me and put up with fn)m me. .Mom — Even though we fight, 
I'll love you forever Thank you for putting up with my sudden 
mixx) changes, for making me breakfast and lunch almost everyday, 
and for supponing me in everv'w^y possible. Dad — Thanks for 
being the "cixjI" .sixcer coach and putting up with my constant 
energv'. We've had our moments, but I'll alw-av-s love vdu. Rebecca 

— Sorrv- for being annoving. but thanks for helping me whenever 

i needed it and shanng your music collection with me. John ~ My 
brother, where to start Vl e've fought over the years, but now we 
finally get along. Thank v"ou for alwav-s being wurself and ihea' 
w hen I neeiletl math help John "Red" — Thank you for evervthing. 
Vi e've gone through some difficult times but have alw^v's managed 
to pull through I could ne\er dream of lining anvone more than 

1 love you From shopping at the mall to R(Kk\ Horror Piaure 
Show to ice skating in Chelmsford, we have had so manv wonderful 
memories times. You have alwav"s been there w hen 1 need a shoul- 
der to cry on or just soma)ne to make me laugh hv-sterically. I Love 
You. alvwv'S and forever. Caroline — .My "sister. " we have shared 

so many memories and new ones still to come From sliding dow n 
your basement stairs in sleeping bags to throwing surprise parties 
for each other. It fccLs like we've knowTi each other forever. Even 
though you are far away now. you'll alwaw be my craz)- Caroline. 
Lacey — Ohhhh Lacev" my little sister, neighbor, and best friend. 
It all started when you moved into tlie hoase across die street. It 
feels .so strange to be writing this, can you believe it. I'm graduat- 
ing! Thank you for alwav"s being my Laccv" and putting up widi my 
craziness. I will you next year w hen I am aw^y at college. But 
you will come and visit. I know. I will make vx)u! Kavlvn and Olivia 

— This year has been so much fijn. I'm so glad that we have gotten 
closer. Truth or tiare was amazing as w ell as going to see Jackass 

2 in theaters. .\ll Of .My Other Friends — Thank you for being you 
and never changing. These years have been wonderfiil. Thev' alwaw 
say that your high ,schix)l yean> will be the best niu'll ever have, and 
guess w hat, they're right, it's been amazing. To The Class Of 2007 

— Congratulations and gixxl luck in the future. 

Alex, Alejandro. Cliff 

"Let's just let it blow up. - Tom Colgan 

No no no. let's throw the donuts at David" - Pern' FotLs 

I'm just gonna go home and eat oreos." - Luke Davis 
"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.' 

I'll Stan out by saving Tom, it's never good to just let back" 
.stoves blow up. that was fiin though. Thanks to all my co-- 
and friends from Wedgewtxxi, you guv's make summer fiin. 
to the Sfxcer team, thus season was great. Dan. thanks for 
smart. I didn't alwav's need the sarcasm, but whatev .And Nick, 
Neil said, you could probably throw a golf ball really really far. 
thanks for the awesome one-liners, and Perrv'. thanks for sti 
the whole donut excursion. Carl. European wear is verv' cool, 
to anyone not meniioneil in here and thank you all for a great 
school experience 

Dan. DANl 

Beware of the man who w orks hard to learn something, k .i 
and finds himself no wiser than before. -Kurt Vonnegi. 
Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupi, 
I'm not sure about the former. -Albert Einstein 
Okay first off, I need to thank my parents for doing all thev' did 
get me where I am today. They taught me all the values I have 
arc the only reason that I have managed to have a sense of 
about things. Mike- Thanks for the friendly competition and 
waw supporting me. even after I just dominated vuu in so" 
Sal- Thanks for keeping the family legacy of q-nicism alive, and 
succeeding m athletics and academics. Alright now for ftiends: 
do it in alphahietitiJ order to be fair, by the third letter of v'our 
name. Nick- If I ever need someone to throw somettiing 
far, you're the first one I II call. Other than that, thanks for 
my most constant friend during the last ten years. Alex- 
putting up widi us when we were constandy making fun of 
even though you knew your mu.scles couk) leap out and d~ 
us at any time. Neil- Thanks for being the cxaziest cixilest In"" 
I know and for being a fellow soccer enthusiast. Eliza- Thanks 
good conversatKjn and for giving me the busiest weekday 
I've c"ver had. You're one of ven few peopk: that shares my 
up. sarcastic sense of humor, and for that I ttiank tou. Luke- 
everv' comment wu 've ever made Ls on my list of best things 
heard all week. Thanks also for being up for some soccer p' 
at any time of die day or year. Christine- Thanks for app* 
sarcasm almost as much as I do. Carl- Thanks for being die 
poser-European 1 know, and for TOur kive of soccer and in 
goofiness. Pern ■ Thanks for being the mastermind behind 
of our craziest ideas and for keeping us entertained w hile we 
sprinting down back roads or sitting in bushes, donuts in 
Dive- Thanks for being so tall. Also I m glad you 've alw^w 
there to shoot down our dumbest ideas, and then chime in a 
minute later with an even worse one. dierebv- bodi enten 
and keeping as from ever aaually doing something. Thanks 
die sixcer and track teams who have given me the competi"' 
camaraderie I ve alwav-s needed .And to everv-one else tJut I've 
talked to. when I m winning something in twentv' years, whe 
a Nobel Prize or "janitor of the month." feel free to claim dial 
knew me better than vou did. 

Stace, stace-face, Watro 

"Ohh my goodness ..." -Lisa 
" Hey Suce . "-Jenna 

"Fake it. till vou make it" -Spirit Sports Camp 
"The things tou are afi"aid of, tend to be the most worthwhile* 
Over the past four v'ears I have learned that I have talent of 
a mess of things, but luckily these people have alwav-s been 
to help me clean up .Mom&Dad: VCho have ahvav-s let me used 
"huhh.>" excuse and for never letting me give up Jessi: For 
evervihing first and then showing how things were done. La" 
and Julie: .^er. Spirit, dance shows, talent shows, and sports 
seems like we could never be apart. Thanks for letting me be 



, to prom and letting me be the third wheel in your world, I 
\()U both forever. The Twins: Jenna, my shotty (or we have 
(roblems), times of cleaning cars, flat tires, and dancing in pari<ing 
)ts will always be with me, love you pretty. Lisa, ohh my goodness 
hat would we do without you. So remember the time I told 
reryone that you were in rehab? Love you and our awesome movie 
ights. Vfho else would I eat ice cream and watch chick flicks with, 
teph: So many nights of sleeping on your couch, watching Mean 
iris, and eating ice cream. Thanks for being there when 1 always 
ceded you. Shara: Lacrosse, Raptors, volleyball, kiss concert, shop- 
ing trips to target, and so many more. Remember when 1 hated 
)U? ! guess somewhere between senior year and middle school 
)mething changed because I really couldn't live without you!! Kat; 
ophomore year with almost every class with you was so much fun. 
least 1 know that even after high school I will still .see you (both 
f us are way to chicken to quit our jobs). So many great times and 
many great more ahead- 1 can't wait for what's next for all of us. 

)harla, Dora, Monique 

If it don't apply, let it fly," 
.Make the money, don't let it make you." 
want to start off by giving thanks to my parents. I put yall through 
lell and yet you were still there for me. Next, 1 want to thank my 
AUCO coordinator, Mrs. McManus. You were there for me when 
needed you most. You always had my back and that's why you 
ny homie. And of course, 1 have to thank my boy Mr. Sills. You 
iiy homie. You helped me through some tough times and I thank 
ou for that. I finally want to thank my people. My METCO fam, my 
■ledford fam, and my Hanscom fam. Yall made my high school years 
he best years for me. Yall helped me enjoy my high school years 
:ven on my worst days yall always seemed to put a smile on my 
ace. I might miss it here. Maybe. Maybe not. 07 Stand Up!!! 


I'o all m\' friends, family, and to anyone Lve ever copied homework 
ram, Thank vou. 


God did this so that men would seek him and perhaps reach out 
for him and find him, though he is not far from each one of us, " 
-Acts n:2' 

Some people succeed because they are destined to, but most 
[)eople succeed because they are determined to, " - Author 

would like thank the Lord Jesus Christ for being (and will always 
be) my: friend, guide, savior, and the purpose to my life! Family: 
thank you so much for being a huge part of my life. Wliai would 

do without our "Family hugs," lazy family Sunday read alouds, 
playing cards and summer trips to Maine. Dad and Mom: thank you 
for all the times you told and showed that you loved me. Thanks for 
coming to all my high school sports games, driving me to school 
ever\' morning, trying to get me to go to bed before midnight, 
encouraging me and reminding me of what really matters in life. 
DAD ■ Thanks for providing for all of us, being the official sports 
dad. MOM- thanks for your nonstop love, making dinners, doing 
our laundry, sharing your love for music with me (Pavarotti!), and 
especially those fun two hour conversations late at night! 1 love you 
two .so much and words can't express how grateful I am. JOHN; 
my big bro, I have loved talking to you on the phone, spending 
time with you on the soccer field, enjoying Starbucks, compos- 
ng a rap rhyme together. LAURA: My big sis, I love and atlmire 
you so much. You are beautiful on the inside and out! PKTKR: 
'the best little brother in the whole wide worid." 1 am so glati you 
came to live with us. My life would have been so different without 
you! JESSICA: what a privilege to be your friend aiul share many 
adventures. We have enjoyed: talking, laughing, listening, sharing 

the same struggles with dyslexia, encouraging, having fun, and not 
being self conscious. HYUNJOO, ELISSA you two are so great! I 
am so glad to have really gotten to know you this year and become 
your friend! Hyun Joo: keep up the incredible art work! You have 
great ability, and wonderful personality. Some day 1 will wish I had 
gotten your autograph! Elissa: your unique personality and love 
for life is so evident. You are a lot of fun to be with . . . ,1 am so glad 
for all the times I ran into you and drove you home! OLIVIA: you 
are a beautiful person, awesome singer, hard worker, and you care 
about others! You will never know how much I have appreciated 
your friendship all these years through high school. MARL\NNA; I 
have, so much enjoyed being your friend mhi too are a wonderful 
person! KRISTINA: 1 have enjoyed beinn \ ( mr Incnd and spending 
time with you in long walks. KATIE S.: 1 have enjoyed talking with 
you at lunch this year. You are .so much fijn to be with! "You do not 
need a huge fan club to make you happy in high school, just a few 
true friends," 

Hey SOCCER GIRLS! You rock my worid!!! Together we have 
accomplished what the last 25 girls soccer teams at BHS could not 
do. There are people who dream, and there are people (like you) 
who make dreams happen, I am so proud of you! BFCA: a special 
thanks to all the high schoolers who served with me on the student 
leadership team to make this club happen at BHS, in the last three 
years! Cari, Lisa, John, Matt, Mark, Olivia and Allie! We started 
and continued the first Christian fellowship club at BHS. What an 
awesome privilege to be used by God, and see him working in the 
lives of students! TEACHERS: Mrs. Ratichek, I could have not ck)ne 
it without your help. I am blessed to have you be a part of my life. 
Wow, Mrs. Sakelakos I made it through! Thanks for all your encour- 
agement, and help in science, I have countless times enjoyed our 
many laughs through the last four years! Mr. Lahiff, thanks for being 
there for BFCA. You were great in all the ways we asked you to 
help! You made a great BHS club advisor. What a crazy adventure! 
If it were not for God leading me to BHS I would have never met so 
many extraordinary people; friends and teachers, and for th;ii 1 am 
thoroughly gratefijl! 


First of all I would like to thank my family for always being there. 
Mom & Dad, thanks for supporting me in everything 1 do. Without 
you I wouldn't be the person I am today. I love you guys! Lindsay, 
you're the best! You're not only my sister, but my best friend. 
Thanks for all the laughs and fun times. I'll never forget them! 
Tommy, you're the coolest brother I could ever ask for and I love 
you! Kira, thanks for going to all the football and basketball games 
with me. And for having those awesome SVU partie,s. April, thanks 
for all the fun times we had together. The fashion shows, going to 
the beach, and dancing to AC DC were am;tzing! Thanks to KayK'n, 
Katie S., Lisa, buren, Michelle, and Megan for the fun times in 
Softball. Florida was a blast! Sarah, I will never forget all of the fun 
times we had in Girl Scouts. Thanks for always being there. You are 
a great friend! Thanks to all of my teachers and coaches for helping 
me become a better person. And thanks to everyone else for all of 
the great memories. Good luck class of '07! 


"It's always imponant to gi\'e things away; it creates good energy. If 
you have a closet full of clothes, and you try to keep them all, your 
life will get very small. But if you have a full closet and someone 
sees something they like, if you give it to them, the worlil is a better 
place."- Nina Hagen, 

The first people I would like lo mk kule In my ihanks are my 
parents, brother, and grandma Nonie for always being there for 
me through eventhing. I love you so much and can't thank you 
enough. I also want to thank my friends Mininda, Megan. Cait\ , 
Josh, Erik, Pat, Luara, Mike, Mattikins, Alex Ulsh, Coi\ Ciu. Megan 
K., Liz, Alec, Lucas, Liz H., Sarah, and basically eveiy person l'\e 
met you jirobably made an impact on my life ,sonieh()\\ , 

The Yearbook Staff would like to apologize to the 

following students for not putting their senior thanks 
in the correct place as dictated by the alphabetical 
order we use. Sorry. 


'Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That 
will teach you to keep your mouth shut." 
- Ernest Hemingway 
"Take it easy" 

"1 got to go to the Atm " 

"Whats your name?" 
"VChats this red stuff?" 

Although it is clear to me who I need to thank for making my 18 
years a successful learning experience in school and outside of 
school, it is extremely difficult to fit all those who have inspired me 
in their own ways. 

My Great-Grandfather came to this country along with many 
other immigrants searching for the American dream. We say they 
were searching for the American dream, however they knew they_ 
would never see the dream, and probably questioned even if their 
children would see that dream, but yet they still made the sacrifices 
to lay the first brick in building a new life. So niy first thanks g(x;s 
to all Immigrants like my Great-grandfather who blindly created this 
uniquely cultural countiy. 

Dad, I can confidently say that you and 1 have one of the most 
unique relationships a father and son can have. We have been 
best buds since I was able to walk and to this day we still refer to 
one another as buddies and I know you fear one day that may 
fade. However it wont, because it is true, you are my best friend, 
you understand everything 1 do, almost more than I do. When I 
was younger I got into trouble for things that I didn't even do yet. 
Every time I mess up I pray that you tlon'i come, but when you 
come I pray you don't go. I know the majority of kids my age, hide 
everything from their parents, they re basically a totally different 
person in their parents perspective and I often wonder what m\' life 
would be like if 1 ever had to lie that much to my parents, so I thank 
you for being so cool . I am inspired by the long antl imneces,sar\' 
hours you put into work to give us the little extras while simultane- 
ously thriving Grandpa s ilreams to a level he .said "1 couldn't dream 
of this success in my most wildest dreams," 
Mom, thank you for bailing me out so many times, I love haNing 
you in the school and not just for when I forget my b(H)ks. my 
lunch money etc; Yet with a handful of screaming preschool 
children you still find time to talk to me. 
1 wouldn't know how to survive if my siblings we re not as cool as 
you guys are. Dave, you and I have always had a great relationship 
through out the years, we have shared the .same qualities ever 
sense we were younger. It has been a great experience working 
with you, I have learned a lot about the retail end of the family basi- 
ness. Your knowledge in sales inipre, me ,so much; I still can't 
fathom the accomplishments \'ou have made at such a young age, I 
wish you the best of luck in the future. 
Rob, you and I don't consider each other brothers, we are 
friends, I was too immature to undersianil how lucky I was to haw 
a brother as an upper ckussman. I wish I listeneil to the warnings 
you gave me when I was a freshman. At the time, although you re- 
peaieilly tried to tell me \ou weren't lecturing me, I con\inceil 
that's exactly what you were doing. Now I unilersiand what uiu 
were trying lo say I am glad that you ;ire ha\ ing a blxst in college 
and also learning, ih;it shows me thai I should In- able to do both as 
well. I hanks for e\en thing 

Danielle, il is so cih)I having you in my ,schu)l. I think it is so cix)l 
that we also chill omside of schinil. Uke I said I know friends that 
wouki rather jimtp off ;i bridge Motv ihev hang with their s>Wians 
es|X'cially sister. I nixtl to thank ytiu lor w-akmg me up in the 

Outside of my family I ncal to thank thuse who haw uLmi insplreil 
me in a certain way. The O'Brien's, \t)u guw haw to he the omlcit 


people I have ever met. Pat (Mr. happy) O'Brien, Pat I don't know 
how you are so boring and lazy but yet .so chili. You always look for 
the negative rather then the positive you know exactly how to piss 
anyone off but its funny. Chris thanks for always beating the crap 
out of [)at for nie. Cheryl, you have always been a second mom 
to me and 1 could never repay you for the things you have done. 
Richie (Clark Grizwald) O'Brien, Rich I am finally admitting that 1 
have so much more fun hanging out with you then pat. "Take it 
easy Rust" 

Steph, we have had so much fun together, you always find a 
way to put me in a good mood I thank you for being so cool and 
understanding. Matt (Turkey) I know you hate bean so 1 called you 
turkey. Matt, we have had so many good times even though Mr. 
Happy wasn't around. Hahaha, Wilson you and I have been friends 
for so long and you're still a good friend man. Marcus we have 
been friends for so long 1 hope it stays that way man thanks for 
being Marcus. Craig you are the man, your always up for anything, 
Pona, Mercurio, chuck, colin, Britney, Olivia, Thanks for being so 
cool. I want to thank Mr, Chinosi who really introduced American 
Literature to me, Mr. Boschetto you have also made school a better 
place to be. Mrs. Sullivan it's only the beginning of the year but 
I have a feeling your going to be a very ccxil teacher. Thank you 
everyone else who 1 didn't mention, you know who you are. 


Parents: First I want to say thank you to my parents for always 
being there for me and for taking me on so many trips for lacros,se. 
You guys have always believed in me and I know you'll never stop. 
Thank you and 1 love you guys. Jonathan: Thanks for being a great 
brother and always pushing me to be belter and always believing 
in me when I don't. Steph: You have always been a great girlfriend! 
You have made such a positive impact in my life. We ha\'e so many 
memories, going to Veniiont, Florida, Connecticut, and other 
places. You will always have a place in my heart and 1 know you'll 
keep it. I love you .so much and I tlon't know what I would ever 
do without you! Anthony & Amanda: .Anthony you've been a good 
frienti since first grade. We have had a lot of fun over the years 
like the Eastern Mass lacro.sse team, car shows at Kimball's, and together. Thanks for evenihing. Amanda, 1 really only got 
to know you over the last couple of years, we've had fun going to 
the car shows, doing double dates, and just hanging out. Thanks for 
everything. The Guys: Doug, Ferro, Ttxld, Greg, Wvail, Chris, Mike 
B,Jeff, Max, Chris M, Devon, Tony, Mike G, Jon, Bobby, we've had 
some fun times,, lunch, parties, thanks for always making 
me laugh and keeping it fun. Thanks guys. Kendra & I.ind.say: I've 
known you guys since first gratle. \X'e've had some fun, just hanging 
t)ut, especially in middle school at .Mix's house. Lind.say thanks for 
reading to me. Thanks for everyihing. Lax Team: Gu\s we've had 
some fun times, going to states, having water bottle fights on the 
bus, thanks for evemhing, good luck! Soccer Team: Guys we had 
a good season, had fun, thanks, Devon, LD, Davio, DK, JC, Steve, 
Greg, DJ, Haniish, thanks for making it fun. Gtxxl luck next year! 
Thank you to anyone that I ha\e forgotten. 


Sam, Sammybaby, SammyG, Samster, Sam I 
am, buddy, Shmuela 

"Technical perfection is insufficient. It is an orphan without the true 
soul of the dancer."- Sylvie Guillem 

"...I loved to dance in studios, but not necessarily on stage. Vtliat 
I loved was to sweat and feel ever\' single pore open up." -Peter 

"Competition makes you understand that you're not perfect, that 
there's always someone better than you. And that makes you work 
harder."-Shanna VanDenverker 

"Live the life \'0u want to live. Don't let anyone tell you what to 
pursue. Do what makes 


you the happiest everyday." -Sammy 
Wow! The year 1 have waited for since I started school here in 
Bedford has come and gone. Mommy: I could never show how 
much I appreciate the support you gave me in school and in ballet. 
Thank you for always helping me get through extremely hard 
times in school and especially dance. Driving me even'where and 
dealing with my never ending complaints. 1 love you more then 
life itself and you're the most unbelievable and caring person. You 
were always there for me whenever 1 needed you. Daddy: Dad, 
thank you so much for the support in my school work and my 
ballet work. I could never show the gratitude that I have. Thank 
you for dealing with any of those crazy school problems that came 
up, (crap). I love you more then life it.self and you are the most 
thoughtful and caring person 1 know. You make me laugh so much 
and 1 cannot go a day without your laughter Philbo: The years 
that we were in sch(K)l together we really the best because I always 
knew that 1 had someone to go and talk to if 1 had any problems. 
You taught me a tremendous amount about life and how to live it 
better, (how to lie to mom and dad). You always know how to get 
the family back on track if we are having some son of argument. I 
love you more then life itself and I wish you the absolute best with 
your lighting career. Mom, Dad, Phil, Grandpa, L'ncle Andrew and 
Aunt Ileene, thank you for always pushing me to my fullest and 
teaching me how to live life. Grandpa, I love you so much and you 
are the best Grandpa in the worid. 1 love talking to you and being 
an)und you. 1 love you. Thank you Aunty and Uncle .\ndrew for the 
fiin trips to tennis and Mets games Thank you for bringing me to 
my first ballet performance in NYC That meant .so much to me It 
is fun to always break the rules a little when I'm away from home. I 
always have so much fun going over your house for the week and 
I love you both very much. Janine: The .secret girl talks and fun 
dates that we had at the Cheesecake facton were a huge part of 
high schiKil. I could not have gotten through without you and your 
advice. No one is like you and you were there for me whenever I 
needed you. Ever\' time I walked through the hallway I saw you 
and it made me happier. I had some tough times that you helped 
me through. Thank you for being a trustworthy pers<3n. You are 
an incredible and beautiful person inside and out and I wish you 
the best in you life. Remember to be happy and 1 will always be 
there to talk to you whenever you want. I love you! Lauren: 1 
cannot believe that we made it through high school alive. You are 
an incredible friend to have and I could not have gone through my 
sch(K)l years without you. You have given me so much inspiration 
and I love you so much. You are an amazing marching band player 
and Softball player. All of those sisits and parties at your house 
were so much fun and we alwaw had a glorious time. You are such 
a Ix'autiful and caring person inside and out. Maya, well, you know 
how much fun we had in ballet since the little years and now we are 
actually graduating from high school. Goes by fast right? You are si 
much fim to be around and you constantly know how and what to 
say to make me laugh Vi e can always find something or someone 
to make fun of I Love you lots. Thank you so much Ms. Sav and 
Ms. Foley for the great help you gave me throughout high schcwl. 
Thank you for helping me to understand my learning disabilit\' bet- 
ter. Ms. Sav, thank tou for teaching me to bring up my confidence 
in meetings or in my schcx)l work. (Those think writings were 
brutal). \Ls. Foley thank you for helping me be less stressed when- 
ever 1 thought I couldn't do something and for teaching me more 
about the happiness in life Thank you Mr. Zellner for all the good 
talks we had about Alaska and just whate\'er. Ferro, it was alwaw 
the best when we were in classes together. I will always remember 
your binhday and will always give you that special call. Steph, 
Jeremy, Max, thank you for coming to my ballet performances and 
supporting me since I was young. .Mark, the mo\ies were great and 
those funny inside jokes were too. Wow. even one. we have finally 
made it to the end of high school 1 wish the entire class of 200" the 
best and remember to always choose the path that will make you 
the happiest in the long run. 

Olive, Olives 

Quotes: "Why would you want a badonkadonkbonkdonk anyway 
-Oklahoma rehearsal 

"I wanna get pregnant so I can be fat, then skinny, then £at 
again . . . " -Junior Health 

"Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble an 
fall, but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. 11 
will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, 
they will walk and not be faint "' Isaiah 40: 30-31 
Thanks Mom and Dad, for all your unconditional love and suppt 
Thanks Tristan for everything, no matter how much I torment yt 
- 1 am so lucky to have such an amazing brother Thanks to all m 
friends, who have been there for me all these years, you know w 
you are. Always laughing with me, and sometimes at me. E\ery c 
of you has taught me so much about life and myself. You mean •• 
much to me and I am so grateful for the times we've had togetht 
You're all irreplaceable. 


These past few years at Bedford High School will be some of the 
most cherished years of my life. I've met so many people, and 
made so many good friends. I thank e\'en'one who made these 
unforgettable memories possible. First and foremost. I 'd like to 
thank my amazing mother. You're my best friend and my role 
model. Ever day you continue to inspire me to be the best post 
can. 1 love you mum! Dad. these past few years have been diflk* 
I appreciate your continuous efforts to make me a better person 
I still, and always will, love you. I'll always be your litde princess 
Josh, my little bro! WE've been through a lot together growing i 
You're so TOung and you have so much to look forward to Goo 
luck and try hard in .school. Suy away from the bad things. 1 lov' 
ya litde man! Memere and Papa. The Lobes! Thank you so mut 
for evenihing tou have done for me these past few years. Papa 
for driNing me to school eN'er\- day Little woman for your love 
and guidance., my best! TTBB. We've had so mui h fi; 

i( ther and made so many memories. There's way to many to 
But let me just say that we've had some wicked good times 
sM\e! Thank God we met that random time at Rob's house, 
iiuld I be without my second halP I'll never ever forget 
\jMbe! Meo, Ruffi Haha. Be.sos! Alexi, you'r elike a sister to 
I I'm so glad that we became such good friends. THanks for 
II id times and memories. Many more to come! 1 love 
!i,,m. Peace 1 haha. Olivia, Steph, an dHannah, my lovies! 
e had some good times together... Chili's. Ah, the piercing!! 
I'll never forget the NGG! Overall, these past few years i've 
•ill at BHS I've had some good times with people I will never 
( ei. Good luck in the future everyone! Congrats Class of 2007! 



Congratulations to the class of 


May you carry a love of learning 
wherever life thkcs you. 

From the memhers of the Bedford 

Education Association 

Best of Luck to the Class of 2007! 



Bedford Orthodontics 

Orthodontics for children and adults 

Richard M. Hesby, D.D.S., M.S. 

50 LooMis Street Bedford, MA 01730 

T 781.275.0575 F 781 .275.0577 


Americdn Aisociaoon o^ 
Orthodontiiti , 

Our support and 
Congratulations to 
Bedford High School's Class 
of 2007 

Woburn Sportsmen's Association, Inc. 
PC Box 266 
Bedford, x\IA 01730 
(781) 275-7323 

BestTflUck to the^assof 

■ 1 ~ 

From Scholastic Photos 

Taking photographas of the accomphshments 
r- Befiford High Schog's students since 1983. _ 
For infdfmation about ^tchacing photographs foui» 
in this yearbook contact! 

A Middlesex 
Savin g s Bank 


Middlesex Savings Banh 
186 The Great Road 
Bedford. MA. 01730 
Phone: 781-276-7864 

We are proud to serve 
the Bedford community, 
and the class of 2007. 


Monday - Wednesday: 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 
Thursday - Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. 
Saturday: 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. 
Branch Information: 
Drive-up banbing opens weekdays at 8:00 
a.m. for your convenience. 


Iiir sineere eoniratmlations 

a tie elass of 2007. 

From the Board of Directors, residents and staff at 

C arle to n- Willard Village . 

Best wishes for a bright future 

Carleton-Willard Village offers employment and scholarships to Bedford 


100 Old Billerica Rd. 

Congratulations to the class 

of 2007 



We are so proud of the person you have become 
Shoot for the stars 
Follow your dreams 
But always remember to listen 

Love you, 

Mom, Dad and Shane 
Grandma and Grandpa 
Aunt K-K 

rei^)[;e)( Kuggierq) 

Ashley Kuggiero 


^^ I L K E R S O X 


From the moment we landed in Bedford, back in 6th grade, you hit the 
ground running— cross country, soccer, Wachusett, youth group, and 
the neighborhood. You made friends faster than any of us! Your love 
for life, your easy laugh, your powers of observation, and your strong 
faith have enriched the lives of all who know you. It's been a joy to 
watch you grow up, and we look forward to all you'll accomplish in 
the years to come. 
With love and pride. 
Mom and Dad 


We are so proud 
of you - for who 
you are as a person 
and for what you 
have accomplished. 

Our wish for you 
is that you future 
holds as much joy 
and happiness that 
you have given to 

The best is yet to 

Love Mom, Dad 
AND Keith 


Cambridge Savings Bank is proud 
to support education in our community. 

Providing banking convenience and superior 
service to our local communities. 

Member FDIC Afember Otf 




We love you 
wherever you go! 

Mom, Dad, Darnull 
Grandma, Grandpa, 
Ken, Karen, John, Dianne, 
Deb, Alan, Michael, David, 
Chris, Andrew, Sarah, Alex, 

Reach for 
the stars! 
The sky 
is the limit! 

Always a smile on your face 
Always willing to help others 
We are so proud of what you 
have done. 

And the fine young man that 
) ou have become. 
We love you, 
Mom & Dad 

We are so proud, 
of you. You've 
brought us much 
happiness, with 
many smiles. 
Continue to strive 
for your goals. 
We wish you 

success for the 

Mom, Dad, 
Sheena, Ryan 
and Merlin 

ConoratulaHons Carl! 

Dearest Carl, 

We are so proud of you! Congratulations on your many 
accomplishnnents in school, sports and music. We believe in 
you and know that you will excel in whatever you decide to 
dedicate your time, knowledge and talent to. 

Much love from, Mom & Dad, Erik 

You mean so much to me, Carl, and I wish you all the best for 
the future! Stor kram, Farmor Ja-Ja 

You are a very special grandson and so well rounded! We 
wish you all the best in college & beyond! Love, G & G 


S IS... 

Never Giving Up! 

/ can do everything ihrough Him who gives me strength. 

Katie, we praise God for you every day! Always 
remember, The Joy of the LORD is your strenjjth! 
- Nehemiah 8:10 
Love, Mom &. Dad, Jiihn, Laura, Katie Peter 

Good Luck Catherine! 
We Love You! 


Go confidently in the 
direction of your dreams! 
Live the life you've 


We are so proud 
of you! In all that 
you've done and 
in all that you are! 
Set your goals, 
achieve them, 
celebrate and set 
new goals. Always 
remember how 
much we love you. 

This is just the beginning! 
We are proud of you and love 
you very much, 
Mom, Dad and Jonathan 

rtt^^iyj to Vy\^p\^t to tke ntxt if\^ti, Tke^rt isn't (Km^tkint^ tjou 
ctK'n t ({o (e^xce^jft Ice-e-jj vjqut roopn cUi^n) , '^ou wilt Sfiil 
tftrou^fi cptte^fjt (^n^ continue to e.xce-1, iVe toVe you now 
(K-n^ f\.tW(^,tjs, 

Horn, P(^({, f^n^Jessi 


To our favorite son and big 
brother, You are truly unique 
and very special as God made 
you. We've been blessed to see 
you grow to be the young man 
that you are today. Dream big- 
-you deserve it! You are amaz- 
ing, hardworking and deter- 
mined. We love you and will 
always be here for you. 
On or off the field, we 
,iie your #1 fans. Know 
lat wisdom is sweet to 
\ our soul; if you find it. 

lere is a future hope 
tor you. Proverbs 24:14 
Enjoy life to the fullest. 
We love you so much. 
Dad. Mom, Gina, and 

My Dream 

All sfveti coiuiiii-iii- I »\:mii lo 

Ntii ili AiiiiTii a lioiiif-iif L.ti.A. auil.^iu 

Down iiinii r Iii \iir<trnlta wlicic tin' Ki 

in thrHuii, Ijoi day 

Asia is the higgt-st of ilii'ui all. 

ii loniaiiib CUiniV Hiici.'tli^ Cn ai Wall. 

•^oiiili \iii<>rii"'a is Vdt^frijiro. 

I li> ai S]paiiislr»ui<tPnrttrgn<>i- il"v 
vli ira 1 >tii ou u i>^<ip.- .- 
.ill- ill Eur«>pp I slojj.lo take a of'';'- 
I i-.-fsiri-s \.n.i can [ilainU ^'''^S 

I M I 1 . a I ^ I lou I I .1 M\\ u I M |o\( 

1:1 j^liiuvi>ii .^Htf 


We are so proud of you and all your accomplishments. 
Your kindness, compassion, courage and talents have al- 
ways amazed us. Thank you for all the joy and happiness 
you bring into our lives. Continue to be true to yourself, 
work hard and follow your dreams! This is only the begin- 
ning, more happiness, fun and success are around the 

Love Always, Mom, Dad & Michael 

I ■ I 


1 I- 






You have grown from an ador- 
able, delightful little girl into 
a beautiful, amazing young 
woman. You have filled our 
lives with love and laughter 
and fun. Your compassion 
and kindness along with your 
determined spirit will take 
you many places. Never lose 
that sense of humor - it will 
always be a strength for you. 
We are so proud of you and 
all of your accomplishments, 
and can't wait to see what 

the future holds 
for you. Enjoy 
every minute and 
believe in your 
dreams-they will 
All our love 

Mom, Dad, Diane, 
& the dog. 


JL&iM, y^u. /Ho^ 'lAcun 
Mo^, ■2kK£ O/nd PAU 

has been 

aire proud of you. 
Dad, M( 
and Can\ 

J ram your very /irst iiay at Ifavts 
Sc/ioof. . . To yotir last year at ^BSHS, 
you Have made us very jrroud you 
tru^ are a wonderfiif youri^ woman wAo 
can acHieve any ^oafyou set foryourse0^. 

'BeCieve .... Imagine .... Dream .... 'Become 

1/Ve £ave you, 
Mom & 'Dad 



Your first day of school you 

left with o smile and the 
confidence you needed to 
succeed, so remember this 
day as the start that began 
many years ago. We are 
proud of all you've done and 
look forward to many new 

Be Happy. Bring Joy. Bring 

Love. Congratulations. 
Love, Mom, Dad, Ashley, & 


Thanks for the joy, love, and 
music you have brought into our 

lives. We'll miss you and your 
friends hanging out at the house, 

Marching Bands, and Steak 
Nights. Congratulations! We're 

very proud of what you've 
accomplished and who you are! 

Proverbs 3:5,6 
With much love. Mom and Dad 


Mum. Ilnd. 
Robert. Jimmv, 
Max, and Kittv 

A is for Awesome, 

Adventurous & 
Athletic, but for most 

of all A is for you 
Alisha... A fun loving 
daughter, sister, and a 
friend to all! 

**We Love You....Mom, 
Dad, & Shallon** 



The time has come 
to leave the nest. 
No longer are you 
our little pest. 
Although sometimes 
you are a little loud. 

You have always 
made us very proud. 
Follow your dreams. 

Mom, Dad and Jamie 

We are so proud of the 
wonderful person you 
are and of all your ac- 
complishments. Your 
enthusiasm and hard 
work will take you far. 
May life's journey be 
filled with love, happi- 
ness and success as you 
pursue your dreams. 

All Our Love Always, 
Mom. Dad & Alexis 


Be Proud 


Congratulations. We are very proud of all you have done and all 
that you are striving to accomplish. We thank God and give Him 
the praise for allowing us to be the parents of such a wonderful 
daughter. Good luck and may you be successful in all you attempt 
to do. We Love You! jur / / 

Mom (Joyce 
Dad (Baharri 
Sister (Dominique) 
Lil Brother (Cyrus) 

Class of 2007 Way To Go 

Monk ^ckaffkoum 


Cot^ywliitdioiiii, uit,aMi^ pKiOudof ijow. 
Vow koA/b ywm up1b be>a ytjutmom,. 
You, tuu/e> a woiuleiful fuXwtA akead of 
i/oii. (m toolcMig ftAuiMdti iMiMg 
ijouK dxe/umi eomAViM. We, toi/e/ ijou, 

J Loi/e, atuJayl Dad & Mom, 


Watching you d«wimp 
into such a fantastic 
young $poman has 
brought us all such 
grvat pivasurv. We 
all lot^ youl 
Eiove, 3§om.. itad 
MManny A Ben 


You make us thank- 
ful, proud, and oh 
1^ so happy! Success 

awaits you. ..enjoy every 
f ■ minute of it! 
We love you, 

Mom. Dad, Chris 
V ~M Jimmy & Casey 

Dear Doug, 

Four years blew by quickly - lots of ups and 
down (too many). We admire your mental and 
physical toughness in overcoming the obstacles 
you faced. You're a wonderful son, a caring 
brother and a great friend to those close to you. 
We know you will succeed. We're proud of you! 

Love, Mom, Dad, and Em 


You are an amazing young 
lady with infinite potential. 
Follow your heart and your 
dreams to guide you through 
the crossroads of life. You 
will always be loved and 
cherished as we watch you 
continue on your Journey. 






Jotuitkm Mmlo 

Jon - TktuikoUuioddUctijOMluuuk- 
(UuitiMCno itttktUftijou, makb 

- Cteoji bb a goodHi^. TluuJcifou, fo^ 
maJoLtig m taugL Wtlovtijou,(uuLinlik 
(joii onJLj tkt but/ 
-Mom oMcl Pad- 

Cauriney O'Connor 


n'c* arv so proud of 
ffou! ikv^p smiling, 
rvlax, and vn/oy vrvry 
n^tr M'p^rifnr^. 

WE LO^ E \OVl 

3tom, Kfnd, 
Britni A Mk^ls^y 


You have always made us very proud. Work 
hard... there are no hmits to the goals you can 
attain, or the success you can achieve. You 
CAN... if you think you can. 

We love you very much, 
Mom, Dad & Brett 


"/ am so clever that some- 
times I don't understand a 
single word of what I am 
saying. " 

Oscar Wilde 

We are so proud of 
all you've accom- 
plished and this 
is just the start... 
Continue to face the 
challenges of life 
with your compas- 
sion, creativity, and 
humor, and you're 
sure to go far! 


Mom, Dad & Alex 


You are a blessing and 
a joy. We're so proud 
of the person you've be- 
come. Work hard, be a 
friend, love your family, 
and find joy in every 
day. And may God be 
with you in the journey 
of your life. 

Mom, Dad and Emily 

Michael Guanci 

Congratulations Mike! We 
are so proud of all your 

accomplishments and the 

young man that you have 
become. Continue to 

embrace life's challenges 
with the same honesty 
and determination you 

have always shown. We 

love you! 
Love. Mom, Dad & Mac 

With pride in your 
accomplishments and 
confidence in the person 
you've become, we wish 
you much happiness and 
success in life's journey. 
All our love and support 

Mom & Dad 


Ryan & Randy^ 

Ryan and Randy, 
We're so proud of you! 
You have grown up into 
such wonderful young 
men. We love vou and 
wish you all the best! 

Mom, Dad, Grama, Pap, 
& Grama Jackie 

Luke-You never give up and 
you never stop smiling! 

Congratulations and love from 
Mom, Dad, Jack, 
Matthew and Riley 

Congratulations T.J.! 
We are so proud of you 
and all your accomplish- 
ments. You are about to 
begin a great adventure, 
some of the best years 
of your life. Remember 
to have fun! We look 
forward to your future 
successes, and we know 
you can do anything you 
put your mind to. 
We love you. 
Mom. Dad, Rvan & Justin 


We love your spirit, 
your smile as you 
always find the 
positive. You've given 
us so much happiness 

sister, friend and 
daughter. You're so 
caring and a true 

Your life will be 
filled with so much 
happiness because 
of your love for it... 
so enjoy and follow 
your dreams. 

/f i? love you. 
Mom, Dad 
Timmy and Griffin